When you understand that people cannot be changed, you are matured in relationships. When you understand that the whole world cannot be changed, you become mature for enlightenment. Maturity is nothing but acceptance in your bio-memory level. Completion again and again, will make you understand one thing in your bio-memory level: Acceptance is your life. Really! When I say acceptance, not acceptance out of powerlessness; just no resistance! When I understood I can’t change people, I got mystical power to transform people! Trying to change others is “Violence”. Trying to transform others is “Enriching”.

 Change is different, Enriching is different. In Enriching, you are not focused on changing his character as you want for your benefits.

You are focused on making him/her complete.

Your focus is totally different. When you are Enriching, resistance, judgment, attachment, all three will drop in you. When you are trying to change, you will be so violent!

It is not that Enriching will be without passion.

(In a mild tone) if you want to do then do, otherwise it’s ok. ‘Every morning, you do little Yoga and meditation, live Integrity and Authenticity, it is good for you.

’ No!

 Enriching will have tremendous passion.


It will have passion, but not violence.

Change: when you try to change, there will be lot of violence.

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