Don’t agonize for the dead

English: An overview of the structure of DNA.

I always tell people whenever their parents or somebody passes away in their family, I tell them – ‘Don’t suffer. If you suffer, you stop their journey, further journey’. You will not give them beautiful farewell. Because whether you like it or not, want it or not, our bio-memories or DNA‘s are interconnected. Thoroughly interconnected.

I have seen in my experience many time with many disciples. If the father or mother passed away, even though they are not psychologically attached, suddenly physically they will be down. And the suffering and pain will be there. Because the bio-memory is down. 

So, if you elevate your consciousness, naturally like Bhageeratha you will infuse life into the DNA structure of your ancestors and raise their frequency. If they are in ‘Pitruloka’ you will promote them to higher level. If they are in ‘Bhooloka’, you will elevate them to higher consciousness. Its like – when you beat the water, both side the water will splash. Same way when beat the consciousness and raise yourself, not just future even the past will be raised. Unfortunately you can only see future you do not have energy to look into the past. But I can see the past, that’s why I am telling you it is possible. 

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