A wave can never be separate from the ocean

The one who sees everything as movements in consciousness, he transcends sin and merit, bondage and liberation.

We are in consciousness, you are consciousness, just consciousness is moving inside the consciousness. There is no matter or ‘jada’ or ‘outer world’. The outer world also is inside your consciousness. This can happen to you when you start witnessing what is happening to you inside and outside. Suddenly you will see all movements, whatever is happening including you, is just part of your own consciousness. What you think as you, what you think as world, everything is just movements in consciousness. This can happen to you when you unclutch from your body and mind. As long as you connect with your body and mind, you create a boundary between you and the whole. When you unclutch, suddenly the boundary disappears. You are no more separate from the truth.

When you look at a rose, you will create an idea about this rose, and start thinking all ideas you have about the roses, all the roses presented to you or given by you..slowly in few seconds you are away from the rose, you are no more connected to the rose. Anything in the world, the moment you see, words are created, you are away from the ‘Reality’. You are now in your own dream world. ‘Seeing’ but not creating a word and directly trying to connect just like kids…when kids see something their whole being sees it, as if they are enjoying it, as if they are living it. So, see without using the name or word, then suddenly you will see strange thing happening between you and the rose. The idea or the boundary you are different from the rose will disappear. You will see you are slowly becoming one with the rose. You are becoming one with ‘the truth’/’the reality’/’satya’. Same way with anything, a tree or a person or a situation, always you have a prejudice. For example in a particular situation if you think you should be depressed usually you respond only through a depression. When that situation arises you will see that you will be depressed.  If you are prepared for depression at a particular situation, you will have the same mood, same dialogue throughout the life when that kind of situations arise in you. So, the whole life is nothing but a ‘psycho drama‘.

One disciple goes to master and asks “Master you have become a master, please guide me also on how to become a master”

Master says “Who said I have become a master?. I am a master because you want to be a disciple. As long as you are playing the role of a disciple, I will be in the seat of a master. The moment you are no more a disciple, I will not be a master anymore.”

Disciple was shocked. Master says “Only when you want to see a guru, you will see a guru in me.”

For example in My case, all the people who see Me on the road, they don’t feel my presence or energy. Only a person who needs, who wants, he feels connected to Me. So including your experience, everything is a part of the great psycho drama being played here.

wave in the ocean

Master plays the psychodrama of Master-disciple relationship, to expose you to the reality and to take away all other psychodramas from you. That is why we say guru-disciple relationship is the ultimate relationship and last relationship. Till you have that relationship, you will have all other relationships. Once you have the guru-disciple relationship, He swallows all other relationships and now nothing else will exist, and then He takes away the Guru-disciple relationship and shows you there is no Guru, no disciple, there is only one thing i.e. ‘the truth’. As long as ‘you’ and ‘me ‘ exist there is a possibility for a relationship. But once you realize that ‘you’ and ‘me’ are two different waves in the same ocean and you are going settle down into the same ocean, even if you don’t want to settle down. The wave when it rises, when it is at peak height and falls down. In all three positions, it is directly connected to ocean. It can’t be away from ocean, it can never be separated from ocean. Even if the wave thinks, it is separate from the ocean or it has to get liberation or reconnect itself to the source/ocean, you are still connected to ocean. Similarly, even if you believe you are in bondage or you have not achieved liberation, you are actually eternally liberated, never bound, you are connected to the ocean/source, you are filled with the energy.

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