Celebrating Paramashiva makes Paramashiva as the source energy for you. When Paramashiva becomes the source energy for you, naturally you become Paramashiva!

Paramashiva is real. Celebrate him, his presence in your life in every dimension. More and more you celebrate his presence, he manifests through you. He manifests when you celebrate his presence. Don’t struggle. Struggling is absolute immaturity.

When you fall in love, you will struggle to continue to keep yourself in love because it is puppy love. If you consciously decide to celebrate, you manifest Paramashiva! You will just manifest him.

One of the biggest problems human mind has is trying to keep itself in love. I am seeing many people who struggle to keep themselves in love with Paramashiva and Guru. Instead, start celebrating Paramashiva’s presence and Guru’s presence in your life.

Every time when there is a struggle internally and externally, see how His words are opening up in your inner space and manifesting as powers. Powers are nothing but Paramashiva consciously manifesting through you.

42 years of my life’s mission, I am giving you as essence today!

Paramashiva’s message today is the essence of my 42-year mission. As far as we could do research based on my mother’s memory and other elders’ memories, as per the english calendar, January 1st seems to be the date I happened. But we celebrate as per the Vedic calendar because from the time the sun happened, the vedic calendar starts.

Paramashiva is real and Paramashiva is manifesting through this body and being to the whole world to celebrate Himself and make everyone else celebrate His presence.

Paramashiva is manifesting through this body and being and doing his work for the past 42 years. Essence of all that I received from Paramashiva and my guru parampara, I am teaching to my disciples; the Paramashiva jnana I received, how it was mapped as prajnana in me, and how it has manifested as Paramashiva vijnana, and what I am teaching to all of you – the essence of everything is just in these few statements: Paramashiva is real. Celebrate his presence in every possible way.

Whether the purpose may be: how you want to exist, or how you want to eat and keep yourself healthy, or the way you want to dress and keep yourself beautiful, the way you want to maintain your mental health, relationships, feel supported, or the way you manifest happiness, joy, or the way you want to manifest the idea of success, the way you want to manifest extraordinary powers and possibilities – in every way, celebrate Paramashiva! He is real.

Whether you are able to remember or not remember, whether you believe He is real or not real, you don’t have to have obsessive compulsive disorder to make sense that everything He is doing in your life is manifesting.

Ordinary human mind has the biggest problem which is trying to make meaning of everything happening in life – obsessive compulsive disorder. All you need to do is see the auspiciousness; it is manifesting in your life. Be a mature conscious being. I have seen much of the obsessive compulsive disorder. All abusers suffer with this disease. It is obsessive compulsive abusing disorder where abusing has become an obsessive compulsive disorder in them.

If you are a little mature and able to look at life with nyaya (multidimensional logic) you will understand life is such an auspicious happening. Paramashiva is real. Start manifesting this principle: Paramashiva is real. When you wake up, remember He is real and He is there in you; He is the one who pushed you out of dream.

This is what Paramashiva and my gurus gave me. This is what I experienced myself. This is what I am giving to all of you. This is the essence of my last 42 years of mission. Celebrate Paramashiva’s presence in your life.

Shrikailasa is the effort of bringing legitimacy to the principle of Paramashiva – Paramashiva is real. He himself is manifesting through this body as Guru. He himself is teaching Paramashiva jnana and Paramashiva vijnana to the world.

The science of enlightenment, the science of power manifestation, the science of unclutching, the science of shaivite diet, the science of shaivite body building – in every level, bringing legitimacy to Paramashiva and his teachings, is this mission. It is about bringing legitimacy to the principles of Paramashiva, the veda agamas, socially, politically, spiritually, in every level.

Celebrating Paramashiva is real brings legitimacy to Paramashiva in our life. Celebrating all his sciences – Paramashiva jnana and Paramashiva vijnana – revealed in vedas and agamas, brings social legitimacy, political legitimacy, religious legitimacy and economic legitimacy to it.

Bringing legitimacy to Paramashiva jnana and vijnana in every sphere. Dimension of life, every aspect of human existence is the purpose of shrikailasa. Due to the last 42 years of sincere integrity to Paramashiva, we have Paramashiva’s direct blessings and his own responsibility of reviving the enlightenment civilization on planet earth.

The enlightenment civilization started by Paramashiva himself in Tiruvannamalai, through the unbroken lineage, the living stream of enlightened beings, needs to be revived and taken to the universe. Paramashiva himself is manifesting through this body and being. It is 42 years of reviving this whole Paramashiva jnana and vijnana and reaching out to millions and millions of people in every possible way. Last 42 years of reviving the enlightenment ecosystems and enlightenment civilization has been happening.

I once again declare my integrity to Paramashiva for manifesting through this body and being. I sincerely thank every one of you for being part of this celebration – shrikailasa. Shrikailasa is the celebration of this great truth – ‘Paramashiva is real’. The being who creates, sustains, rejuvenates, pulls out of delusion and liberates – that Paramashiva – is real!

Nothing can be compared to the bliss of celebrating Paramashiva. Celebrate Paramashiva in every level! The extraordinary conscious celebration of the universe is shrikailasa. Shrikailasa is the extraordinary superconscious celebration of the universe. Paramashiva manifests the Paramashiva jnana and vijnana to the whole universe and gives that to us in multiple ways, whether through the kalpataru program or kayakalpa program, whether he teaches us how to do puja, how to eat vegetarian food, or the science of manifesting powers, or the science of manifesting wealth. It is with the intense superconsciousness.

Paramashiva is real. And He is here manifesting through this body and being. Celebrating his presence and making the whole universe celebrate His presence, remembering He is real, is celebrating Him physically. The moment you remember He is real, your body feels it. He is very real!

When you remember: “Paramashiva is real. He himself has manifested as my guru – Nithyananda Paramashivam”, your body feels it. I am teaching the truth as it is, unapologetically. I want each one of you to celebrate Paramashiva. Don’t struggle. Struggling is immature cognition work.

When you celebrate Paramashiva in your lifestyle, it is called charya pada. When you celebrate Paramashiva in your food, it is called agamic diet. When you decide to celebrate Paramashiva in your body and through your kundalini shakti through yoga, that is called nithyananda yoga; it is the yoga pada. When you decide to connect with Paramashiva and make him manifest through you, it is called puja – aanmartha puja or parartha puja; it is the kriya pada of Paramashiva. When you decide to celebrate the cosmic principles of Paramashiva and manifest him absolutely in your life, it is called jnana pada.

All the four padas are nothing but celebrating Paramashiva. Nothing else is important in life other than celebrating Paramashiva.

Create enlightenment ecosystems wherever you are.

Today we are inaugurating more and more enlightenment ecosystems. Thousands and thousands are taking deeksha. Many new kailayavasis are joining. More and more work is happening by the grace of Paramashiva to bring legitimacy to Paramashiva’s jnana and vijnana – vedas and agamas.

Celebrating “Paramashiva is real” in every sphere and dimension of life is my message on this mission day.

Celebrating Paramashiva makes Paramashiva as the source energy for you. When Paramashiva becomes the source energy for you, naturally you become Paramashiva. Understand, in every level, manifest the state of Paramashiva through unclutching, through the space of Paramashiva, through completion, manifest the powers of Paramashiva by bringing oneness with Paramashiva.

To make the whole story crisp, the clear essence, the direct message from Paramashiva. Directly from shrikailasa on this auspicious mission day to all of you is: “Paramashiva is real. Paramashiva is manifesting through this form and being for all of us to celebrate. Shrikailasa is formed to bring legitimacy to Paramashiva and his jnana and vijnana – the veda-agamas in every sphere, dimension aspect of human life.”

source: fb.com/srinithyananda.swami

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