Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya

Today I wanted to re-introduce and re-emphasize the word, please listen, “Advaithic Activism”. I wanted to introduce this concept again and again, because when I look back, my whole life this was the secret practice even I was doing without my knowledge. Please understand, this was the most secret practice happening inside me automatically, because of all my various spiritual practices and my various realizations.

Please listen! If you do Completion with yourself, Completion with mirror, Completion with others, all possible Completions, then you will realize ninety percent of your load is taken off, you are fresh, free, but still there will be a few bones stuck in your throat, you will feel there is something stuck which is not getting completed at all, which is not melting down at all. That came from the past births! You have to do the process of Completion with past birth.

Listen! Till you do Completion with yourself, Swapoornathwa Kriya, Poornathwa Kriya, Completion with Others, Completion with the people who are not alive any more in your life, only when you finish all this you will exactly find that root of the past life incompletions, the core. Till then you will not be able to find, understand? Why you bring certain core patterns from the past birth? Just not to get derailed, miss the purpose of your birth, you bring the past birth. Please understand, even the concept “you have to stand up with your legs, see through the eyes, eat through the mouth”, even these patterns come from the past birth. If somebody is trying to beat you, you have to run away; if somebody is coming to love you, you have to go near them; even these patterns are from the past birth.

Listen! Just like that, unconscious human-beings bring past birth patterns. From the past birth, you bring chain and lock; from the past birth, enlightened beings bring keys! From past birth, unconscious beings bring chain and lock, thinking everything has to be kept safe. ‘When I go to California, everything has to be kept safe. What should I do? Let me take chain and lock.’ But they forget the key and go! They don’t think they need key. They just take the chain and the lock, go there, they forget the key here, and after they go there, they shout, ‘Key! Key! Key! Key! Key!’ Unconscious beings bring locking patterns from the past births; conscious beings bring keys from the past birth. Understand, I tell you, this is the key I brought from my past birth, from my enlightenment. Because, all my spiritual practices, knowingly or unknowingly, were getting directed only towards this direction.

Yesterday evening, I was walking all over the ashram with my Mahants. That time I was talking to them. I was sharing with them some important truths which will be useful even to all of you. The first truth: Once you cross the mind, it never comes back; you become a liberated being once for all! But the body, till you die, you have to maintain it. Once you achieve Vedic Mind, that is all; you need not maintain it; it becomes a golden vessel. Golden vessel you don’t need to wash it every day. Golden vessel you don’t need to wash it every day! But, body, once it becomes Yogic Body, you cannot think you don’t need to maintain it, it is just there. No! Body has to be maintained as long as you carry it. On the way I saw two-three of the gurukul kids’ parents. I wanted to talk to them about a few things, but I didn’t have time; I just walked. One parent, they were grumbling, grudging, ‘This is not there! That is not there!’ Constant nagging, complaining! I wanted to tell them one incident which happened in my life.

Once, may be when I was a ten-year-old boy, I was getting trained by Raghupathi Yogi. And, one day, Raghupathi Yogi, he suddenly told me, ‘You do Surya Namaskar from morning sunrise to sunset.’ He said, ‘You do Surya Namaskar till I come back.’, and went away. Only evening he came back! I was doing! As long as I was doing, there was no pain. Still I am not able to understand how that was possible, but that was what happened. Once the sun set he said, ‘Now you can stop.’ I literally felt as if my knees have become…all of them have become individual independent parts. So, I could not handle what to do with the joints. So, I put the gunny bag. He brought a gunny bag from nearby, and he himself cut it and tied it around my knees. Nowadays in sports you do something…..what is it? Knee cap! In those days, there was no knee cap. So you put gunny bag. And slowly I walked to my house, and the moment I entered the house I just fell flat on the floor!

My cousin brother, he was dumb and deaf, but he was highly protective of me and possessive of me. He asked in his own language, ‘Swami, what happened? What happened?’ I could not tell anything. I just tried to show to Raghupathi Yogi (pointed towards Raghupathi Yogi) who also came with me, my guru Yogananda Puri, to indicate, ‘Ask him.’ But this guy (my cousin) didn’t understand my, “Ask him”. He thought he (Raghupathi Yogi) only is responsible. And this fellow went inside the house and brought a knife to kill Raghupathi Yogi, trying to cut Yogananda Puri! And he said (gestured in his own way), ‘Whoever did this to my Swami, I will not leave them!’ Then my father interfered and stopped him.

My father also could not understand what happened to me. To my father I explained, ‘No….I did…’ My father was also highly possessive of me. I saw already tears in my father’s eyes. He asked, ‘What happened? What happened?’ I said, ‘No….from morning till evening, I did Surya Namaskar. So I have knee pain. So I tied this.’ Immediately I saw my father’s face change. When he understood it is between me and Raghupathi Yogi, he just hid the tears and said, ‘If guru does, it is right. Keep quiet.’ He sent my cousin brother inside, and he did not utter a single word to my guru. And, as usual, he touched my guru’s feet and took him inside for coffee. I was lying there! I was not even taken inside! I was just lying in the verandah still, and he just took him inside for coffee! But, I tell you, that is the greatest thing my father did to me! Never ever interfered between me and my guru! Never ever interfered between me and my guru! Never tried to give his stupid ideas of comfort, life, into my head, understand? Never ever he gave his stupid ideas about life to me. And he never interfered between me and my guru. He was such an amazing…..I tell you, he was such a father!

I know for sure I will not get any support or sympathy from my parents if it is related to me and my guru. They were so clear. Not only I was tough with them, they were also tough with me. And I sincerely thank them for this one gift. No…they let my gurus demand authenticity from me. I tell you, they let my gurus demand authenticity from me. Even I don’t have this much of freedom over my gurukul kids; it is all only the civilized level, student-teacher relationship level I have. But my gurus had a hundred percent freedom over me, and my parents gave that space to my gurus, gave that space to me. And the society was such; that is the main thing. The society, the place I was born and brought up, that was such, that kind of a space. I am afraid, that societies which can produce Nithyananda are all over once for all! Sometimes I feel where I will get that society again. I was brought up by a great Yogi who had complete freedom to demand authenticity from my body, who had the highest intelligence of how long the body can be pulled, mind can be pulled, where is the breaking point. Actually, to tell you honestly, there is no breaking point other than your mind fixing the breaking point!

Actually, I wanted to tell this incident yesterday directly to these few, one nagging parent….not even few, one nagging parent. But I thought they will not receive it, they are not even in the space of receiving it. The kind of space my parents provided for my gurus to train, demand authenticity from me!
Yesterday I was talking to some of my Mahants while walking, explaining how step by step my gurus…. I can’t use the word “guru”, because all four of them have contributed so much to me, added so much to me, I can’t give the title to one person. I have to give the title to all of them, because I feel I should be grateful to all of them. I tell you, whatever they taught, whether Yoga or Vedanta or Siddhanta or Tantra, everything automatically aligned to one secret practice I was doing continuously. Only very few days before I discovered, ‘Arrey, this was the one secret practice which I was constantly established in!’ Understand, if you are established in one technique, you are called “Gnaana Siddha”. By birth if you are established in any one technique, you are called “Gnaana Siddha”.

Vivekananda was Gnaana Siddha. He was established in the meditation of light. He brought that pattern with him, experience with him, when he assumed the body. When he falls asleep, he will fall into that super-consciousness only. When Ramakrishna heard that, he said, ‘You are Gnaana Siddha.’

Only I am realizing this is what exactly I was living from the birth! From the moment I know myself, I will always remember, ‘Let me align.’ That’s all! Every moment the only way I will find a solution for anything is, ‘Let me align.’ And that “let me align” has become a permanent solution; that day only I call it as “Enlightenment Day”! And that “let me align”, when I was able to transmit it to others by touch, that day only I call it as “realization of incarnation-hood”! Aligning the authenticity, means, declared inner-image, outer-image, life-image and others-image, aligning your actions to all the four, your thinking to all the four, your words to all the four, your self to all the four, this was the one secret practice happening inside me from the time I remembered me.

“Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya”! Please understand this word, “Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya”. In the cave of the heart (hridaya guhya), the natural knowledge. Thahara Vidya means the “natural knowledge”, the “spontaneous knowledge”. Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya! Each incarnation will have a Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya which is inside their heart, which is natural and spontaneous. I am giving you today my Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya. Listen! Listen! This word – “Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya” – you need to understand.

The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of Kapila is Sankhya Philosophy. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of Adi Shankara is Advaitha Sampradaya. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of Bhaskara Raya is Sri Vidya Sampradaya. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of Mahadeva is Shiva Sutras. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of Sri Krishna is Bhagavad Gita. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of Dattatreya is Bhagawatham. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of Vyasa is Mahabharata.

In the cave of the heart, the natural knowledge which you brought with you and which is natural flow for you. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of Buddha is the great book “Dhamma Pada”. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of each Master becomes their main teaching, the core message. I tell you, with all my Integrity, today I am revealing the Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya of me. This is the Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya with which I happened. This is what I experienced in Arunagiri Yogishwara’s body. This is what I radiated in Meenakshi’s body. This is what I brought when I assumed this body. The Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya which resides in my heart, which is natural knowledge for me is the “Aligning to Authenticity”! I tell you, just receive this one gift as initiation from me, Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya.

Today is a very auspicious day in so many ways. One, I am revealing my Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya to the whole world. Functioning towards this “aligning yourself to your authenticity” is what I call “Advaithic Activism”.

If a mosquito bites, I will immediately look in:

‘What is my declared identity to the world?’

‘I wanted the world to perceive me as eternally loving, compassionate.’

‘Then killing this mosquito, is it aligned to that image?’


‘Then leave it!’

Every level, every level, before biting the hand of my teacher, I was aligning, ‘How do I want to be known in this kind of places when the religious persecutions happen, when my faith is disturbed, abused, questioned by some other faith person? Do I want to be known as a person who gives up, or do I want to be known as a person who stands up? I want to be known as a person who stands up! Bite me! Come on!’ No….this is exactly the way I was strategizing from the beginning, the way my body and mind was getting built from the beginning, the way my actions were getting aligned from the beginning. That is why I am telling you, you can question anything about me, but not my authenticity! That is one thing, the gift of Mahadeva and Meenakshi to me, the gift of Arunagiri Yogishwara and Meenakshi to me! That one thing, it was there from the moment this body happened! Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya! This is the science, the knowledge I had in my heart as the natural flow of my existence. I tell you, whatever you do, if you align it to this, you are my disciple.

Morning when you have the dilemma, ‘Should I wake up and go for Yoga, or pull my blanket and lie down?’, ask, ‘What is my declared inner-image, outer-image, others-image, and life-image? Is this action aligned to it? The action of lying down, pulling my blanket, is it going to be aligned to that, or waking up, and jumping out, and going to Yoga, is it aligned to that?’ The moment you decide, no question of conflicts. Conflict is tiredness, Contradictions are boredom. Conflicts are tiredness, Contradictions are boredom. When there is a conflict between muscle-memory and muscle-memory, it is “conflict”. When there is a conflict between bio-memory and bio-memory, that is “contradiction”. Conflicts are the source of tiredness. Contradictions are the source of boredom. No question of conflicts or contradictions.

Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya! The natural flow of thinking which resides in your heart as spontaneous living! Please understand, nobody convinced me to do this from the beginning. Nobody taught me to do this from the beginning. There are some kids, nobody needs to convince those kids, teach those kids swimming. They will just see all the family, friends, jumping into the river or the village pond. They will just jump in and start swimming! There are some kids, you don’t need to convince them or teach them how to do puja; they will simply see their father and mother and start doing. There are some kids, you don’t need to teach them how to fight with others; they will simply go and fight with everyone around the house! This is not “dheera”; this is stupidity! People think fighting with everyone is “dheera”. It is stupidity! There are some people, you don’t need to convince them at all to pick a fight with others. Simply it is lifestyle! Anything you see outside this skin, other than this skin, they will fight with it! If they don’t have anything outside, then start fighting inside the skin itself! Start picking a fight with your liver, with your intestine, with your brain, with your stomach. That is the Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya for them! Picking up a fight with anything you see and you cannot see!

I tell you, this one thing nobody taught me and nobody convinced me. Nobody taught me, nobody convinced me. If I have to give credit for whatever I learnt to one guru:

• for Yoga, complete credit I have to give to Yogananda Puri;

• for Vedanta and Tantra, complete credit I have to give to Ma Vibhootananda Puri;

• for some of the deeper truths of Advaitha, I have to give credit to Isakki Swami.

If I have to give credit to each of my knowledge to different people, all of my Shaiva Siddhanta knowledge, I have to give credit to a great teacher, Panduranganar. First time, I am introducing him. He is my pre-monastic relative, a friend of my grandfather. In the temple, every day he will do satsangh….in the main temple. Whenever I get time, I will go and sit and listen to him. In the Margazhi month, he will do in the morning; other times, he will do in the evening. He is my pre-monastic relative and my grandfather’s close friend. He has written and published Arunachala Purana and many books in Tamil. All my Shaiva Siddhanta knowledge and interest and enthusiasm, I will have to give credit to him. If I give up everything, finally there will be only one knowledge I don’t need to give credit to anybody, I just brought this with me from the body of Arunagiri Yogishwara and Meenakshi as my very core, which I can say as my own, which nobody taught me, which nobody convinced me; that is this science, the Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya – “Aligning yourself to Authenticity, Advaithic Activism”. I will put this whole science into one word – “Advaithic Activism”. Advaithic Activism! In every step, this one science was my life, and, I tell you, this one science does everything! Everything! Everything you can ask for, and you cannot ask, is showered on you!

I tell you, our whole dhamma stands on this one truth – Advaithic Activism, Living Enlightenment. This is Living Enlightenment. This is Advaithic Activism. No conflicts, no contradictions. No incompletions.

Today we also have an important, another one important celebration, very historical, which is going to be very historical. I am giving the new name to our whole Sangha numerologically aligned. So, between 9 to 10 am, that name will be offered to Nithyanandeshwara, and puja will be done. After that, it will be revealed to the whole world. You can watch the whole programme live through Nithyananda TV. This name is going to be the umbrella name for the whole Sangha, especially the spelling. The name you may have heard it already; but the spelling and the way it is pronounced and spelt out, it is numerologically aligned. As per the Hindu numerological traditions, it is aligned. And, today, puja will be done to Nithyanandeshwara between 9 to 10 am, and it will be revealed to the world. From then onwards, our whole Sangha all over the world will be known with that name only. That name will be the umbrella. That name will be the umbrella organization, or the umbrella name under which the whole thing functions.

Anyhow…listen to this one truth. I will expand further on this truth, may be, a few more days. Hridaya Guhya Thahara Vidya! In the heart cave, the spontaneous, natural science of life, knowledge of life I had is “Advaithic Activism”, “Living Enlightenment”, “Aligning yourself to Authenticity”. That is why, you will see, anything I choose, decide, you will see that Completion. No conflict or contradiction, whether love or training. No hatred, whether love or training. Authentic, authentically authentic!

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