Blessed is the one who feels powerfulness is his nature

The first thing will hit you is, the moment you compare yourself with the people higher than you, you will become powerless.  You will shiver, you will shake.  You will lose confidence over your powerful space.  You will think the powerfulness happened in you only as an accident but your nature is powerlessness.  You will come to the wrong conclusions about you which is the biggest curse. It is life imprisonment.  

Having the wrong idea about you and your life; is life imprisonment!  

It is not just putting you in jail, putting you in prison.

Every time you compare yourself with people whom you think are higher than you, you are taking away the life energy happening in you, you are blocking your Kundalini energy, you are blocking your life force, you are destroying your bio-energy because it is going to reinforce the faith in you that you are powerless, you are useless, you are lifeless.

The moment you think somebody is bigger than you and he knows it, you are going to be exploited by him. The person who is really, really bigger than you will always be helping you to make you become like him.  But whom you think is bigger than you will only be exploiting you.  Who is really bigger than you will be explaining to you, whom you think is bigger than you will be exploiting you.

Whether you compare yourself with the people whom you think are bigger than you or lower than you, comparison is going to put you in powerlessness, be very clear about it.

When you think somebody is higher than you and you compare yourself with them, the different kinds of tortures you will give it to you, you will bring upon you, different kinds of abusals you will do to yourself is “Hell”.  There are multiple hells.  Please understand, all your good, bad, everything is perceived by you; if that you is corrupted, your whole life is Hell.  Then whatever direction you are functioning is wrong. You need to sit and look why you are doing what you are doing before you are completely collapsed, you need to look in , why you are doing what you are doing.

If you are constantly comparing yourself with whom you think as higher than you, even if you reach that place, you will be reaching that place by fear.  It will be like even if you sit in the CEO chair; inside you will be completely wounded, filled with pus.

Listen!  Whatever may be the reason for your powerlessness, once the powerlessness enters in you, it eats away even one or two remaining good things in your life. Even the few moments of powerfulness which you experienced will be forgotten by you; you will think it is only a illusion or delusion or accident happened in your life.  If you think the beautiful moments of your life happened in you as an accident, I tell you, there is nobody unfortunate than you.  Whoever thinks all powerlessness in his life is unfortunate moment and powerfulness is his natural way of living, is a blessed guy. He is blessed one.  But if you think your powerfulness has happened as an accident, powerlessness is your nature, you are the most unfortunate fellow.

Listen! Even if you try to show yourself as powerful, when you are feeling inside powerless, the pull and push internally creates tremendous stress.  I have seen, I have seen, I have seen people, just one decision, to make one decision, by the time they make one decision to move the refrigerator from south side to north side, or in their office just to replace a peon, or to change one person from one post to another post, just to, before making a single decision, they will become stressed out, tired out, because they will have to show themself powerful, but experiencing powerlessness inside.  Means, it is almost like you have to fill a valley and bring it to the ground level, then build a hill on it.  Double-layered task. If you are having a normal ground and then building the hill great but if you have to fill the valley and then build a hill, it is a double-layered task.Naturally, the stress will be more.

Comparing yourself with people whom you think higher than you puts you into the eternal depression.  We can call this hell as “Kumbhipaakam”. Garuda Purana describes various hells.  Putting yourself in the space of powerlessness is equivalent to putting yourself in hell with a lot of effort.  Even if you want to put yourself in hell, they don’t give admission so easily, because it is overcrowded.  You have to do lot of things to put yourself in hell.  Continuously you have to compare yourself with people whom you think higher than you.  Continuously you have to depress yourself.  See the depression is such, it won’t stay more than half-an-hour, one hour in you.  Then you have to make again effort, compare yourself again with that guy, again put you into depression and try to keep you with a seat belt, keep you in the same space of depression. You need to try a lot.  Only then you will be given a seat in the hell, after you are successful in completing the probation period of constantly depressing you.

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