Till you enrich others, your Completion can never be complete

Anything other than Enriching, is powerlessness!  Only Enriching is powerfulness!  Operate only out of the cognition of Enriching – Enriching others and you.  You can never achieve Completion just by Completion. Because, just by Completion you will not know, know whether you are complete or not; your self-doubt will continue to rule you. Put yourself in the space of Enriching others.  When you start Enriching, all the questions you face, only when you answer them, when you relate with people and able to enrich people, only then you will have confidence over you! Till you enrich others, your Completion can never be complete. 

If you observed, even yesterday I said very clearly, after blessing Ma Vishweshwara I told her, ‘Take up the project of “Graceful Exit”.’  Only then, when you share this experience with others, only when you enrich the world with this experience, that gets strengthened in you, this experience does not get lost in your self-doubts.  Otherwise, after a few days, ‘Who knows what it is?  Still I carry this Integrity, Authenticity problem.’  You will create self-doubt, and in that self-doubt, the strength of this experience can be forgotten, can be washed away.  Don’t allow that!

Whenever I sit in front of Nithyanandeshwara or Kalabhairava, I look only at me and say, ‘Hey, be in the space of only Enriching and nothing else, nothing else, nothing else. Be in the space of only Enriching.’

Even in your deepest hypocrisy – the hypocrisy has layers and layers in you – even in your deepest layer, you are not hypocritical about your goal, your purpose, your reason to exist, just Enriching, other than Enriching if you find anything else as a driving force of your life, complete with it. Anything else if it is a driving force in your life, it’s powerlessness. It is powerlessness. Let the Enriching be the one and only goal, driving force in the life. Let the Enriching be the only energy which drives you, which drives your intelligence, which drives you to the idea of fulfillment  Understand, any idea of fulfillment you carry other than Enriching, you are going to experience hopelessness and depression. Any hope you carry other than Enriching will lead you to hopelessness. Life is for Enriching. The purpose you got embodied, the purpose for which you assumed the human body, is only for Enriching.

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