If you come to the conclusion You are Consciousness, by your very breathing you spread that as it is your Bhaava does the Spanda and the Sphurana.

Actually, I feel that whole thing, all of you in front of Me and this whole hall, this mic, everything, this throne, everything, kind of a…liquid, semi-solid. Where the bhaava freezes into matter, where the ideas becoming idols, in that space, I can see the whole operation happening. From this space, I want to give you one advice. Please understand, whatever you believe – your body makes that into Reality.

Powers are nothing but your brain deciding to believe the magical existence of you against the logical existence of you, which is taught to you by your society

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Yoga and Completion

A Sannyasi can miss eating, but he should not miss Yoga in the morning! He can miss sleeping, but he should not miss Completion in the night! I am not saying don’t eat, don’t sleep; but all I am saying is, the first priority, when the day starts, the first priority is Yoga; when the night starts, the first priority is Completion. After Yoga have your food. After Completion have your sleep. Because, Yoga itself is an energy supply to your body! Beyond Yoga and meditation if you need a little energy, let that be given through food. Completion itself gives you the best possible rest. Beyond that if you need any rest, just let a little sleep give you the rest.

The first meal course for your body should be Yoga. The first offering of restfulness to your body and your mind, should be Completion. After that if you need food, you can have. After that if you need sleep, you can have.

I tell you, when you sincerely do Yoga, may be within two years when the 1,200 full-breath happens, long-breath happens in you, in the morning one hour or forty-five minutes, I guarantee, you will become Nirahari! You will become Nirahari! And same way, night, in the twenty-one minutes if the complete Completion happens, you will become Gudakesha, that’s all! Yoga takes you beyond food, Completion takes you beyond sleep. You will not be tired, you will not be sleepless. I am not saying you will have insomnia! No! No! You will go beyond sleep, you will conquer sleep! Gudakesha! Gudakesha!

Listen, the secret is this: When the “I” becomes “we” out of Completion, when the “we” merges into the “I” out of Completion, you are an incarnation! Yoga will make “I” becoming “we” out of Completion. Completion will make “we” becoming “I” out of Completion. Morning Yoga, you will see the “I” becomes “we” out of pure Completion. Night Completion, you will see the “we” becomes “I” out of pure Completion. Out of pure Completion when “I” becomes “we”, and “we” becomes “I”, your life is the life of an incarnation, Jeevan Muktha!