At that time of death, only the spiritually intelligent events in your life, or conscious decisions that you made in your spiritual journey will shine in multicolor!

Understand, the disciple will not know about his ignorance because he is in darkness. The responsibility is of the person who is in the light, not of the person who is in darkness. You don’t know how many births you have struggled or prayed to have a master. You are not even aware of your own true yearning. Understand, for a master to happen in your life, it is not a joke. You yourself don’t know how many births you have struggled and prayed intensely to have a glimpse of a living master.

Awakening to the master in your life is nothing but awakening to this deep yearning and purpose of your life. I always tell people in the Life Bliss Program Level 2Nithyananda Spurana Program, at the time you leave this body, that is at the time you are dying, suddenly all the material things of this world that you enjoyed with your senses will be seen as black and white. They will no more seem colorful like they were when you enjoyed them. It is like when you are in a dream state in your night sleep, this world will become black and white. When you are in the waking state as you are in now, the dreams will become black and white.

In the same way, when you leave this body, this entire past life will be seen in black and white. At that time, only the spiritually intelligent events in your life, or conscious decisions that you made in your spiritual journey will shine in multicolor! Any pleasure you enjoyed related to your gross body and mind will be seen in black and white. All that you did in the line of consciousness will shine!

As of now, the master, spirituality, consciousness, all these things might seem dull and uninteresting, as if they are only retired life entertainment. The master is more or less like a choice in life right now. When you leave the body, you will know, whatever decisions you made in the conscious line, the moments you spent with the conscious energy, the master and his teachings, will become bright in multi-dimension and multicolor. All the material things of this world will fade into black and white.

At that time, you will feel, ‘Oh god! I have missed the whole thing! I was blinded by illusion!’ In the process of death, when you feel this intense pain of having missed, you will take the serious decision for the next birth, ‘Next time I will not miss the master.’ When you take the next body you go into a coma state because of the pain during birth and you again forget the intent. So the same cycle continues.

Therefore, even when the master happens in your life in this birth, you have no idea what had happened to you in your earlier lives, how many times you have missed him before. You have forgotten the intent with which you left your earlier bodies. You have forgotten the whole purpose of your life. The same ego, the same engraved memories and problems repeat because you forgot and you miss the master the same way as you did before. Once again, when you leave the body this time, you feel the same terrible pain of having missed once more. As of now we pursue the master, meditation, consciousness and such things only because we have time, not because we seek the real experience behind them. When you leave the body, this whole world and its sensory experiences will fade out like black and white photographs. Only the moments with the master, the conscious journey through such spiritual experiences will be colorful and alive.

Everything related to the body and mind will be colorful and alive now. The spiritual, consciousness related things will not seem interesting or alive. At the time of death, when all these fantasies disappear, everything related to the gross body and mind will become dead, black and white, and everything related to the subtle consciousness like the master and meditation will become colorful and alive.

Because I can see that moment happening in you at the time of your leaving your body, I feel responsibility to do something about it. That is the reason why whenever somebody is about to miss me, I always feel, ‘Oh god! Again one more soul is missing the experience!’ I try my best to make them understand why it is important to be with a master.
You see, all of you can see only the 70-80 years that you live in the body. That is the reason why the master is only a choice for you. You feel if it happens, it happens, otherwise, forget about it. This is your attitude now. But I can see a much larger span.

It is like this: If you are standing on the road, then you can see one mile of the road on both the left and right sides of you. You can see the bus coming within this distance. But I am standing on the 30th floor, so I can see ten miles on both the left and right sides of the road. I can see a limousine coming much ahead of it appearing on the scene for you! When I stand on the thirtieth floor and say, ‘Watch out, a limousine is coming your way,’ you say, ‘No, no, Swamiji! Only a bus is coming! Why are you telling me that a limousine is coming?’ You don’t realize you are standing on the ground floor. You can see only one mile on either side of you.

In life also, you can see only 30 years of past and 30 years of future. Because I am standing on the 30th floor, I can see a few lives into your past and a few lives into your future. That is why I say that the master happening in your life is a rare and great opportunity. That is why I take so much care that you should not miss. Moreover, I have seen how a few people who have missed repent so much for the rest of their lives and after they leave the body also.

Sometimes what happens, when you miss a few times, during the next birth, some people bring a strong depression or disease along with them so that they will not miss the master again in that birth! The disease will keep them attached to the master.

Appar, a great saint from South India, had brought severe stomach pain with him. In his biography he says, ‘I brought this purposely so that this time I will not miss remembering Shiva! Why should you come with so much of pain to remember the master? There is no need. You can remember with bliss itself in this very life. You see, the child will not know what will happen if he jumps on to the street and plays. But the mother knows. The mother is responsible. That is why she is careful with the child and keeps him safe. But the child doesn’t realize this and says, ‘I will go out and do what I want.’ Then what to do? The mother tries her best to help the child, that’s all. Actually, when you miss the master, the master misses nothing. Whatever he had to achieve, he has achieved in his life. There is nothing more that he needs or wants.

The master never loses anything. But for the disciple, it is too big a loss. Missing the master for any reason, for any mistake, is too big a loss. That is why I don’t want it to happen to anyone. It is like you grab and eat a banana from a street vendor without paying and because of that you are given a death sentence! It is too big a punishment for a very small mistake. That is the reason why whenever somebody is about to miss me, I always try my best to take all possible steps to avert it.

Do not miss the master. Hold on to him and maintain the deep trust or connection or bridge. Life will be totally different. Anything can be sacrificed for the master-disciple relationship. But for nothing should the master-disciple relationship be sacrificed. 

All your relationships are mere characters and life is just a drama.  Please understand clearly, everything that happens as a relationship is just a psychodrama. You should understand the truth. You take birth in a family with somebody as your mother, father, brother and sister and play with them as family members. You might have seen the kids playing with the dolls. The child will have a few dolls. He will dress one as father, another as mother and similarly dress two other dolls as brother and sister. Then he will enact a day of their life. He will make sounds as if the father is going to work, pretend that the mother is cooking something in the kitchen, show the brother going to school and the sister refusing to go to school and crying instead. The child will play all these roles himself and enjoy the whole game.

Now just look into your life. You are also trying to possess more and more, whether in terms of relationships or material things. You try to expand the movable and immovable possessions and suddenly the drama ends with your death.
Again you take birth in some other family with a different father, mother, brother and sister and play the same game once more. Our entire life is nothing different from the game which the kids play with the dolls. This is the psychodrama of life. For one who experienced the complete master-disciple relationship, the psychodrama will not happen again in his life.

source: Living Enlightenment

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