Being a Leader

Whenever you become tired facing conflicts, contradictions, you don’t feel responsible. That is why tiredness happens to you. Ability to face conflicts, ability to encounter contradictions, ability to face problems, is one of the important qualities you need to be a leader. Feeling responsible gives you that power. Feeling responsible gives you the power. It makes you a leader. I tell you, only if all the patterns which create panic pattern, the root patterns which cause panic patterns in you, only if they are cleared, they are removed, you will have the ability to handle responsibility. 

I tell you, your longevity is directly connected to a pattern-free inner space. If your patterns are so powerful, even a small panic, small problem, small conflicts, small contradictions raises your BP, releases adrenalin, reduces your health and longevity. The pattern-free inner space, conflict-free inner space, that is such an important thing. I tell you, when you create pattern-free inner space for yourself, I guarantee, you will live healthily, long, and you will not be afraid of conflicts, contradictions, controversies; you will face them.

Ability to face controversies is Leadership Consciousness. 

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