Living Advaitha – II

….continued from Living Advaitha – I

When you are in the space of Advaitha with eleven people, whatever you call as your identity will be dissolved into the Cosmos!  The root patterns you cherish, vested interest you have about life,  hidden pay-offs, hidden costs, your “vaasanas” – I can go on adding words – Everything, everything will be washed away!  You will be in such a pure space – “Nirmala, Niranjana, Niraakaara, Niraamaya, Niraabhaasa, Nirdhwandhwa, Nirdosha, Nithyananda”! You will just be established in that space!

I tell you guys, I bless you all and wish you all, all of us will experience the Advaitha!  Even if you don’t practice, even if you don’t see the end of this process, I bless you guys with my full heart, keeping Kalabhairava as a witness, with all my sincerity, just for your seeking and the effort, your Conscious Resolution, let you all achieve Advaitha space before you leave the body!  If you take up this process and do, you will have it even now, in the next few days, while in the body you will enjoy it, you will enjoy Advaithic space as a Driving Licence for your strategic planning. Or I commit with you, even if you don’t do that, I give you that as a Retirement Insurance Plan!  I guarantee you guys -the space of Advaitha!

 The first question I will answer:  It does not need to be only eleven people; but it has to be MINIMUM eleven people.  Why eleven you know?  Your root pattern does not have the power to manage itself if you are in the space of Advaitha with eleven people.  Even when you start experiencing Completion with one person, you are overwhelmed with so much of joy that your root pattern loses its power!  It is like a building standing on a land where a tremendous earthquake has happened….10 in the Richter Scale, 10 an earthquake has happened!  Can any building stand rooted?  No….it is shaken!  Same way, when you feel Advaitha, non-dualilty, even with one person, all your root patterns are shaken!

Please understand, your hormones are programmed in such a way that before you enter the life, you experience oneness at least with one person in your life beyond your mind’s preparation.  That is what is “puppy love”.  The puppy love of a human-being is, just by the programming of the physiology, experiencing the space of Advaitha, whether your psychology is prepared or not.  If you can prepare your psychology also, reclaim that space of puppy love, you will see clearly it was a pure Advaithic space.

You may not have understood all those words.  I tell you, it is only now I understand what happened to me at the age of ten with Arunagiri Yogishwara, what happened to me at the age of twelve with Arunachala, as a Savikalpa Samadhi and Nirvikalpa Samadhi.  At that time I did not know all these words but, I went through the experience just because of my biological programming.  When I programmed my body, biologically I programmed it in such a way.  That is what I had at the age of ten and twelve.

Please understand, all of us are programmed to experience Advaitha as our puppy love.  Forget about with whom you fell in love; it may be some of your classmate, sometimes your school teacher.  Whoever it may be, that is not the question. But, at that time what you go through and experience, is the biological programming of Advaitha.  So, please understand, and I also wanted to give a very clear disclaimer, I am not reducing Advaitha to the hormonal flow of your body; I am indicating, at that moment, as a child, your puppy love where you have not calculated the plus and minus of life, where the logic of your calculating the plus and minus has not entered in your life, where you don’t date based on the pocket’s weight, you don’t date based on the person’s social background, or you don’t plan to fall in love based on the personality of the other person, where your biological programming is pushing you to the next level.

Please understand, in life, in any field, whether you are moving from Graduation of Engineering to Post-Graduation of Engineering, you are moving from M.B.B.S. to M.S., you are moving from M.Phil. to Ph.D., any movement of your life can happen only with the triggering of Advaitha in your life.  Please understand, anything you achieve in your life, at some point of your life you have to feel oneness with it, non-dual with it.

I am so excited; that is why I am speaking too many important truths in one satsangh.  Please don’t be overwhelmed.  I am overwhelmed.  May be, if you find its all going over your head, listen to this satsangh after today, two / three times.  Listen to Replay, listen 2 -3 times. Then you will understand every idea I am trying to explain, I am trying to express.

When your biology moves itself from a child to adult, it has to give an experience of non-dual to itself.  Only then it can take the next jump.  Child becoming adult is one of the very big jumps in human life.  A Milestone. See, one of the biggest milestones in life is a child becoming adult; that stone.  Next, the adult getting retired; means, your hormones are completely nullified in your body.  And then, the last is leaving the body.  So, every milestone you have to experience, you will be experiencing Advaitha biologically.  Now all I am trying to tell you is the biological experience of Advaitha does not last long if your psychology is not prepared to live in that space.  Now, I am going to prepare your psychology and super-consciousness.  You don’t need to bother about the biology.  You don’t need to fall again in puppy love; don’t worry!  You don’t need puppy love!  You neither need puppy nor you need love.  Now, when your psychology and the consciousness is awakened to the space of Advaitha, I tell you, please listen, you can be permanently established in Advaitha.  Beyond your body, mind, your consciousness can just become embodiment of Advaitha.

Listen!  When you experience the non-dualistic oneness with one person, all of you would have experienced as puppy love.  You can see when that puppy love happens, all your fear pattern loses power over you.  You will forget all your fears.  Suddenly, the whole world will look so bright, alive.  Now you have grown up, you don’t need the help of the hormones to experience that oneness.  The help of the harmoniousness is enough to experience that oneness.  You don’t need the help of the hormone.  Let us use the help of the harmony.  You neither need honey nor money; harmony is enough now!  You neither need honey nor need money.  Sometimes, as long as you have money, life is honey.  And Sometimes, when honey gives money, money gives honey.  And you don’t need to get confused between this honey and money.  Forget about honey and money both.  Just by the harmony, we can bring ourselves to the space of Advaitha.

I will guide you all step-by-step every day by giving different homeworks.  Today’s homework, first thing I wanted to clarify the doubt: It does not need to be restricted to eleven.  But it has to be minimum eleven; because, by the time you experience Completion with eleven people, your root pattern will completely lose power over you, your vaasanas will completely lose power over you, your ignorance will completely lose power over you; you will get experientially experience the non-dual consciousness, the Advaitha Sathya.  So, that is the first step.

Second, understand, please listen, today you will sit and pen down all the incompletions you have with your teamily members, belongs to the past or present, whatever you remember; and fears of the future also can continue to remain as an incompletion.  See, you may not have directly an incompletion with that person itself.  For example, Person “A”, you may not have any incompletion with Person “A”, but you may have the fear that Person “A” may behave with you in future and cause incompletion with you, because you have seen him shouting at somebody in the past.  You saw “A” was screaming at “B”.  You already start getting the fear that he may scream at me in the future.  So, that is what is called “future incompletions”.  Understand, not only we have past incompletions and present incompletions, we have future incompletions also.  Before even it comes, we give incompletion colour to it.

Future, in English there is Continuous Future tense or Future continuous tense, I don’t know. I know only one tense.

The teacher asked the student:  ‘India will become corrupt-free.  India will become free from corruption.  What is the tense of this sentence?’

The student says, ‘Saar, it is “future impossible” tense, Saar!’


Now please understand, even about the future you have incompletion.  Whatever incompletions you have about the past, present, future with your teamily, pen down elaborately today.  And, tomorrow, start the Completion with them.  Why I am saying “tomorrow”, you know?  Tomorrow – I give you guys time till tomorrow – try to bring as many of them as possible to two-way Nayana Deeksha.  I will bless them.  I will bless you also, with the space of my Completion.  Tomorrow try to bring as many of your teamily members to Nayana Deeksha.  I will bless all you guys, and the Completion will start.  I just want to see tomorrow.

See, when Mahadeva himself came for begging, Annapoorni gives food.  And, all of you need to know, Annapoorni is the queen of Varanasi.  I tell you, Annapoorni is worshiped as “Nithyanandakari” – “who gives Nithyananda”.  Understand, keeping Annapoorni as a witness, by her grace, you will all receive Nithyananda.  I will take this up as a sincere project.  Whoever committed, sent a Conscious Resolution….  If you want to send, even today you can send.  Your teamily name and Conscious Resolution, even today you can send in Facebook.  But don’t inbox me.  Put it in my Wall itself….main Wall. Your Teamily nad the conscious resolution. You are going to experience Advaita with your teamily.  Till tomorrow evening you can send me your Conscious Resolutions.  If you want to update and upgrade it, if you want to add, delete, align, you can do all that.  And I have decided I am going to answer many of your doubts, clarify many of your questions, step-by-step lead you guys into the space of Advaitha in a very practical way, most practical way.  So, tomorrow, I will see you all guys with your teamily and bless you all for the Advaithic experience.

Today, sit and pen down all your past, present, future incompletions you carry with your teamily.  As I said, teamily does not need to be restricted to eleven, but it has to be minimum eleven.  I personally recommend, keep it as eleven, if you make it too big, or don’t make it more than twenty-one.  Because if you make it too big, you may get diverted, you may not be able to put all your sincerity and make it happen.  So, I will sincerely recommend something like keeping it between eleven to twenty-one, somewhere between that.  If you move beyond twenty-one, you may lose the attention.

So, list out your teamily.  Pen down all your incompletions – past, present, future – you have with your teamily members.  Come back tomorrow with as many teamily members as possible to the two-way video-conferencing.  You will have the blessings.

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