Brahma sutra is a great book available to humanity. It is unabridged edition of world philosophy, from which all other philosophies originated, it is the book of books. It was written by Veda Vyasa, the greatest Indian scholar ever. An enlightened master gave this book to one of his disciples, Vachaspati Mishra, and asked him to write a commentary on this book. The master also gave his daughter Bamati, in marriage to him and died shortly. Vachaspati Mishra started out on his task earnestly. He was continuously engaged in writing. It became an intense and transforming meditation for him. He wrote for months; soon months became years and years became decades. He saw nothing else, thought about nothing else and heard nothing else during that time. Finally, he finished the great work. Only the title of the book remained to be given. He looked up from his work. He saw an old lady, lighting the lamp next to him. 

He was surprised. He asked her, “Who are you?”. 

The lady replied, “Never mind about me. Continue with your work.”

He said, “I have finished. Tell me who are you”.

The lady said, “I am your wife”. 

Vachaspati Mishra was shocked. 

He was simply shocked at what had happened. For decades  he had been writing the book without a single thought about his wife! He could not believe himself. 

“Why didn’t you remind me all these years!” he cried. 

“What for?” she asked. “You were immersed in the book. I felt no need to disturb you”, she replied quietly. 

Vachaspati Mishra continued, “You have sacrificed your entire life for the sake of humanity! What can I do to make up for it?”. 

Bamati replied, “It has been a joy to serve you. I feel privileged that I was able to serve you while you wrote this great book. Nothing more is needed”.

Vachaspati Mishra shed tears of joy. 

He paid his wife the greatest tribute. He named his life’s work after her. Bamati. 

Bamati has become immortal, because of her selfless devotion and love. She was enough unto herself. It is not that she did not want to disturb her husband; she did not need to! There is a big difference between two. Most of the time we want attention but keep quiet thinking that we should not disturb the other. But here we are talking of a person who did not need attention – that is the difference. She did not feel that her youth was being wasted; she was not making any compromise. She was being her natural self, that’s all. And that was enough for her. It was not difficult for her not disturbing her husband. She was so centered in her own energy that it didn’t matter to her at all. 

When you are dependent on others for your happiness, you are giving them control of your life. Be your own source of excitement and inspiration!

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