I had the great fortune of living in an amazing Gurukul in Tiruvannamalai. Multiple Hindu specialists in Adi-Shaivam, Vedanta, Siddhanta, Bhakti Sampradaya fields reproduced their Enlightenment in My system. Whatever I received from My Gurus, I am sharing it and reproducing it in My Gurukul.

I will reveal about my own gurukul! My whole life is gurukul! First 21 years I myself had gurukul under various gurus and their gurukuls, from my first guru – my mother.

Mother is always the first guru for everyone because she starts teaching you the basic things of life. Then, my grandfather who started taking me to temple, my adishaiva guru, Panduranganar, my yoga guru Raghupathi yogi, my vedanta guru Isakki Swamigal, my tantra guru Ma Vibhutananda Puri, Annamalai Swamigal, Visiri Swamigal – the whole Tiruvannamalai is the best amazing Gurukul! The temple is like a practical laboratory. Each branch’s masters, specialists of each field were available in the whole city. It is literally the largest living Hindu University.

If I just reproduce Tiruvannamalai which existed in 1980s, I think I would have fulfilled my mission of creating the largest practicing Hindu university! The whole city is centered on temple and enlightenment. They don’t know the word enlightenment, they use colloquial language, “if I don’t get another birth it is enough” or, “if I just get a place at Arunachala’s feet, it is enough.”

The whole city was focused on enlightenment. The whole city is a spiritual incubator for incarnations to flower. Not a single sadhu would go without food in Tiruvannamalai. Even if you just wear kaavi, and live as an ordinary beggar, you will be given food. You will have enough money to have basic needs and run your life.

The real Hindu Gurukul atmosphere I had in Tiruvannamalai in 1970s is what I am trying to reproduce all over the world through Nithyananda Gurukuls and online E-Gurukuls.

This is the important revelation from Kailaasa:

Why gurukuls ?

Your soul and consciousness – when I use the word soul, I mean what you perceive as you, your sensations and your experience of life. Your experience about life happens through the body but not just the body!

You need to listen very carefully. Your individual soul – pratyagatma chaitanyam – is the connection between the pure superconsciousness and your body. Your individual soul is the connection between the pure consciousness (Paramashiva) and your body.

Actually, the pure consciousness and you, your body, is tied through a powerful conscious vibrations – words. Guru can change that programming and give you the best possible conscious frequency connection between you and your body. Guru gives the best ultimate connection between your consciousness and body. That connection awakens powerfulness in you.

If the powerfulness is awakened in you, whether you have wealth or not, you will live powerfully. That is what I call “Enlightened life”.

If powerlessness becomes your thought current, whether you have wealth or don’t have wealth, you will live and die in utter suffocation! Wealth, luxuries, sex, life itself – whether you have or not, your powerfulness decides your experience of life.

If you are powerful inside, even your poverty will be such freedom and when you have wealth, you will be empowered. But if you have deep powerlessness as a pattern in your life, when you don’t have wealth, you will be suffocated, burning, boiling. And when you have wealth, you will be loaded, suffering, not able to take the responsibility – again suffering.

Same way with sex: if you are powerful about it, if you don’t have pain about it, whether you have or don’t have, life will be smooth. If you are powerful about it, whether you have or don’t have, your life will be traumatized. I have seen multiple researches where countries of people with multiple partners have largest consumption of depression medication dosage. It is not that oversexed people are happy – no! Many times, the oversexed people are traumatized, depressed, having extreme panic attack. It is not about having or not having – it is all about having powerful cognition.

Guru puts the right powerful cognitions, powerful mantras inside you, and connects your consciousness and your body, chit-jada-granthi.

The Gurukul is to make the chit-jada-granthi, to make your soul, your pratyagatma chaitanya, to make it conscious and powerful.

A child is not dustbin or dump yard to put your unfulfilled patterns into it. A child is a lamp to be lit by the Guru.

In the early Hindu kingdoms, no one has the right to bring up children other than Gurukul. The moment the kid reaches 7, he has to have the Yagjnopavita and the child goes to Gurukul. Only after 21, you can even see your child!

Dasaratha tries to have a glimpse of his sons – Rama, Lakshamna, Bharata, Shatrughna. He is a king but he was not allowed! He goes with all the gifts and presentation thinking that in the name of giving gifts, he can get into the Gurukul and see them. Vasishta is very brilliant. Ultimately, Dasaratha is extremely dharmic being. So, Vasishta says, “leave the gifts and cows outside Gurukul and go back to the palace!” he leaves them there and goes!

One clarification, in all our Gurukuls, all parents are always welcome to come and interact with your kids. It is completely open. I quoted Dasaratha, Rama and Lakshmana for many reasons that even incarnation has to go through the Gurukul. Actually in our Gurukul, parents are teachers. Other parents can always come and meet your kids.

The great enlightened beings, Gurus, only can bring up kids because our Hindu tradition knows kids are not dump yards to dump our patterns, our anger, our violence, our failures, our greed, our desires, our fears. Kids are pure possibility. They are a lamp to be lit.

The right words, powerful cognitions, we teach the kids, becomes the chit-jada-granti, the consciousness and body knot, the connection between consciousness and body.

Many people who have grown up on their own, without having Gurukul when they were young, come to me and learn meditation, completion, and all the enlightenment sciences and pray, “I wish I came to Swamiji when I was a kid.”

If you have grown up without gurukul and then come to me, learn all these enlightenment sciences, it is like altering the house as per Vaastu. It is like you have a house already done and suddenly realize it is not as per Vaastu. You remove the door, put a window, remove the window, put a screen etc! Gurukul kids are beautiful temples built as per Vaastu. They are literally gods!

I am actually building each gurukul balasanth, yuvaraja and yuvarani as a beautiful space for different gods and goddesses of kailaasa to land and manifest.

Your body has to be properly built when you are young with the right conscious powerful cognitions like, pure organic satvic food, intense sincere yoga, puja, everyday satsangs and powerful cognitions, vaakyartha sathas and jeevartha sathas.

Whether you become buddha or criminal, it does not happen overnight. Everyday what you do makes you either buddha or criminal. One action at a time makes you enlightened! Either live this beautiful Gurukul life or you know what happens to you. I don’t even want to talk about the other side. I will talk only about Gurukul.

I had the great fortune of living in an amazing Gurukul in Tiruvannamalai. Multiple Hindu specialists in Adi Shaivam, Vedanta, Siddhanta, Bhakti sampradaya, great descendants of Ramana maharishi, Seshadri swamigal, they reproduced their superconsciousness, enlightenment in my system. I am reproducing the same with my Gurukul on all the balasants. Whatever I received from my gurus, I am sharing it, reproducing it on all of you.

Whatever my Gurus reproduced in Me, we have only photographs of my Gurus and Me in the same Sarvajnapeetha, and Me having all their blessings, yoga danda, kamandalu etc. All evidences are shared. I got only photo evidences. Now, fortunately, whatever is mirroring in my brain, is reproduced on my balasanths, we don’t have just ordinary photographs, we have scientific evidences.

Enlightenment itself cannot be captured or defined by a machine. But effect of Unclutching, oneness, samadhi, power manifestation, what happens in your brain, body, mind can be scientifically measured when you fall in those states. 2004 I started the first scientific study on my system: what happens when I go into samadhi. We have done at least 200 various studies on my samadhi, this power manifestation science, enlightenment science and initiation. Ultimately enlightenment itself cannot be captured or defined by any machine but the effect of enlightenment, samadhi, oneness, power manifestation, what happens when somebody falls into samadhi, when somebody’s kundalini is awakened, gets into oneness, awakens the third eye, what happens in your brain, body, mind, that can be scientifically studied.

We are happy to announce, we are successful in establishing many of our claims. What happens during the power manifestation, during the third eye awakening, during the enlightenment science, what happens when you relax into oneness, all these are studied scientifically. Recently in Gujarat, Apollo hospitals, they have done some scientific study on our balasants. It is available now. We are making all of it available to you. I request all of you to study and understand what we are doing.

My whole life is Gurukul. First 21 years, my gurus transmitted the best things to me. The best things of Hinduism can be kept alive for generations only through Gurukuls.

My gurus have reproduced themselves in me, meaning they have given the best things of Hinduism to me in the first 21 years. Then by the grace of Paramashiva, all my Gurus, I have started sharing that with the whole world. Till 21, I had training under all my gurus in their Gurukuls. Even Incarnations have to go through Gurukul training when they assume human body! Rama, Krishna, Jnanasambandar. Even though Jnanasambandar started pouring Jnana after having the milk of the mother, his father used to carry him and educate him in all possible ways. There are enough records to show that even incarnations went to Gurukul.

From 1978 – 1999, I went through various training through various gurukuls – Yogi Ram Suratkumar, Thondai Mandala Aadheenam and blessings of Kanchi Paramacharya, and Ramakrishna Mission, Tiruchi swamigal.

After that, all my ashrams, centers, temples, everything is with one vision and purpose – Gurukul.

One of my important gurus – Tiruchi Swamigal used to tell me, “first you have to put only the deity like balalayam. You should not build temple. Once you have a few people to take care of that, then put goshala – cows, once you have people to take care of that, then start the Gurukul. Once you have people to take care of Gurukul, then only build big temple! Only the Gurukul kids should manage the temple.”

He is extremely brilliant. He has produced some of the greatest Gurus of Karnataka. He was absolutely right! It is Gurukul that should run the temple. And this is the way the proper enriching of hinduism will happen.

I used to be shocked seeing his long vision and intelligence. I used to think: we have money, let us build the temple! No! You need enough kids to hold the divinity in their heart. Before maintaining the space of the divinity of Gods in the temple, before you install Gods in temple, you need people to hold gods in their heart. Aalayam should be built after you make balalayam, and aalayam in balas. Balasants, and balalayam shud be built, only then aalayam should be built.

All centers, ashram, properties we have started only with this one vision of Gurukul. We have established the science of enlightenment, Paramashiva jnana and Paramashiva vijnana, and power manifestation science in thousands of ways. We are continuously expanding. Now, I am adding one more component. After everyday morning satsang, there are going to be special initiation sessions for gurukul and e-gurukul. And I am opening the doors of all the major aadheenams like Tiruvannamalai, Hyderabad, Kanchipuram, Bidadi, Icchapuram, Gujarat, Seerangapadi, Pattanam, Salem, Tiruchengodu. You can start something called “Evening Gurukul”.

In Kanchipuram, in 1996, ramakrishna mutt in karai, I started evening gurukul. We have eye witness for this. One of the brahmacharis with me at that time, now he is a swami, that swami shared – gathering all the local kids, I started evening gurukul. They use to learn power manifestation sciences, have one meal and go back.

I am opening all campuses in india. So now we have full time residential gurukul, e-gurukul, evening gurukul. All ashrams can start evening gurukuls and weekend gurukuls. As per your local country laws, you can start weekend gurukul. Now we will have 4 different gurukuls as per your local laws, local possibilities and capabilities.

I am blessing all the sanghas all over the world for all the 4 gurukuls. Start full time residential gurukuls, online gurukuls, evening gurukuls, weekend gurukuls as per your local country laws and your capabilities and possibilities and availability of volunteers. Only thing, all classes should be under the cctv camera monitor so that kids and teachers are safe and protected, and we don’t allow any place for false accusations, and false litigations.

Our whole sanga, the vision is to revive sanatana hindu dharma. That will happen only by gurukul. Best things hinduism can share with the world, only through gurukul. If you want the best things from hinduism, join online gurukul. If you want to contribute to hinduism, through the best things of hinduism, join residential gurukul!

If you feel, “in my young age, I wish I went to gurukul”, don’t worry, give birth to more kids and send them to gurukul! That will give the punya of serving hinduism.

What ambience Swamiji had in Tiruvannamalai should be reproduced, and all the possibilities and opportunities Swamiji had should be reproduced is the Vision of Gurukul.

We are successful in establishing the power manifestation science. Let us take this to the whole world.

Gurukul is the only hope for superconscious breakthrough for humanity. Humanity needs superconscious breakthrough.

Life is all about contributing. Hinduism is all about contributing. Go on manifesting and contributing. Paramashiva will always shower us with his blessings. Kalabhairava will always protect us.

When I started the first gurukul, we had 2.5 student. The other person was always sleeping so two and half. In Kanchipuram, it grew to 300 students. In erode, when I started the sangha, it went back to 2.5 again, means 3 and one will be sleeping. And last 20 years, what is happening and what is history, you all know. Start contributing!

The only hope for future of humanity is superconscious breakthrough, and gurukul is the only way! Let us make more and more gurukuls. I request all of you to join online gurukul or the residential gurukul or evening gurukul or weekend gurukul.

source: fb.com/srinithyananda.swami

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