Completion with life is eternal love!

Experience of Completion is, it will give you the feeling it is enough for you to live your whole life. Completion has the capability of giving you the feeling it is enough for you to live your whole life.

If you have really, really fallen in love in your young age – not after seventy – if you have really, really, really fallen in love at the right age in your life, you will have that feeling-this love is enough for you to live your whole life. You won’t even bother about your basic needs! That’s why, in all movies, they show this sentiment of “Let’s elope and run away! Nothing else is required for our life. You are there for me, I am there for you!” But, you cannot eat one another! You can’t eat each other, you need food! But, you don’t care for anything else, because at that moment actually you feel the other person’s love is enough, because the other person’s love completes you and that is enough for you to live!

Completion with life is eternal love! Please understand, with anybody you feel complete, don’t think the person is completing you. Your Completion is making that person beautiful. If you see somebody and you are in love and you feel complete, be very clear that person has no role in your Completion experience. Because of your Completion, the person looks more greener than the green itself, more rosier than the rose itself, more beautiful than the beauty itself!

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