Why do we need an Enlightened Master in our life ?

The master speaks not to give you the truth, but to help you recognize that the truth is already within you. The master is only a mirror. You see your own face in the deep silence of sitting by his side. The body language of enlightenment is the master.

The enlightened master, Adi Shankara, recites beautifully in his verses of Bhaja Govindam:

When you have surrendered at the lotus feet of the master, 

From the chains of this world you will break free, 

Then, in complete control of your mind and your senses, 

Within your heart, you will find the Lord. Continue reading “Why do we need an Enlightened Master in our life ?”

Sannyas is the understanding of the transient nature of everything

All desires, possessions, and emotions are moving and changing. Everything is changing and moving. Nothing is permanent. If you analyze your own desires before one is fulfilled, it looks like a mountain, a huge goal. After being fulfilled, the same desire looks like a molehill. Before being fulfilled, it will seem like your very life. After fulfilling one desire, you simply move to the next desire! Understand that the process itself shows that desires are neither solid nor permanent. They are just changing fantasies of the mind.

Sannyas helps you see the temporary nature of desires. Slowly, desires stop getting created. Then, all the energy that was locked up in desires is freely available to you. Automatically, your potential will take a jump. You are ready to do anything. Although you live in it, nothing in the material world really pulls you. Even if you see something beautiful, you don’t wish to possess it. You just enjoy it and move on. That’s all. That is sannyas. Continue reading “Sannyas is the understanding of the transient nature of everything”

Do not try to retain the feeling of bliss that comes with unclutching!

Adi Shankara sings beautifully in the verses Bhaja Govindam:

Within the potter’s wheel’s rotation, The pivot stands still, amidst constant motion, So too a man of perfection is poised, although engaged in action.

When you understand that you are unclutched, suddenly you realize you are like the pivot of the potter’s wheel, unmoving and untouched by the kind of pot being made, the kind of experiences being felt. Understand that you are not the movie being played. You are just the screen on which the movie is projected. The screen is never touched by the play of emotions that appears on it!

The boy sage Ashtavakra tells King Janaka, Verily you are ever free. You are the one seer of all and really ever free. Verily this alone is your bondage, that you see the seer as other than such.When the scene affects the seer, the problem of bondage starts. Your very being is pure. But the moment you start thinking of yourself as someone other than the seer, the problem starts. This is the only bondage that you have. There is no other bondage. Continue reading “Do not try to retain the feeling of bliss that comes with unclutching!”