The master’s love is perhaps the only unconditional love there is, totally unselfish, without expectations, just giving, asking for nothing!

The master’s love is detached and radiating all the time. It radiates whether you are there or not. All you need to do is to stand with your bowl and take your fill again and again. Usually for a man, it is his ego that is the major block in receiving. By nature man is less given to emotions than a woman, and more prone to acting out of the intellect. To give into someone, to accept someone as a master unconditionally is almost impossible for the mind unless the heart takes over. When he is with the mind, giving in means loss of personality, loss of identity, death of the very ego. It becomes too much to lose. But with awareness, by seeing where one is missing, it is possible to melt and give in.

On the other hand, possessiveness and envy is the greatest danger for a woman to reach the master. A woman has to go beyond the form of the master to the formless, beyond the concept of possessing the form to the reality of sharing his love and compassion with others without envy, and growing spiritually. Initially it is alright to feel possessive and envious. In fact, only when these emotions surface in you, they leave you as well! If they remain deeply hidden, they cannot leave you. But as the relationship with the master grows, the intelligent one will allow the transformation of both into pure love. It is only then they experience the pure love of the master also! Until then their own possessiveness and jealousy act like filters in experiencing the pure love of the master.

The master is like the river. If you keep your hands open and let the river flow through you, the water is with you all the time. If you try to hold the water with your hands, you miss it! The master’s love will flow through you without interruption as much as you need. The moment you close your hands hoping to contain the river within your tiny palms, you will lose the river, you will you lose the master. You just have to be a beautiful part of the flow of life and enjoy the love of the master.

source: Living Enlightenment


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