Ananda Gandha

There are 7 major energy centers. The 8th energy center where all these 7 merge, become one with, is what is Ananda Gandha. It is not even a separate chakra, it is a space, source of super-conscious energy; where the matter comes in direct contact with Consciousness, where the Consciousness is directly touching the matter. It is the experience where the consciousness has Samyoga into matter, where matter has Samyoga with Consciousness. When you relax into that space, Consciousness fills matter, so naturally Super-Conscious healing happens. It is the highest happening which can happen to matter. Not just physical healing or mental healing, radiating pure consciousness. 

The source of Ananda Gandha which is source of spiritual super-conscious healing is the ultimate science towards enlightenment. Not just physical healing or mental healing. Physical healing also happens, because the very DNA structure gets re-altered when you relax into super-conscious state. 

Ananda Gandha chakra is the door where Consciousness can infiltrate matter. Where it can fill you. Where it can give you the extra-ordinary conscious experience means break-through in consciousness. The subtlest possible chakra is Ananda Gandha chakra, where you are no more ordinary human and just disappeared into the extra-ordinary super-consciousness. 

The technique or process for the Ananda Gandha to be opened is two:- 

1. If it has to be done by your effort – Unclutching.

2. If it can be done with My effort also – Process.

3. If it has to be done only by Me – Initiation. 




  1. Namaskar, I am watching you tube videos of Swamiji and became a big fan of him. I would like to visit him at his Ashram in India. Could you please let me know if I need any document from Swamiji`s home to get a visa to India, and how long should I and can I stay at his Ashram and how much money would it cost in Indian Rupees to stay there? I am from Germany. It would be highly appreciated if you please write me an email.
    Thank you.
    Leila Röttger



    1. N! Wonderful to hear this. You can reach me on this email – In the meantime i will give you the right contact number/mail who manages the operations in the ashram.



    2. Hi Leila, apologies for very late response. Just wanted to check with you, if you were able to get in contact with anybody from ashram



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