Space of utter positivity


Many a time, people come and tell me, ‘I am not able to get out of my fear.’  Why you are not able to get out? Because already you committed to yourself many times with that negativity. For example, ‘I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed, I am going to be destroyed. This is the way it is going to happen, I am going to be a loser, loser, loser’ Means, hundred times you have committed to yourself you are going to be the loser. Then, naturally, whole energy of you will be working only to fulfill that concept, the commitment you gave to you that you are a loser.

Only once if you say, ‘I am a winner’, that will look too silly. It is like for the sake of argument you say. Sometimes you know your spouse is going to win the whole argument, but just to record your opposition, you make some statement knowing that you are going to be a failure. Exactly that is the way it will look after you utter a hundred times you are a loser to yourself, only once you are a winner. It is your wrong commitments to you, makes you feel you are a loser. I tell you, other than your negative commitments to you, you don’t have any enemy in your life. Just understand and liberate yourself. I am not teaching you, I am not inspiring you, I am not ordering you! I am requesting you.

I know the space of utter positivity, a complete positivity. I know the space, I cherished that space, I am cherishing that space. I am exactly in the mood of the rishi when he screamed at the peak of his voice,

shrunvanthu Vishwe Amruthasya Puthraaha vedaahamekam purusham mahaantam;

Oh sons of immortaility, I know the path to it. Wake up and start achieving it’

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