Only the best can happen or nothing happens

In the whole world there are only two kinds of people, one who feels everything is auspicious. Whatever is happening is auspicious. Other one, whatever is happening is bad, that’s all. The group which feels whatever is happening is good is too small that is why it is not able to run news channels. That is why it is not able to convince people whatever is happening is good. But the people who believe whatever is happening is bad, they are the majority and they are able to hold, take over the power and legal system. So, constantly they are convincing the society that whatever happening is bad and we need to do something to correct it.

The other day I was talking to a group of people and telling ‘whatever is happening is good, auspicious, mangalatva’. One guy asked ‘how can you say this. Just the other day 33 were murdered. How can you say whatever is happening is auspicious, managala.’ Of course, logically you don’t have answer, you cannot understand. So much of terrorism, so much of killing, so much is happening. How can one think amid these happenings that whatever happening is auspicious, very difficult to believe, very difficult to connect with, very difficult to understand. But, all the great traditions, all the great masters, all the enlightened beings are not only saying but they are radiating that confidence and energy in their body language. If you see or live around an enlightened being, you will see such an ecstasy and energy is radiated by Him. So much of confidence is radiated by Him. You will come out with a clear idea that whatever happening on the planet earth is good.

How can we say, we believe that whatever happening is good when so much is happening in front of our eyes. I tell them, understand, good or bad cannot be defined or decided with your logic. Good or Bad cannot be described or decided just based on what you think about them. Whatever your logic has learned that it is good or bad is limited only to you and the people directly present around you. But life is not just limited to you and the people who are around you. If you look little deep, life is beyond your logical comprehension, your logical understanding.

In Sanskrit we have a word – Shivam, it means auspiciousness. But the activity of Shiva is destruction. In the Vedic tradition, the word Shiva means Causeless Auspicious Energy, and His activity is destroying and creating space for new things happening. If you see the destruction from the other dimension its like creating space for new things to happen. Just think if nobody dies or nothing is destroyed what will happen. You think the creation or rejuvenation can happen, you think new energies or new people will happen, NO. Understand the planet earth is still alive because of two things – one, death is happening. Constant possibility for rejuvenation, new, new things happening. Second – you can’t take away anything from here when you die. If there was a U-Haul service to take whatever you want when you leave earth, anything would have been left. I don’t think these all things would have been here :=).

If you look the same destruction energy from the other angle – Shiva, most auspicious thing in the planet earth is the possibility for rejuvenation. The possibility for rejuvenation keeps the whole thing alive. If you look just with your logic you can always complain, blame whatever is happening can’t be called auspicious. If your vision expands, if your understanding expands, if you start looking at the life from a bigger perspective, from a greater understanding you will realize the truth that whatever is happening is auspicious. The more you realize that whatever is happening is auspicious you become insider of the cosmic energy. Always a person who is the insider feels that whatever is done is the best thing. Whether it is a person who is ruling a country or ruling a city or ruling an infrastructure or ruling a company or ruling a public institution, the person who has got power feels that best thing is getting done. The person who is an outsider, he always thinks, worst things are getting done. It is the drama always happens. If you feel best thing is happening, you are becoming an insider, you are becoming the person with power.

If you are empowered, you start thinking best things are happening. If you start thinking best things are happening you are empowered.


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