Consciousness is all-pervasive on which the past, present, future is painted and You are the consciousness!. How much of freedom, ability you have, to breathe without suffocation about your past, only that much of freedom with ability to breathe without suffocation, you will have over your future!

Realise that the past happening, its impact and impressions, the present happening, its impact and impressions, the future happening, its expectations, hopes, ideas, impacts and impressions, are all paramashiva – ultimate auspiciousness!

The short sighted, narrow, egoistic mind, experiences the future as “yet to happen” and past as “already happened”. This is delusion.  The most powerful delusion human consciousness suffers with is concluding that the past has already happened! Concluding that the future is absolute and is going to be “new”, is the most powerful delusion! Worst delusion!

Clocks exist, not time! I want this revelation today to be meditated upon especially by kayakalpa yoga participants. This will liberate you from the effect of kaala in your system. You will be chiranjeevi. This is the sanjeevani vidya.

Neither your future is going to be absolutely new and fresh, nor is your past completely over. If you understand that the past is the continuous present and future, you will be out of delusion, and only then your future will be absolutely new. Because you are out of delusion your future is new, not otherwise!

You need to know that you should not be egoistic and thinking that you are intelligent enough to know your whole past, its experience and its impression over you, although you are having blindspots in you. You are not! I am not disrespecting you! I am revealing your blindspots. Knowing you don’t know your past, you will be in a better position to deal with yourself than claiming you know your past.

Someone posted on facebook a post which reads as though it is brilliant and supportive of me. He says, “some vaishnavite groups are abusing you, why are you still supporting the bhagavad gita…” already I told clearly and took a clear stand on some religious leaders of other sampradayas. Neither I will react aggressively, nor my devotees and followers should react aggressively. If my devotees and disciples have time, go to that religious leader with tremendous respect and reverence, offer flowers, fruits and humbleness – explain our side of the story! If they are convinced, great! If not, don’t worry. Let the dust settle down until they are ready.

Especially after paramashiva gave this great responsibility of reviving shri kailaasa, I am responsible and I represent the whole of hinduism, the hindu grand narrative which is inclusive, we can’t afford to disrespect or react to anything. Have positive patience – Parama Shanta – for paramashiva to manifest his state, space, powers, being and superconsciousness!

The person goes on putting various posts such as, “why are you promoting bhagavad gita?” I want to make my stand very clear. There are some sampradayas which claim bhagavad gita as smriti, they don’t accept bhagavad gita as shruti. There are some sampradayas that accept bhagavad gita as shruti, upanishad.

Who properly organised shruti, smriti, veda, agama, upagama, purana, upapurana, upasmriti?

Veda vyasa.

He himself calls bhagavad gita as shruti at the end of every chapter, “bhagavad gitasu upanishadsu brahma vidyayam, yoga shastre, shri krishnarjuna samvade...” and he closes it with the chapter name.

Vyasa himself who organised whole hinduism as it is available to us now says, “bhagavad gita su upanishadsu” and because of that, some sampradayas gives the status of shruti to bhagavad gita. There are some sampradayas which worship krishna as god, they say bhagavad gita is the only scripture. From the akashic records which I read very clearly, I wish to say that this is the stand of Nithyananda sangha, of Nithyananda sampradaya, of shri kailasa. This is my atma anubhava, my atma pramana. This is actually the reality or truth as it is. For all my followers, devotees and disciples – bhagavad gita is shruti. All of you should know this! The bhagavad gita is supposed to be worshipped, revered, read and followed with the same status as veda agamas. Even though “Shiva Purana” is considered as smriti, the Shiva Gita part, which is the direct words of paramashiva is respected as shruti, because it is Bhagavan’s word.

Even though mahabharata is considered as one of the itihasas, the bhagavad gita which is Krishna’s words, in which Krishna himself was in the space of Narayanatva when he was revealing it, where he was not just Vasudeva Krishna, but he was Parabrahma Krishna, he was showing Vishwarupa, the Bhagavad Gita is shruti! In every way, I am making it clear: bhagavad gita is shruti as per our sampradaya. We should keep bhagavad gita in our temples and worship it.

I am seeing the layers of delusion in this person’s post. Whether he is thinking good for me or bad for me, whether he is conspiring a rift between me and other Hindu sampradayas, be clear, I am a very responsible hindu, I am an obedient follower, disciple of Paramashiva, absolutely devoted, unapologetic hindu! If there are sampradaya bhedas (differences within different hindu traditions), I will try my best to bring healing and peace. I will neither trigger nor instigate sampradaya bedas directly or indirectly, and I request all my disciples to maintain the same stand and be responsible for creating the Grand narrative of Hinduism which is all inclusive.

The past – its impact and impression on you, and your false ideas that it is past because ‘the clock says the time is gone’. I am not denying the chronological clock that declares that yesterday is gone. But the yesterday’s impact and impression on you is very much alive and reproducing itself on you and your future. Then how can you declare past is dead?

Very recently, there was a powerful and one of the ultimate revelations I received from paramashiva, from that space of Mahakalabhairava on the living conscious “Prajna”, the life frequency.

Definition of life frequency: for you, the life frequency inside your skin is more, and the life frequency inside this table is less. But for Me, the life frequency inside this skin, outside and in everything, is one and the same!

Not just in existential reality, but even in comparative reality, the frequency of life is same and ultimate!

I saw from that space of Mahakalabhairava, how much you feel the life frequency of your past is changeable, that much freedom only you have, to change your future. That is why I insist that all my disciples and followers cognize that the past is not over just because the chronological clock says, “the time is over”. Please understand that its impact and impression on you can be changed. Because it can be changed, what you think has happened in the past can also be changed. I know that is where you are stuck!

You will say, “the pain I have because I took a million dollar loan can be changed. But that incident of me taking that loan, how can that be changed?!

Break the layer by layer delusion, then you will understand what I am saying. You are understanding that the first layer which is the pain, pleasure, perception, experience of the past in you can be completely altered and changed. This you are able to trust! Do completion and experience that! Raise the quality of your life and existence at least to that level.

A common man neither believes the past impression on him, nor that the past incident and facts that happened can be changed. But my followers and disciples know I love you, I really love you. So you may be convinced of one fact: “maybe the impressions of the past can be changed”. Then let’s do that! When you do that and remove a few knots and raise the quality of your consciousness and existence, then you will realise and understand the next level where you will understand that the incident can also be changed!

If you start working and removing the knots, clearing the delusions, suddenly you will realise, “it is all about the quality of the life’s frequency you are perceiving and enjoying”. It is not the amount of sweet available but the amount of sweet you are able to taste in your tongue that matters! It is not the amount of life energy out in kailasa, but the amount of life energy you are able to experience in your Ananda gandha which is kailasa!

If you feel the impressions and impact of the past on you can be changed and heal, you will have confidence, you can play to a certain level. If you even get only one experience, where you are able to change the past fact, the incident, and make all the 10 people feel that the incident is as you felt it, then you will wake up to a power!

For example, at the age of 7, you fell and had a fracture. 3 people are involved in healing it – the doctor, nurse, and your mother or father. If you are able to just change the pains and sufferings, its impact and impression on you because of the incident, and come to completion, you will gain confidence to change the suffering to a blissful and happy life.

If you manifest the power of changing only one incident, then you go back and change the whole past, and make sure that the whole fracture never happened! Even the nurse and parents will forget that such a thing happened, and the impact of the fracture on the bone, and the medical records will be missing! I am telling you, it is possible!

Play with the first layer possibility. You will wake up to the second layer power. It is not like you will need to alter all the incidents of the past. Something needs to be altered for you to manifest and experience Paramashivatva – you will be able to play this game! Anybody who is able to manifest this power will be so caring and loving, he will only do good to people. Because of powers, you don’t feel insecure. Because you don’t feel insecure, you become more compassionate and loving. You know clearly: Paramashiva protects you. Kalabhairava protects you.

I know very clearly: Paramashiva and Kalabhairava are protecting me and the sanga.

Powers makes you more loving, intelligent. Sat-chit-ananda manifests in you with more and more power manifestation. Sat – ultimate reality, chit – ultimate consciousness, ananda – ultimate bliss. When you manifest more and more powers, powers empower and enlighten you.

If you enter into this truth, it is equivalent to touching the feet of Mahakalabhairava and worshipping him. Melt down the suffocation, the load and bondage you feel of the past on your consciousness. You will become so free, liberated, you will become a mukta! You will just push and reproduce that into your future!

Future is not a fresh leaf as you believe just because it is not happened as per the chronological clock. If you believe that the future is completely open and fresh for you because it has not happened as per the chronological clock, you are absolutely struggling with layers and layers of delusion.

I am not a self-development guru. I want the Core Consciousness in you to be triggered and manifest Paramashiva. I want the ultimate spiritual nuclear initiation in you to be triggered. I am not a skin polishing, nail polishing, small teaching guru. I am interested in transforming your core consciousness, so you wake up and start this first level. I am interested in the impact and impressions of the past melting down on your existential experience of conscious present. Let the healing happen. You will then understand that the facts of the past can be altered.

I am revealing the ultimate deva rahasya to the world with the blessing and protection of paramashiva and Mahakalabhairava. I am not deluded, and I am not deluding you. You think you are having a free future? Then you should be able to grow wings and fly tomorrow or in the next hour? No!

You have a freedom over your future only to the level of frequency of the freedom you perceive and have over your past. Your ability, capacity to change not just the perception and impression of the past on you, but even the facts and happenings of the past, only to that level you have freedom over your future.

One day, science may catch up with what I am saying. I hope one day science catches up with veda agamic truth and revelations.

Consciousness is all-pervasive on which the past, present, future is painted! You are the consciousness. How much of freedom, ability you have, to breathe without suffocation about your past, only that much of freedom with ability to breathe without suffocation, you will have over your future.

None of them have qualitative differences other than your delusion. Now, you have an issue: the chronological clock says past is dead and over, but your guru says no, it is neither dead nor over! Your chronological clock says, “future is open and free for you”, but your master says, “no! How much power you have over your past, that much only you have power over your future.”

If you sit and do manana, you will realise this truth. One thing is: past happenings meaning incidents, involve facts in which other people, places, time, objects are involved. The second thing is the happenings’ impact and impressions on you. The impact and impression may not be true to the happening. If it is true to the happening, it is called “reality recorded” as past. If there is a gap, if there are blind spots, then it is called “delusive memory”.

I am saying that the impact and impression of the past on you can be changed, and I am saying that the incidents, facts, happenings which happened as per the chronological clock which you think as over and that nothing can be done about it, can be altered, changed, manipulated, even erased absolutely!

I only request your positive patience to experiment with the first step of reliving and completing with the impact and impressions of the past on you. I have given thousands of techniques to complete with the past and past impressions on you. Use all of that and start completing. You will experience the click that “you can alter your past”. When your frequency of consciousness crosses the delusions taught to you by human society, you will understand, “hey, hey, hey….. I have power over the past!”

All words are given to you by society. Silence, mauna (mana-unmana) is your natural space. That is why I insist that all the kayakalpa participants drop all the words given by society. Just listen to Swamiji’s satsangs and let that enter you and detoxify you. Then the depth and frequency of your consciousness supersedes the delusion pushed into you by society, layer by layer.

For relative existence, clocks are ok, not for absolute existence. Absolute existence can be changed. Relative existence is ok for your career, relationships and profession but not for your existence. Knowing that your absolute existence is different from relative existence even once, is “living enlightenment”!

I am not brainwashing you, I am heart-washing you and gut-washing you. If you enter into this truth, it is equivalent to touching the feet of Mahakalabhairava and worshipping him. Melt down the suffocation, the load and bondage you feel of the past on your consciousness. You will become so free, liberated, you will become a mukta! You will just push and reproduce that into your future!

Bandha is felt due to past. Mukthi should be felt in the past, then the mukthi will get reproduced in the future. That is the right way of mukti! Without experiencing mukthi in the past and trying to experience mukthi in the future, will make you more and more frustrated and angry. You will develop self-doubt, self-denial, self-hatred (SDHD), guru-doubt, guru-denial and guru-hatred (GDHD). It is not necessary that all sdhd should turn into GDHD.

When I had SDHD in my life, I only decided to be more integrated, bring completion and surrender to my guru. Only then you become god. If you become so arrogant and try to project your SDHD on the guru and attack the linga, sanga and guru – then you become a demon. You get the result of your own karmas, that’s all.

My purpose is you understanding this truth and manifesting enlightenment. The past should be melted down. You should experience liberation with the past, and that should be reproduced on the future – that is real liberation! Mukti! Freedom! Living enlightenment!

Your ability, possibilities, expertise, you cognise with your past is the real self confidence you will have on your future. You will think, “if I am able to handle this in my past, I can handle any kind of this in my future!” that’s it. If you don’t have the confidence, strength and powerfulness about the past, you will not have confidence and strength about the future. Insecurity about the past will be insecurity about the future. Security about the past will be security about the future. Powerlessness about the past will be powerlessness with the future.

Meditate! Contemplate! Cognize: when the impact and impression of pain, guilt and powerlessness about the past melts down through completion and detoxification process, the freedom, joy, powerfulness that you experience, when that raises your consciousness, not only you will the confidence that your past can be changed, but you will feel huge auspiciousness about the past; you will feel nothing needs to be changed about the past. You will feel ultimate auspiciousness, that gives you confidence of shrikailasa. You can put on your t-shirt “empowered by paramashiva. Enlightened by nithyananda paramashiva!”

I want you to experience that today. Now, I want you to meditate on this truth. Today, I want all of you to do Jeevartha sadas on this truth. The suffocation, powerlessness you feel with your past due to ignorance is “fear”. The false freedom, false hope you perceive about your future without completing with the suffocation and fear of the past is called “greed”. Without creating more powerfulness with the past, the powerful life you have with the future is greed. Without realising the bondage, you are going to reproduce from the past into the future, and you are only planning for your future with large blind spots which leads to frustration and destruction.

You should know, unless you clean up your past, you are going to reproduce that in your future. You should know, the impact of the past on your future is not going to be just partial, it is going to be literally “ditto”! Clean up the past before you waste your time planning for your future. Cleaning up your past is the greatest and ultimate strategy for your future. Without cleaning your past, you think you can be brilliant and intelligent about your future. It does not work. With Kalabhairava, completion works, not cunning strategy.

Surrender to Kalabhairava ferociously, not as a dead, given up, hopeless, stupid drop out. Surrender to Kalabhairava is ferociousness. Surrender to Kalabhairava not by just breaking your past, but with the declaration and clarity that you have the power to change the past – its incidents, happenings and facts.

Remember just one incident: when somebody goes to Ramana Maharishi and asks, “what is the meaning of dreams?” Bhagavan says, “even your waking has no meaning. Fool! What meaning then does your dream have?!” with that strength, declare ferociously. Then you can rewrite or delete your past including the facts and happenings. With this ferocious declaration, surrender to Kalabhairava, which is like “aghora rudra tandava” and then offer yourself at his feet. Don’t collapse as a failure to Mahakalabhairava. Surrender saying, “I know I am awakened, enlightened, exploding consciousness, and I know that not only the impressions of my past, but the incidents of my past can also be changed. With this, I surrender to you.” request, “my future should be an enlightened future. I surrender at your feet. Let you protect me and manifest through me.

Even if you are not able to cognise this, you can offer this as a prayer to Kalabhairava. It may not have become sakshi pramana for you, but if you trust me and the shastra pramana, apta pramana and my atma pramana, you can always declare to paramashiva, “it is sastra pramana, apta pramana and atma pramana of my guru, so please make it as sakshi pramana for me. I am offering my integrity and devotion to you.”

Tonnes of the problems of your past can be made just irrelevant.

Sit and declare your integrity to Paramashiva and guru tell clearly to Mahakalabhairava if you are able to cognize that you are able to change the incidents and the impression, declare that to Mahakalabhairava, “I know it can be done. Please manifest that in me”. If you believe impressions can be changed but not the incident, then declare that. “I am able to only cognise this much, can you manifest that incidents also can be changed,”

Pray. Be straight to Mahakalabhairava and Paramashiva. With the grace of Paramashiva, I will connect all of us to Paramashiva and the space of shri kailasa


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  1. Nithyanandam! Thank you so much sending the content of our Swamij Satsang.I will apriciate to receive it every day. It was absolutely learnsome to go tru the spoken Words of the Satsang, listening and reading  its 🔨 double in my brain. Thank you Ashadevie

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