Living Advaitha – I

The very structure of the original family system by Manu, the Cosmic Constitution writers, please understand, the great visionaries who wrote the Constitution of humanity. – See, when humanity started living on the Planet Earth in large numbers, so you need certain understanding, Constitution to live with. –  The Constitution writers of humanity are only called Manu, Parashara, Yajnavalkya – the great Smriti Kaaras.  The very family system they defined is constantly to remind the ultimate non-duality.

Please understand, all the great truths experientially you learnt in  Inner Awakening program, if you try to bring some of them in your family and in your team, sharing the Completion and that experience with everyone, suddenly you will see your whole family and team becomes just “teamily”!  “Teamily” means extension of you.  It is just extension of you.  You will feel the whole teamily is just more hands, more heart, more brain, more legs.  All our Hindu gods portrayed with many heads, many hands, many legs, is nothing but they have that powerful teamily.

Understand, I tell you, very sincerely I tell you, with the grace of Vishwanatha, in the presence of Kalabhairava, I tell you, I really feel I have some of my disciples, I literally feel that they are my extra hands, some of my disciples like extra leg, some of my disciples my extra brain. Means, I can literally share my work with them, or they vibrate in that very same frequency.

Please understand, every one of you should have at least few people around you in this frequency where you experience tremendous friendliness with them and they experience tremendous friendliness with you.  I tell you, you need to know, please understand, there may be a million litres of arrack in a shop, but you don’t need million litres to get drunk.  You can’t drink million litres.  If you drink ten litres, that is enough, that’s the maximum.  Same way, there may be the whole ocean.  But for you to die you don’t need the whole ocean.  Just if some hundred litres water goes inside your body, you will die.  Same way, there may be billions of people for you to experience the ultimate enlightenment. You don’t need to feel oneness with all of them.  Understand, eleven people in your life if you feel the non-dual experience of oneness, you’ll become enlightened.  You don’t need more than eleven people, the twelfth person, you will be enlightened.  Because your brain, your individual logic cannot retain its individual existence if you extend your oneness more than eleven people.

See, your Ananda Gandha, the original conscious space goes on extending itself with everyone.  But your anger, violence, the individual logic goes on shrinking you. The fight goes on between these two.  Whenever you are in Ananda Gandha, you feel like expanding, you feel like sharing your life, love, understanding, enriching, everything.  Whenever you are in an incomplete mood, powerless, you feel like shrinking.  This fight is life.

There are some people who permanently shrink and put the shutter.  Forget about others, even with themselves they don’t feel they are connected to themself.  Instead of having non-duality with eleven people, within them they have eleven dualities, they become eleven piece-piece!

Understand, I tell you take this as a spiritual practice, tapas.  Yesterday, two of my Swamis wanted to go and sit in the cremation ground and do tapas.  The way they uttered the word, I just made fun of them in Tamil.  I told them, ‘Hey, there only dead bodies are only burnt!  Tapaas and all is not burnt!’  In Tamil, “tapaas” means the crackers.  I told them, ‘You don’t know the difference between tapaas and tapas!’  No everybody has fantasy about their own tapas.  Understand, now I am defining “tapas” to all of you:  Feeling non-dual experience.  Means, the Complete Completion with more and more number of people in your life is “tapas”.

I tell you, your logic will not survive, your incompletions will not survive, your root-patterns will not survive, your SDHD cannot survive the power of Advaithic experience, non-dualistic experience more than eleven lives.

You decide, today you sit and pick up eleven people in your life.  If you are lacking three or four, adopt three-four more kids, bring them up.  From the beginning, plan you will have Complete Completion with these eleven people.  If all the Ashramites and Swamis choose eleven people in their life and start the Completion process, I’ll be the most happiest person on the Planet Earth!  I’ll feel my mission is done.

Please understand, with eleven people if you practice this non-dualism, means, with that eleven people you will not have any incompletion.  I am not saying you have to be transparent.  Please understand, when you are completely complete, you may be transparent, you may not be transparent; that is not the problem.  Transparency is social.  Non-dualism is spiritual.  Completion is spiritual.  I am giving priority to Completion, spiritual.

So, understand, non-dualism, Advaitha, I’ll define this word with few more clear points.  Choose eleven people in your life they may be part of your office team or your family.  Decide with that eleven people you will not have any incompletion.  You will sit with them.  First, complete all your past incompletions.  Second, make them understand they are co-creators of your reality.  Third, give them the understanding you will be co-creator for their reality.  Please understand, just by listening to this satsangh don’t think you are going to experience Advaitha.  You have to DO it!  This is your homework.  By avoiding, by non-doing, by justifying, you can’t experience what I am saying.  So you have to DO it!  Pick up these eleven people in your life.  One by one, one by one, start completing with them, making them understand they are your co-creators of reality and you commit with them that you will be their co-creator for their reality.  Not only committing,  few months of really living, really living,  few months of really causing,  few months of really making it happen.  I tell you, you will just experience the non-dual consciousness.

One more thing again I want to remind you, to experience enlightenment, to be established in the space of enlightenment, you do not need to experience oneness with the whole seven billion people.  No.  Just these eleven people, with them experience this non-dualistic, Advaithic space; you will experience living enlightenment always, you will be established in that, because your incompletions and root patterns cannot survive more than eleven lives’ extension.  As I said, there may be billion litres alcohol, but your body cannot hold so much.  Even though you think you can drink barrels and barrels, by the time you finish one or two litres, you are out. Same way, there may be billions of people.  You may think you have to feel oneness with all of them, non-dualistic, non-dual with all of them.  No need just eleven people, work sincerely, systematically.

I am so sincere, because, the principle which I am talking to you guys is directly the “prasada” from Annapoorni and Vishwanatha and Ganga Matha.  So, understand, I am sincerely sharing with all of you.  Just take eleven names in your life.  By the time you establish the non-dual Advaithic space with that eleven people, your root-pattern loses power over you, your pattern loses power over you, your karma loses power over you, your ignorance loses power over you, you are established in the non-dualistic consciousness, you are established in the space of Advaitha.  So after that, anything you see, anything you experience, anybody you see, you are in the state of Advaitha, enlightenment.

And I commit with you all, I wanted twenty-one people who are established in Advaitha as my Sachala Moorthy team, my “teamily”.  Understand, now I am opening the highest job offer on the Planet Earth!  You may be from the age of six and sixty, eight to eighty, whatever may be your background, rich, poor, married or unmarried, Grihastha, Swami, whatever, I am planning to have twenty-one members who are established in the space of Advaitha to travel with me and take care of the, my day-to-day routine and all the classes, activities, programs, initiations; means the organizing; whatever we are offering to the world through me, organizing all that.

So, today I am opening to the world, whoever establishes himself with eleven people the non-dualistic, Advaithic space in your life, if you establish yourself with eleven people.  So today, start making the list and start penning down all the incompletions you have with that eleven people.  Start completing with them all the incompletions.  Then, the second process: How they are co-creators of your reality, pen down.  And how you can be the co-creator for their reality, pen down.  Share with them saying that you want them to be co-creators of your reality and you commit with them to cause their reality.  And start doing it.  Really when you feel Advaitha, non-dual with your teamily, send a request to me through Facebook that ‘I am experiencing non-dualistic space with my teamily.  I am ready to be one, to be part of Cosmic teamily.’  Then I’ll call you and your whole teamily for the interview.  If you pass, I guarantee you the job.  Not only as long as you are in the body, but even after you leave the body you’ll be in my Akshardham.

Understand I am really, sincerely, scouting around for twenty-one enlightened living beings, not only travelling with me and taking care of the basic programs and organizing. I also wanted to train these twenty-one people to the next level, making them experience the non-dualistic consciousness with the whole Cosmos, experiencing the powers of the Cosmos.  Please understand the doors of the Cosmos’ mystery opens to you only when you are established in the non-dualistic space.  As I said, Advaitha is not Retirement Insurance Plan; it is a Driving Licence to start your life.  Advaitha is not Retirement Insurance Plan; it’s a Driving Licence to start your life.  See, only when you are established in that space of Advaitha I can open up, open  life’s mysteries to you, the great powers like different spiritual powers can be opened to you, available to you.

I know, already many of you have started planning.  And some of you have gone into “impossible” mode: ‘No, no, no!  This is not for me!’  Whether you are planning or you have gone into the “impossible” mode, wake up. If you are planning, raise your energy to DO it.  If you are in the “impossible” mode, complete with it, get out of that impossibility, and decide to make it happen.

And, I tell you, these twenty-one people whom I am going to choose, I may choose by the end of this year, I am going to personally train them, make them not just established permanently in the living enlightenment, but also make them Ashta Maha Siddhas, radiating the spiritual powers, sharing it with the world.

Understand, whoever can establish the non-dualistic space with at least eleven people in your life – it can be any eleven people in your life – you can apply.  If you want to take the sankalpa today, you can take the sankalpa, that conscious resolution.  You can send a Facebook post with all the eleven people with whom you are going to experience the non-dualistic space – you and your teamily.  Actually, you can be in any number of teams, and any number of people can be in your team.  People who are in your team can be part of somebody else’s team.  Anything is okay.  But you have to experience teamily, that non-dualistic experience, Complete Completion experience of co-creator of reality and causing others’ reality.  Experientially the whole eleven people should feel.  Understand, you cannot say, ‘I am feeling Advaitha with all the eleven people and they are not feeling with me.’  No, that will not work!  All eleven has to feel with you and you have to feel with all eleven.  Then what will happen? All your incompletions will be destroyed, all your root-patterns will be destroyed, all your ignorance will be destroyed; you will be established in such powerful space twenty-four hours, you will be simply living enlightenment.  Then awakening the extraordinary mystical powers, the Kundalini Shakthi in you, is very easy.

So please understand, today I wanted every one of you to choose.  See, I don’t want to be going on talking about some Advaitha.  You also come and sit because you have to come for every morning satsangh.  And after the satsangh, immediately you go to Facebook and put, ‘Oh what a satsangh!  What a great satsangh!’ ‘What a satsang!” I think this “What a satsangh!” can become our brand name!  Like how in the US “What a burger!”, “What a pizza!”  Like that, “What a satsangh!”  You type in the Facebook and praise me and wait for my “like”.  And once I press the “like”, over; your routine is done and you get into that glamorous space, the romantic mood and lie down, ‘Aaah!  Swamiji has given me “like”.’  No, today I don’t want to do that.  I am very clear!  I want to move all of you guys today!  You will make a list of you and the eleven people with whom you are choosing to experience Advaitha.  And send me the list.  You will start doing, you will start penning down all the incompletions you have with that eleven people and then you will start calling them and start completing with them.  And within  next ten days you should have a teamily dinner with that eleven people, explaining to them face to face that you want all that eleven of them as your co-creator and you commit with them that you will be their co-creator.  And after that really start causing their reality.  Your sincerity in causing their reality makes you feel non-dualistic Completion, the Advaithic space with all of them and makes them feel the Advaithic space with you, the non-dualistic space with you.  When you feel non-dualistic space with them, when they feel non-dualistic space with you experientially, apply to me on Facebook.  I’ll call you and your team for a teamily dinner one day, do interview with you guys.  Of course, Kalabhairava will interview with you guys.  The moment you pass this interview, you are there in the great team of Cosmic enlightenment; you are there as an “Anga Devatha”, “Abharana Devatha” of a great spiritual awakening.

Please understand, whoever wants to do this can start doing it from today, may be by sending a post to me you can create a resolution that you are going to be doing the experience of Advaitha with your teamily.  Understand I am really sincere!  I don’t want to waste the morning satsangh time just by singing some stories and entertaining you.  No!  I am going to train you guys.  Even the morning satsangh time is not going to be wasted in entertainment.  Whoever is interested in the non-dualistic experience, start this spiritual process, start this spiritual experience.

And I’ll continue to train you guys.  Whoever sends me the intention resolution, conscious sankalpa today and asks for blessings, I’ll keep all those lists and continue to guide you guys, train you guys. Any difficulties, impossibility, blockages you feel during this whole process, I’ll support you guys and I will be your co-creator, I commit with you all.  Today whoever sends you and your teamily names to me with the Conscious Resolution, I’ll commit with you all, I’ll be your co-creator to cause this reality.

So, now it is time.  Pick up your paper, pen, notebook and start listing out the names and take your Tablet PC, and start sending the Facebook Conscious Resolution.

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