In real powerfulness, you will do so much, but you will never feel you are doing so much

You will never do anything, but you think you are qualified for everything!  You will never take responsibility, but you think you can boss around everyone.  I tell you, this mental setup puts you in Indraloka where constant insecurity.  You may think, ‘Wow!  Indraloka is great!  I can drink Somarasa, see the dance of Rambha, Menaka, Urvashi, Tilottama, go around and smell the flowers of Parijata, rest under the Kalpavruksha, drink the milk of Kamadhenu…’  No!  You need to know, Heaven is constantly under threat!  So, when you build arrogance and show powerfulness outside, but inside you are powerless, because comparison itself is a attitude born out of powerlessness.  Inside you are deeply powerless, outside you constantly show you are powerful.  Literally, you will be like Indra!  Indra’s space is the most cursed space.  Indra’s space is like a sugar-coated, bitter pill!  Outside constantly he has to show with all the rathna, kireeda simhasana, gaana, gandharva, natya, chitra vidyadhara, but inside he will carry so much of powerlessness!  That is why constantly Heaven is shaken.  I tell you, if you are caught in the pattern of comparing yourself with the people whom you think are lower than you, you will develop so much of arrogance, pride, inauthenticity; you will never take the responsibility; you will never live the life of enriching yourself and others; but you will go on using all your energy to question, ‘Why he is not authentic?  Why he is not dedicated?  Why he is like this?  Why he is like this?’

I tell you, allowing the Master to enrich you is the best way of enriching yourself.

If you don’t enrich yourself, no one can save you.  If you enrich yourself, whatever you touch will be successful. 

Arrogance is the most powerful, cunning method which shows all the inauthenticity, irresponsibility you have on others.  And you go on comparing yourself with others, abusing others. In this way, you abuse yourself and destroy yourself!  Unless you get out of it, only when you enrich yourself with responsibility, you can become authentic again.  I tell you, when you carry this pride and arrogance, comparing yourself with others whom you think are lower than you, your health will collapse.  Be aware!  Only when you collapse, fall down, you will start looking into what is the real mistake, ‘Where did I go wrong?’  But now, I am telling you, this is the warning from the Guru!  Wake up!  Don’t allow this pattern to settle in you.  Complete with it.  Your immature arrogance, before it destroys your health irreparably, wake up!  I tell you, the second pattern is more worse than the first pattern, because in the first pattern you will have only psychological damages which is easily repairable. This arrogance, pride pattern damages your body, your body structure, your inner organs.  Not only that, you will have so much of hatred for yourself.  You will not even feel like repairing yourself; you will just only want to give up on you, because in arrogance you will always feel you are doing too much. 

I am giving you the post-mortem report of arrogance.  I have almost one million post-mortem reports of different patterns, because I went through all of that before getting enlightened.  Before getting enlightened you need to go through all types of patterns and get the post-mortem reports.  Only then you can become Paramahamsa.  Because you need this knowledge to help your disciples.  Only then you are certified as Paramahamsa.  So, Mahavatar Baba saw all the millions of post-mortem reports I had of different mental patterns, and only then he blessed me, “Paramahamsa”.  Understand, I am giving you the post-mortem report of this arrogance pattern.  It will give you the idea you are doing too much, but outcome will be nothing.  Nothing will be the outcome. 

In real powerfulness, you will do so much, but you will never feel you are doing so much. I tell you honestly, with all my Integrity and Authenticity I tell you, I feel my whole day is so free, I can do more and more and more.  I really feel I am not doing anything.  Every night when I sit to fall into Samadhi, I feel, ‘What is this?  I have not done anything today!’ 

In powerfulness, you will never feel you are doing too much, you will never have the stress, because you don’t conduct the Tug of War before making any decision.  See, when you carry arrogance, even to make a simple decision you will do so much of Tug of War inside, you will really really feel you are doing too much and you will complicate things.  If I send you just to bargain one item with one person, you will tell so many lies to yourself, and even you will believe you have done a big job; but the outcome is nothing!  It is like “operation success, patient died”!  All the Business School graduates I work with, I only seen this.  “Operation success, Patient dead”!  Because of the arrogance and violence, terroristic ideas they carry, the anger they carry inside, the superiority complex, the cunningness they carry inside!  Unfortunately, they don’t even understand it is them they are projecting on everyone!  That is why they don’t feel like enriching themselves.  They think they don’t have any problem.  ‘I am now in the space of Completion’.  Pseudo-completion! 

If you are in the space of Completion, all the work you touch will be successful, it will flourish, it will bring so much of powerfulness in you. Powerfulness will always shower success, understand, never bring failure.  It is a law of life!  It is a law of life!  At least with the earlier pattern of guilt, they will realize something is wrong.  Guilt is like an enemy who comes directly to fight with you.  Arrogance is a traitor; he will act as if he is your friend and be with you, and destroy you, understand!  Because, arrogance is a complicated incompletion.  Please understand, traitor is a million times dangerous than enemy.  Enemy is a straightforward.  In your life, even if you allow – you should not allow both, enemy and traitor, both – but if you have to allow anybody, better allow your enemy, the first pattern “guilt”, than this “arrogance”, comparing yourself with people whom you think are lower than you.

I tell you, arrogance will be a traitor you will realize only after you collapse completely!  So, enrich yourself now.  Stop this abusive, arrogant nature.  Stop this abusive, arrogant, constantly degrading, disrespecting others.  This nature will be a traitor in your life.  By the time you wake up, you would have been physically destroyed, you would have physically damaged your body. 

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