If you are living with the master and still He is not driving you crazy either He is not enlightened or you are not living with Him.

As long as you think you are a separate entity other than higher reality, He will be driving you crazy. Constantly shaking the very roots on which you build your foundation. But fortunately if you identify with Him or with Higher reality, this is the most fortunate thing which can happen in the planet earth to you because without any effort the ultimate will just happen in you. 

The ultimate will just happen in you without any effort, nothing needs to be done just hanging around Him. 

But you will see His simple movements, His simple words, His just look will be shaking your foundation on which you are building you or the false ‘you’. Anything you do, He will be constantly on His job. How He will create situations, how He will create people, how He creates happenings around you, you do not know, you cannot imagine. Just the person who is walking next you will exactly hit you where you are holding you. Don’t think he is hitting you, I am hitting you. When you are living around the master even the mosquito bites you after taking permission from Him about the time, the intensity of the bite and the place where you are needed to be bitten. If you are inside his Sangha, you are under the controlled condition where your ego is constantly operated. Whatever is not you but you hold to it as you is removed from you. I can say ‘living around the master without resisting is living enlightenment process’. All you need is whatever He asks you to do or be, just co-operate with that. If He asks you to unclutch, just unclutch as much as you can. Thats all nothing else, nothing more. If He asks you to chant the maha mantra as long as there is energy in the throat do it, nothing more.

As long as you identify yourself with the higher reality living around the master is ultimate celebration. But when you identify yourself with other realities it will be suffocation. 


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