Whatever is happening is auspicious

Look into the whole journey of your life. What is after all the whole journey, somehow you have the body and mind, you need to reach the space where you can be yourself, having everything, without the need of body and mind. So every experience which is added to you is pushing you to go beyond body and mind. Even what you think as suffering is nothing but teaching you that you will be better-of without body and mind. So constantly this truth is being  taught to you. So, in that way if you see, everything, everything is adding, adding, adding, adding. That is why I say there is a constant expansion in the universe. Everything is adding to you and you are constantly expanding.

Anybody who understands the constant expansion in the universe is in cosmic auspiciousness.

We always think, no, no, how can it be..only expansion without contraction. Even the contraction leads to next expansion, because it leads to next expansion it is the process of expansion. Because the ultimate outcome is expansion even the contraction or any low scale action or anything is expansion. 


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