If you come to the conclusion You are Consciousness, by your very breathing you spread that as it is your Bhaava does the Spanda and the Sphurana.

Actually, I feel that whole thing, all of you in front of Me and this whole hall, this mic, everything, this throne, everything, kind of a…liquid, semi-solid. Where the bhaava freezes into matter, where the ideas becoming idols, in that space, I can see the whole operation happening. From this space, I want to give you one advice. Please understand, whatever you believe – your body makes that into Reality.

Powers are nothing but your brain deciding to believe the magical existence of you against the logical existence of you, which is taught to you by your society

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When the struggle is for sannyas, even if enlightenment does not happen, it is not a failure!

A true mother is one who lets go of her child when the time is right. A mother who is too possessive of her child should probably hesitate to give birth in the first place! Even giving birth is a form of letting go, she is allowing the child to leave her body! Only a mother who is ready to allow the next level of explosion to happen, a mother who is ready to let go, a mother who is ready to give inspiration only can be a real mother.

If you are possessive, if you feel sad just thinking about separating from the child, then you should not even give birth to the child! You should continuously feed him through the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord connection should be continuously kept alive! Just as the child grows physically only after you deliver him into the outside world after nine months, likewise, he can grow psychologically only if you allow him to break from you.

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His Holiness Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam’s indescribable yearning for Enlightenment

(This section is an extract from the narrations of a childhood friend of Nithyananda. Deeply associated with Nithyananda before his enlightenment, Sampath describes the indescribable yearning for enlightenment that he saw in Nithyananda as a child.)

Towards the end of his polytechnic years, Swami reached a stage when he felt there was something that had to be achieved, but all the activities of the present were a waste in that context. Then he became like a child. If we get the thought that we have to achieve something, we will reject all other things and be focused only on that, just like an obstinate child. Until we get what we want, we refuse to eat or sleep. He became like that.

Our hometown Tiruvannamalai, a spiritual incubator, is home to many wandering mendicants. They were all over the place, pursuing their path in different ways. At that time of his life, he started begging the sannyasis that used to pass by us. He would go up to them and tell them, ‘Please do something for me. I will come away with you. Please take me with you.’ Continue reading →

Sannyas is the only thing that teaches you to be established in yourself and yet learn to act in the outer world in a playful, joyful, ecstatic way

Sannyas is a deep urge that rises from within you. It is a deep yearning. Even if the longing is not completely consistent over time and space, it is alright. You can take the jump. It may not become consistent. But becoming consistent is not the criterion needed. When it takes root, that alone is enough. You are ready. Once you jump in, everything takes care of itself.

One man was walking towards the Himalayan mountains in the winter months.

An old man saw him and asked, ‘It is so cold in the mountains. Are you sure you can make it?’

The man replied, ‘My heart is already there. So it is easy for the rest of me to reach there.’

The initiation itself will trigger the process. The outer adornments of sannyas will take care of the inner adornment. That is why, with the initiation, a new name and saffron clothing are given. They will do most of the job for you. They will keep the awareness alive every moment. Continue reading →

An Avatar happens in your life with just one intention, to destroy your ego and allow the attitude of sannyas to flower in you!

Sannyas is bringing together concentration and compassion. With concentration, you never forget the goal of life, enlightenment. With compassion, you are ready to sacrifice your very life so that the other may reach the goal! When both are there, both you and the other will reach! That is the greatness of sannyas. That is the space of sannyas.

The greatest quality of a sannyasi is his immense trust in Existence. Society trains you to always protect yourself from everything. That is the problem. You are made to believe Existence is the enemy from which you have to protect yourself. You apply the same rule and protect yourself from the master also. The master happens in your life with just one intention – to destroy your ego and allow the attitude of sannyas to flower in you. Continue reading →

A sannyasi is one who is established in love and compassion in the inner world, while being established in concentration and precision in the outer world!

The famous poet Kabir says that when love possesses you, don’t even think twice. Just dive into it. If you start thinking, it is like arranging your pillows when deep sleep of rest has come to your eyes. He says, ‘Even though the head itself must be given, why should you weep over it!’

The master waits many lives for you. But you have to say ‘yes’. Remember: the master is a gentleman. He gives you the freedom to remain in bondage. He waits. Once you say ‘yes,’ he takes you in his arms. The master is the only one who can show you the power of love. Continue reading →

Avatar is the door gifted by the Existence to say yes to it and rise in love with it!

Sannyas is saying ‘yes’ to Existence. Saying ‘Yes’ is surrender. Saying ‘yes’ is love and compassion.

The human mind is trained to always say ‘no’. Saying ‘no’ boosts the ego. ‘Yes’ makes the ego vulnerable, so the mind continues to say ‘no.’ Sannyas is saying ‘yes’ to Existence.

Existence created you. It is waiting to express its divine play through you. By saying ‘yes,’ you allow the divine play to happen through you. When the divine play happens, things happen exactly according to the flow of Existence. Then, everything becomes auspiciousness! That is the meaning of dropping the mind, becoming sensitive to the flow of Existence and working in tune with it. That is surrender. That is obedience to Existence.

Sannyas is saying ‘yes’ to the master without asking for an explanation.

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Even in the most difficult times, a sannyasi remains with the awareness that life is a fleeting dream

A sannyasi is one who clearly sees that everything is changing all the time, and everything is beautiful just the way it is. He also knows that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. That is why he sets out first to clean his eyes. Eyes are the windows of the soul, so his work is at the core level. If you see the world through a red colored lens, everything appears red. If you see with a green colored lens, everything is green. If you see with clear eyes, everything looks clear and beautiful. Existence has always been beautiful, but we missed seeing it. Sannyas is the decision to see with clear eyes.

If life itself is changing all the time, then why are we trying to frame it? Buddha says in his Dhammapada, ‘Life is like a flash of lightning in the sky.’ Life is transient. Then what are we trying to do? We are trying to do an impossible job. Our job is to see, enjoy, and move on. If everything is a passing manifestation of Existence, then where is the scope for ego or fear or greed? Sannyas, as such, doesn’t change anything. Everything remains the same. But it changes the way you see things. Sannyas happens in you. Sannyas has nothing to do with the outer world. Continue reading →

Sannyas is the understanding of the transient nature of everything

All desires, possessions, and emotions are moving and changing. Everything is changing and moving. Nothing is permanent. If you analyze your own desires before one is fulfilled, it looks like a mountain, a huge goal. After being fulfilled, the same desire looks like a molehill. Before being fulfilled, it will seem like your very life. After fulfilling one desire, you simply move to the next desire! Understand that the process itself shows that desires are neither solid nor permanent. They are just changing fantasies of the mind.

Sannyas helps you see the temporary nature of desires. Slowly, desires stop getting created. Then, all the energy that was locked up in desires is freely available to you. Automatically, your potential will take a jump. You are ready to do anything. Although you live in it, nothing in the material world really pulls you. Even if you see something beautiful, you don’t wish to possess it. You just enjoy it and move on. That’s all. That is sannyas. Continue reading →

Why do you think His Divine Holiness Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam gives one a spiritual name?

Why do you think I give you a spiritual name? I give you a spiritual name to help you more easily disconnect from the past. When somebody calls out your name, immediately your awareness grips you and you respond. This is how deeply your name is embedded in your unconscious. Your name brings immediate awareness into you. If you are sitting in a big classroom, and suddenly the teacher calls out your name, whether you were dozing off or listening to him, you will be jolted from that thought pattern, and come to the present. Do you agree? Your name is that significant in centering you.

The new name that I give you will constantly remind you of the psychological revolution that has happened in you, the new understanding that has happened in you. The name also indicates your individual spiritual path, according to your own innate nature, which will lead to the ultimate flowering of your consciousness.

Sannyas is flowing with the awareness that Existence is the current pulling it along. This very attitude will attract the benevolence of Existence.

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Jeevan mukta is a person who has clarity about the goal and pours his consciousness only on that goal every moment of life.

If the purpose of life itself is enlightenment, where are we stuck right now? In what areas of our lives are we moving in the wrong direction? Understand that the problem is in recognizing the correct goal. If the goal is right, you have achieved it. If your goal is right, it means you are already living it.

Sannyas is nothing but creating clarity about the right goal. People miss because they don’t have clarity about the goal. Jeevan mukta, a person who lives a liberated life, is a person who has clarity about the goal and pours his consciousness only on that goal every moment of life.

Conditioning is the unwanted dowry that has been handed over for generations and lives, from person to person.

‘Conditioning’ is the reason that you miss the goal. When you were born, you came as a free bird, Paramahamsa or the supreme swan, to flit and fly blissfully around and enjoy the whole of Existence. But after coming, not only did you fly around, unknowingly you also landed on planet earth. That was the problem. There are many people waiting to catch such birds that land! Society waits to fit you into the frame of country, religion, caste, community and creed. Continue reading →

Whatever goal you may be running behind in your life – money or relationship or whatever, your end goal is only bliss

The very goal of life is enlightenment. You may have other goals, but knowingly or unknowingly, they are just different names that we give to the goal of enlightenment. In the same way, whatever else you may seek, what you actually seek is sannyas itself. But you don’t know it. That is the problem!

You may think your goals are to have more money and more relationships. The truth is that even the one who searches for money actually searches only for enlightenment! See, there are only two things. One is money, and the other is name and fame. Name and fame mean nothing but to have more relationships. Whatever experience you feel you are going to get through money or relationships, you will only get through enlightenment! Continue reading →