When you come near, an Avatar’s body which is practically like an atomic energy station, whatever emotions are in you start boiling

Someone asked me, ‘Are my samskaras, that is my engraved memories pertaining to my previous lives, an obstacle to becoming your disciple?

Samskaras themselves are not an obstacle. But when the master works on them to operate or to remove them, you should understand he is working on you because you requested him again and again directly or indirectly.
When I work on your samskaras, you may think I have my vested interests of fear or greed. Be very clear, when you think this of me, you are only projecting the fear and greed that you have on to me and think that I have them. Enlightened masters as such don’t have any fear or greed. I work on your engrams because you requested me thousands of times in thousands of births!

Your samskara itself is not a problem. When I work on it, if you don’t resist, then it is ok. Your resistance when I work on it is the problem. Your samskaras are not a problem, you trying to hold on to them is the problem. If you are ready to let go when I work on them, then it won’t be a problem. If you just understand that only your tumor is being removed and you cooperate with me to work on it, it is beautiful. But sometimes, you think I am directly cutting you out of some vengeance! You start complaining, you start resisting me and you start blaming me like the lion cub.

When the lion was having meat in the lion and cub story, the cub starts complaining, ‘What! I thought you are such a holy person, you are such a great person. You were giving me so much of confidence. You were helping me so much. But I never thought you will eat meat. I thought you too were a vegetarian like me!’ Your so called immature morality or your so called immature understanding projects your own ideology on the master and tries to resist when he works on your samskaras.

Samskaras themselves are no problem because you come to the master only because of your samskaras. If you don’t have samskaras, then why should you come to the master! You are already enlightened!

I accept you as you are, but when you are with your samskaras, you are not as you are. You are suffering with your hell. I am breaking your hell. When I break the prison in which you are living, you think I am breaking you. You start resisting and creating problems.

Sometimes, when you come near me, you feel tremendous energy and bliss coming up. Sometimes, you feel tremendous anger and the depression rising also. But soon the depression will disappear. When you come near me, you are coming near an intense energy space that dissolves your negativities. That is why you feel such mixed and intense emotions.

You see, the master’s body is practically like an atomic energy station. When you come near, whatever emotions are in you start boiling. It is like if you put a potato inside hot water, the potato will start jumping around! The potato is not dancing by itself. It is dancing because of the fire energy below.

I always tell people, having samskaras is not a problem. The potato is not a problem. The jumping potato should not jump out of the vessel and run away. That is the only thing to take care! If it is inside the vessel, it will become a siddha potato!

Siddha in Sanskrit has two meanings. One is ‘boiling’, another is ‘enlightened’. So be very clear, if the potato does not jump out of the vessel, if it remains inside the vessel, it will become not only a boiling potato, but an enlightened potato!

source: Living Enlightenment

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