When you surrender both doubt and faith at the feet of the master, you will see something called trust happens in you, which is neither doubt nor faith!

Whenever you have a doubt, surrender the doubt and faith both at the feet of the master. You see, the master is the one who gives you the faith and he is the same person who gives you the doubt. When you are stuck with doubt, tell the master mentally, ‘Master, it is you who gave my faith in you, it is also you who gave me doubts about you. I am surrendering both at your feet. I don’t want to play this game. I have suffered enough with this game. Please take care.’
When you surrender both doubt and faith at the feet of the master, you will see something called trust happens in you, which is neither doubt nor faith. It is the courage to experiment with the truth. Read More

When you permanently unclutch from the shaft, you are enlightened!

As of now you connect all the past experiences of your life and create a shaft. All your future experiences depend on how you have created this shaft. They depend on which words from the past you have picked, and how you have formed the shaft. Your future emotions, reactions, thoughts, and words depend entirely on this shaft. But after enlightenment, life is very different from this. Thoughts arise, and if they want to work, the body pursues the thoughts. Once the work is done, the thoughts disappear. Then the next time something needs to be done, thoughts arise again, and the process continues. The whole thing happens beautifully by itself. There is no shaft at all.

Currently we all carry constant irritation from the moment we get out of the bed until the minute we go back to bed. Constantly we carry some irritation or other. We are waiting to jump on people. We only need some excuse. After enlightenment, the constant fear or guilt or desire or something that constantly irritates, is not there. When you unclutch from the shaft for even one moment, you get a glimpse of enlightenment.

The shift from the shaft happens in a fraction of a second. If you are deeply aware, you can catch that precious moment when the unclutching happens. All our tapas, spiritual training, is only preparing us to catch that shift. The shift happens many times. You just need to be really aware and you can catch it. When you permanently unclutch from the shaft, you are enlightened.

source: Living Enlightenment

If you study the lives of great masters and try to search for one basic essence in all of their lives is that they were ready to lose even their very lives, but not their integrity!

The word ‘penance’ means nothing but integrating yourself, making yourself a single entity. You may ask, ‘Are we not like that now?’ If you look closely, you will see that we exist as different entities, never as one. There is everything else in our life, except integration.

If you look deeply inside, you will understand, there are hundreds of voices continuously talking inside you. The moment the mind says, ‘Let us do this,’ the very next moment the thought will arise, ‘No. Let us not do it!’ After thinking of the side effects and after effects, the mind starts oscillating.

Integrating the fragmented parts of the mind is the very essence of life. Integrating the feelings and the mind, integrating your face and your mind, ensuring that your face shows the same thing as what your mind thinks, is the essence of life.

The intense effort to integrate oneself completely is what is called penance. Penance always ends in auspiciousness.

If you study the lives of great masters and try to search for one basic essence in all of their lives, you will find, it is not knowledge or devotion. It is integrity! What they believed in, they lived. That’s all! Their integrity was solid. They were ready to lose even their very lives, but not their integrity. Read More

Working out of overflowing energy, overflowing compassion, and the overflowing feeling of responsibility for everything, is what makes a life spiritual

I always tell people, ‘Do not think you have a certain amount of energy and you will work according to that energy. No. Whatever work and responsibility you take up, the energy starts expressing accordingly. You will have energy according to the responsibilities which you take up. Whatever responsibility you take upon yourself, you will see that your inner space expands to that extent and energy flows through you!’  If you feel responsible for whatever is happening around you, you suddenly become a leader. You start transforming your life and others’ lives.

Responsibility is one of the ways to consciously grow.

You only need to do two things: trust that life is good and know that you can expand to the responsibilities that you take up. Another thing, when that expansion happens, just hold on and have patience during the transformation process. Patience during the transformation process is what I call tapas or penance. There is a beautiful phrase of the teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba : ‘Shraddha, Saburi’ – trust and patience. This is the essence of life. Read More

Liberate yourself from the clutches of your identity by cognizing the truth, ‘you are always unclutched’!

When a local gangster steps out on the first day of his job, he has a little fear. Once the people start obeying him, even if he is unsure of himself, just seeing people obey him gives him confidence, ‘Yes, now I am a great guy!’ His whole body language changes. In the same way, when the mind comes to attack you, initially it will not have enough confidence. But when it sees that you are afraid of it, it gains confidence and traps you! You give confidence to the mind to attack you. Once you show your fear, once you show that you are very fragile, that is enough for your mind and you are caught. The person who wants to exploit you first makes you believe that you can’t run your life without him. He gives you the impression that you cannot survive without him. Once you fall for it, he starts exploiting you and playing games with you. The moment you start believing that you cannot survive without him, you start putting up with him even though it is an abuse.

In the same way, the first thing your mind does is convince you that you cannot be alive without it. The moment it convinces you of this, nothing more needs to be done. Then you never try to drop the mind!

I saw this in my days of spiritual wandering. In the forests of Northern India the hunters use a trap to catch birds. They tie a rope between two trees. In the middle of the rope, they secure a wooden stick. The rope is tied at the midpoint of the stick. This is actually a hunter’s trap for birds. Read More

You have started to move towards enlightenment when you doubt the promises your mind has been making all along but never fulfilling any.

You are like a wave in the ocean of Existence. The wave rises up from the ocean but it is still connected to the ocean. It may think it has an individual existence but that is just a myth. Whether it is rising, above the ocean or falling down, it is still a part of the ocean.

On its own, because of joy, when the wave takes the body, there will be no gathered or agamya karma. When agamya karma is acquired, it will corrupt the total sanchita karma that was pure. This sanchita karma has to be exhausted in the next birth. Corrupted total sanchita karma generates the cycle of life and birth. This is how the wheel of karma starts.

The new body that the life energy occupies does not remember the prarabdha karma that the life energy brought to it when it took the body. So, you do not remember the desires with which you left your previous body. Read More

When you declare and sit on it, it has to become reality because declaration is the way your Will manifests. Decide to declare peace in your life, not by avoiding the conflicts but by deciding to resolve it!

Actually, Upanishads set the context. Agamas are applied science. Upanishads are like pure science. Agamas are the applied science. Upanishads. Its like a Upanishads define the greatness of Varanasi. Agamas are like GPS to enter into Varanasi and enjoy Varanasi. It is like Upanishads explain the glory through the great principle.

Agamas give you the exact science. Upanishads explain you the glory. Agamas give you the exact science.

I will start with the Shanti Mantra of Kena Upanishad. Please understand, the beauty of Vedic education system. Always education starts with peace, ends with peace because education is the most powerful weapon, either can be used for peace or violence. Understand, education is the most powerful weapon, either can be used for peace or for violence. Vedic tradition insists you becoming rich through education should always be for the peace of the Universe. It should increase the frequency of the peace of the Universe not increase the frequency of the violence in the Universe. I tell you, future wars will not have winners. Future wars will not have winners because we have used education, knowledge to the extreme of violence. We have accumulated enough weapon to demolish not just all the buildings but destroy the very Planet Earth itself for more than 800 times, understand. 800 times we can blow the Planet Earth, so much of weapons are accumulated. Nowaday countries don’t talk about chemical weapons where human beings will be eradicated, just blowing up the planet earth. That’s the latest trend. Understand, the knowledge, education is used for violence nothing will be left out.

Vedic tradition is very clear. The thought current called knowledge should always start with peace and end with peace.

All Upanishads, all the 108 Upanishads has only one similarity. Please understand, all 108 Upanishads does not teach one God, does not teach one philosophy. Sometimes not only they contradict themselves, they are completely opposite to each other. All the 108 Upanishads have only one thing in common; they declare themselves – start with the peace and end with the peace. Other than this, nothing else is in common among all the 108 Upanishads. Read More

Unimaginable, unending, inexhaustible excitement and enthusiasm happens on a person who understands death

auṁ saha nāvavatu | saha nau bhunaktu | saha vīryam karvāvahai |
tejasvi nāvadhītamastu mā vidviṣāvahai ||
auṁ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ ||

This great Upanishad, Kathopanishad, Upanishads are the essence of Vedas.  Among the Upanishads, Kathopanishad is Upanishad shiromani, Upanishadasikamani means it’s one of the best Upanishads because the subject it deals is Death.

Please understand, with right understanding Death can become rejuvenation energy, energy which will rejuvenate you.  Don’t think death is always a curse, when you don’t understand, it’s a curse. Actually when you don’t understand even Chiranjeevatva, eternal life is a curse, do you know the Chiranjeevis of the world Prahalad, Markandeya, Hanuman, Ashwathama, in all these Chiranjeevis, Ashvathama was cursed to be Chiranjeevi. Please understand, Ashwathama Chiranjeevatva is not a boon for him, that he will never die is not a boon given to Ashvathama, it was a curse given to him.  Just imagine you are never going to die, you will literally be swallowing tons and tons of depression pills and boredom pills, if you don’t understand life, the life is not understood, life is a curse.  If death is not understood, death is a curse.  If you understand both, I tell you, every time death happens it is a possibility for you to rejuvenate and take a new body. Kathopanishad talks about death, so many secrets about death and how you need to live your life to understand death, have liberation when natural death happens to you. Read More

What you perceive as You, can be changed just by your will!

I will continue to expand on the 8th verse of the Īśāvāsya Upaniṣad. 

sa paryagāc-chukram akāyam avraṇam asnāviram śuddham apāpa-viddham |

kavir manīṣī paribhūḥ svayambhūr yathātathyato-arthān vyadadhāc-chāśvatībhyaḥ samābhyaḥ || 8 ||

Listen. First I wanted to explain this one Truth. Listen, first I wanted to explain this one Truth to all of you. Please internalize. Internalize this one Truth. Listen carefully.

How you function, how you perceive, what you did, you are doing, you are going to do, how you thought, thinking, going to think, everything is dependent on one axis, that is your concept about you. Please listen. What you think as you, if you just look inside, what you think of you – a bunch of worries, or a bunch of failures, or a bunch of failures and successes put together, or a kind of a confusion. What is that you perceive as you? Read More

Living Advaitha – I

The very structure of the original family system by Manu, the Cosmic Constitution writers, please understand, the great visionaries who wrote the Constitution of humanity. – See, when humanity started living on the Planet Earth in large numbers, so you need certain understanding, Constitution to live with. –  The Constitution writers of humanity are only called Manu, Parashara, Yajnavalkya – the great Smriti Kaaras.  The very family system they defined is constantly to remind the ultimate non-duality.

Please understand, all the great truths experientially you learnt in  Inner Awakening program, if you try to bring some of them in your family and in your team, sharing the Completion and that experience with everyone, suddenly you will see your whole family and team becomes just “teamily”!  “Teamily” means extension of you.  It is just extension of you.  You will feel the whole teamily is just more hands, more heart, more brain, more legs.  All our Hindu gods portrayed with many heads, many hands, many legs, is nothing but they have that powerful teamily.

Understand, I tell you, very sincerely I tell you, with the grace of Vishwanatha, in the presence of Kalabhairava, I tell you, I really feel I have some of my disciples, I literally feel that they are my extra hands, some of my disciples like extra leg, some of my disciples my extra brain. Means, I can literally share my work with them, or they vibrate in that very same frequency.

Please understand, every one of you should have at least few people around you in this frequency where you experience tremendous friendliness with them and they experience tremendous friendliness with you.  I tell you, you need to know, please understand, there may be a million litres of arrack in a shop, but you don’t need million litres to get drunk.  You can’t drink million litres.  If you drink ten litres, that is enough, that’s the maximum.  Same way, there may be the whole ocean.  But for you to die you don’t need the whole ocean.  Just if some hundred litres water goes inside your body, you will die.  Same way, there may be billions of people for you to experience the ultimate enlightenment. You don’t need to feel oneness with all of them.  Understand, eleven people in your life if you feel the non-dual experience of oneness, you’ll become enlightened.  You don’t need more than eleven people, the twelfth person, you will be enlightened.  Because your brain, your individual logic cannot retain its individual existence if you extend your oneness more than eleven people.

See, your Ananda Gandha, the original conscious space goes on extending itself with everyone.  But your anger, violence, the individual logic goes on shrinking you. The fight goes on between these two.  Whenever you are in Ananda Gandha, you feel like expanding, you feel like sharing your life, love, understanding, enriching, everything.  Whenever you are in an incomplete mood, powerless, you feel like shrinking.  This fight is life.

There are some people who permanently shrink and put the shutter.  Forget about others, even with themselves they don’t feel they are connected to themself.  Instead of having non-duality with eleven people, within them they have eleven dualities, they become eleven piece-piece!

Understand, I tell you take this as a spiritual practice, tapas.  Yesterday, two of my Swamis wanted to go and sit in the cremation ground and do tapas.  The way they uttered the word, I just made fun of them in Tamil.  I told them, ‘Hey, there only dead bodies are only burnt!  Tapaas and all is not burnt!’  In Tamil, “tapaas” means the crackers.  I told them, ‘You don’t know the difference between tapaas and tapas!’  No everybody has fantasy about their own tapas.  Understand, now I am defining “tapas” to all of you:  Feeling non-dual experience.  Means, the Complete Completion with more and more number of people in your life is “tapas”. Read More

Everything is you is a Fact !

Either you can keep your inner-space powerful, fulfilled, joyful, or keep yourself in utter poverty, dull, depressed, constantly in conflict, fighting with everyone, finding fault with everyone, accusing everyone: ‘This person is not right! That person is not right! That person is not right!’ It is up to you how you can keep your inner-space.

A Thanedar level person is starting his spiritual journey. If he keeps on accusing, it can be tolerated. If a Kothari keeps on abusing everyone, he should not be tolerated; he should be reminded and trained. If a Mahant keeps on abusing everyone, he should be handed over to Kalabhairava! No….the space you declare for yourself and others…..

I tell you, the space of Advaitha is so powerful – please listen – the space of Advaitha is so powerful, it can solve any problem you carry….and any problem you invent! Human-beings are the greatest problem-inventors! See, everything in our society is invented to invent new-new problems! All our desires, fears, lifestyle, everything, you can see, money, the concept of money, the concept of ownership, everything is invented to invent new-new problems! It is like, when the kids have to be kept occupied, you give them some playthings…. What do you call it? There will be a box with multiple colors…. Rubik’s Cube! I don’t know the name; I didn’t play with all that foolishness! You completely destroy it (the Rubik’s Cube), and then you try to align it! What foolishness! I think in our Gurukul we should ban that. Why do you first of all invent a problem and then try to find a solution? Arrey, come on! We already have multiple problems. Find solutions for that! Putting your energy to invent a problem and then finding a solution for it! Please understand, when you enter into the space of Advaitha, the first thing that will happen is, you will stop inventing problems and you will start continuously solving.

I tell you, Advaitha will bring surety about you. The biggest gift of the space of Advaitha is, all your confusions will disappear, you will be sure about what you want to do, what you are and what you want to do. I tell you, people who honour the space of Advaitha in their life as first priority, when they wake up, they wake up like Eshwara of the Universe, Jagadeeshwara (Lord of the Universe)! When they live, they live like Jagadeeswara! They are not only Jagadeeshwaras, they are Jagat Kaaranas (reason/cause for the Universe)!

Please understand, when you are stuck with some pattern and unable to honour the space of Advaitha, that is what I call “Maya” (illusion). And continuing to honour Advaitha even if you are stuck with some pattern is called “Tapas” (penance). That is tapas! I tell you, “the world” is going to be “the world”. In “my world” if you carry the space of Advaitha and approach “the world”, in “the world” also you will attract exactly people who carry the space of Advaitha towards you.

As I said, Advaitha is neither difficult nor easy. Believing that Advaitha is easy or difficult is a most foolish thing. It is like you sitting here and saying, ‘Ganga flowing in Haridwar is the most difficult thing. See, from here we have to walk twenty minutes! How difficult to get into the Ganga! Twenty minutes I have to walk!’ You can say that way. Or, you can say, ‘Ganga flowing in Haridwar is the most easiest thing. It is just twenty minutes walk!’ Your argument that it is easy or difficult does not make any logical sense, because Ganga flowing in Haridwar is the fact! I tell you, same way, everyone is you is a fact! It is a fact! Everyone is you is a fact! There is no question of debating, arguing whether the space of Advaitha is right or wrong. It is the fact! Understand, whether you achieve that space today, or you achieve that space tomorrow, or you achieve after a few janmas (lifetimes), you HAVE to achieve it! Because, that is the only most sure thing on the Planet Earth! The most sure thing in the Universe is the space of Advaitha! That is why I am telling you, if you start understanding Advaitha, if you understand Advaitha, it will make you more and more sure about you to you. This whole Inner Awakening is nothing but making your inner-space experience the power of Advaitha. And Kalpataru is nothing but giving you the glimpse of Advaitha.

Knowing that whatever you want is already part of you is the Science of Artha, acquiring. Listen! Knowing that whatever you do should be from the space of Advaitha is Dharma. Knowing that whatever you want to acquire is already part of your inner-space is the Science of Artha. Knowing that every person in your life you want to have, every person you want to have in your life is already part of you is Kama, the Science of Kama. And knowing that everything is you is the Science of Moksha. I tell you, Kama does not mean just having lust or sexual desires fulfilled. Even the desire to have a friend, even the desire to have a good brother, even the desire to have a good mother, the desire to have a good relationship with your father, desire to have a good son, good daughter, everything is Kama only! Please understand, having a good mother completes you so much, even if you have a spouse, you will radiate so much of friendliness with him or her. Same way, having a good father completes you so much, even with your wife or husband you will radiate so much of friendliness. Friendliness is the smell of Advaitha!

Understand, I tell you, the space of Advaitha is the source of all the great things in the Planet Earth. The founder of Homoeopathy was a great enlightened being. He was an Advaithi. All the plants, herbs spoke to him and they revealed to him what for they can be used, what disease they can cure, and he recorded. Otherwise it is impossible to record and do R&D (research and development) on so many thousands of herbs and medicines. Same way, all our siddhas, the Ayurveda science! Where were the labs? Where were the R&D methods? It is the power of Advaitha! The plants revealed their glory and their quality and what for they can be used, what diseases they can heal, and the siddhas and rishis they recorded it. Whether it is Indian dance, Indian music, Indian medicine, Indian way of dressing, Indian sex, Indian entertainment, Indian architecture, Indian cooking, Indian way of eating, Indian way of sleeping, everything, I tell you , is from the space of Advaitha. The way we solve conflicts, the way we create law, the way we create rules, the way we create understanding, the way we create organizations, the way we create our religious lifestyle, the way we create our beliefs, the way we create our Sanatana Sangha, everything, everything is based on the space of Advaitha.

Building of the Sangha is for Advaitha, to live Advaitha, to radiate Advaitha, to teach Advaitha. Teaching Advaitha is to live Advaitha. Living Advaitha is to teach Advaitha.

Advaitha in thinking is clarity. If you have an advaithic approach towards yourself, that will make you understand you will become too sure about what you want, understand? Being sure about what you want will remove all powerlessness from your life. It will make you so powerful, it will bring so much success. Not only everything you touch, everything people touch in your name also will become successful! Taking your name, anything people touch will become successful! The space of Advaitha is so powerful, anybody who takes your name and touches any work, they will be successful!

Everything is you. Look into you and repair. I tell you, everything is you. The good news is, by repairing inside, you can repair everything outside. The best news is, when you understand everything is you, you need not even repair it. This “good news”, “bad news” series has to be replaced with a new series called “good news”, “best news”. I am going to do that now: The “good news”, “best news” series!

Make all the decisions based on Advaitha. Make all the cognition happen based on Advaitha. It is the ultimate truth of Advaitha Sathya. Everything needs to be done in the “my world”; then, automatically, “the world” responds.

So, I can tell you with all my integrity and authenticity, everything that comes out of me is just straightaway asking you, making you to live Advaitha. And, I tell you, that is the only space where you will find rest, you will find success, you will find Completion, you will find fulfilment.

So, understand, you have been cheated, you missed it so badly! So, I tell you, if you have received Advaitha from me, you have received the best things you can receive from me and the world! If you have missed Advaitha from me, you have missed very badly from me, and received from the Cosmos! So, receive Advaitha; that is the best thing I am secretly hiding.

Tapas means sacrificing things without bothering when you are internal understanding is trying to set a new routine and trend to your body.