Why do we need an Enlightened Master in our life ?

The master speaks not to give you the truth, but to help you recognize that the truth is already within you. The master is only a mirror. You see your own face in the deep silence of sitting by his side. The body language of enlightenment is the master.

The enlightened master, Adi Shankara, recites beautifully in his verses of Bhaja Govindam:

When you have surrendered at the lotus feet of the master, 

From the chains of this world you will break free, 

Then, in complete control of your mind and your senses, 

Within your heart, you will find the Lord.

It is very difficult especially for the modern mind to understand the need for a master. The master is the one who gives you a glimpse of the Real, the truth of who you are. He is not here just to teach. He is here to awaken. The master is the only scripture that is alive.

Surrender towards god is difficult because you don’t know where god is or who god is. God is a mere concept to you. But the master is one with the Whole. He has reached the Ultimate. To him god is reality. He lives with god or Existence or whatever you wish to call it. And the master is real to you. He is tangible. So he can become your door to reach god.
Through him you can take the quantum jump into the arms of god.

The only thing standing between you and your true nature of bliss or god is your ego. The process of becoming a disciple is the process of renouncing your ego. The ego is very difficult to drop. Dropping the ego means losing the solid identity that you have been carrying all these years, thinking you need it for survival. Dropping the ego looks like death when actually it is the ego that stands between you and life!

Dropping the ego is possible only in a relationship of deep trust, love and reverence with the master. You gradually gather courage and then risk dropping the only thing you have clung onto throughout your life, your ego. You drop the ego only when you fully know that even if you fall, you only fall into the net of infinite love and compassion of Existence embodied by the master.

As of now, most of the experiences that you add to your being bring in more and more fear or greed. Instead, any experience can add more strength and awareness to your being also. This is the cognitive shift, the psychological revolution the master does on you that results in your complete transformation.

source: Living Enlightenment

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