Constantly, the emotions you cherish becomes the source of your bio-energy. Whatever is the source of your bio-energy impacts your thinking. Please understand, it is like a vicious circle. It is like one feeds to the other. If you are constantly agitated, having depression, that becomes your bio-energy. If depression and agitation become your bio-energy, naturally you tend to think towards more depression and more agitation. So, what you think becomes your bio-energy, what is your bio-energy forms the basis for your thinking.

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  1. So its all the person who is suffering from the mental illness fault, because if they just tried harder to think in a better way they would get better. This is the first Myth of mental illness you will find listed by all mental illness charities. It is this myth that propagates the stigma of mental illness, stops people from seeking appropriate help and getting better. Its this myth and the accompanying stigma that adds to the guilt, shame and general emotional abuse that most mentally ill people level at themselves on a daily basis, for not being good enough, if only they tried harder, did x, y or z better and if you are buying your own rubbish above it is this stigma that would therefor be the cause of the vicious cycle into mental illness such as depression. Its this myth and the accompanying stigma that on most days is actually harder to deal with than the mental illness itself.


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