Enriching makes you enlightened

Most of us have a pattern of fear of facing conflicts, fear of getting cornered.  This is one of the biggest fear human beings carry.  Please listen.  Why people are not Enriching others?  Why you are afraid of Enriching others into Inner Awakening?  Because you are afraid of getting questions, you are afraid of facing questions. I tell you, exactly for that reason only you have to Enrich. Constantly put yourself in a challenging positions, conflicting places, contradicting situations. Constantly put yourself in a place where you are cornered.  I tell you, only then you will be alive, fresh, living. You will be radiating, you will be in your peak possibility. If you want to be successful in your business start enriching people for Inner Awakening you will constantly face conflicts, contradictions. You will constantly put yourself in a challenging positions, places. That will train and sharpen your whole intelligence and consciousness; you will be successful in your business.

When you start Enriching people to live Integrity, Authenticity, the first question they will ask you is, ‘Are you living in Integrity and Authenticity?’  And then naturally you have to declare, ‘Yes, I am living!’  The moment you declare, now you have become responsible for your words; simply you have to live it!  Otherwise, they are going to constantly question you.  They are going to be constantly making fun of you.  So, I tell you, when you start Enriching others, you put yourself in a space, in a situation where you live Integrity, Authenticity.  You live the Dhamma.  I tell you, that is where you will really, really, really live spiritual strength.  When you are Enriching, you have to make declarations, because people are not going to believe you.  They will question you.  You have to make a lot of declarations.  That declarations will make you live the four tattwas more powerfully, more strongly.  That is why I am telling you, Enriching makes you continuously getting enlightened.  

I tell you, when you enrich somebody with the Inner Awakening, you give the best things, best thing to that person. He himself becomes a complete being, understand. See, for example, you are in the field of engineer, or lawyer, or a doctor, if you understand whatever you are doing is Enriching and continue to live, only you will be Enriching but if you give Inner Awakening as an Enriching to others, you make others also Enriching. That is the Ultimate Enriching.

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