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What you think as valuable is far away from Nature

In Satya yuga there was no separation between the ‘I’ and the ‘god’, ‘I’ and the ‘world’. So enlightenment was transmitted just by the word, without any book.

Second, in Dwapara Yuga, the separation, collective mass started feeling separated from ‘I’ and ‘World’. The gap between ‘I’ and ‘World’ is experienced by the collective mass. So, all the scriptures of Dwapara Yuga speaks only about these two – Jeeva and Jagat – Self and the World.

Next, the third Yuga, Treta Yuga, Krishna’s time, the common mass has started feeling separated not only from the ‘World’, from ‘God’ also. That is why you have to understand now all the three – Self, God and World.

Now there is one more separation happening, the human-beings’ life is so much away from the World, I will have to create the fourth division – ‘Self’, ‘God’, ‘World’ and ‘Humanity’ – Society. Because, what you think as valuable is moved out of Nature. It is now no more the rare items in the Nature are valuable. Paper is more valuable. Your dollar; it’s a man-invented valuable. Your pleasures are no more based on Nature. Your pains are no more based on Nature. When you are with Nature, your pain is only physical pain. But now, if you don’t get an award, you experience pain; which is not natural. In those days, your pleasure was having gold or pearls or diamonds which is naturally available, rarely. Because of the demand and supply gap, that becomes valuable. Anything more demand and less supply, that becomes valuable. It was natural law.

But now, what you think as valuable is ‘created demand’, or ‘created understanding’. Dollar is not natural phenomena; it’s artificial phenomena. Same way, the principles with which you think or live is not nature-based; it is law-based, the country’s law based. So, the country law has become a significant part of your thinking system. One generation before, naturally we lived on ordinary tap water and bore-well water. It is not that we were dying every other day through the water contamination. But now we are made to believe, made to think, we continue to think, without packaged drinking water you cannot survive. And you cannot survive. That is the truth. Because you have started so strongly believing, our body believes it. 

This separation is caused by ignorant visionaries, ignorant leaders, ignorant decision-makers. I tell you, when you think the way ignorance wants you to think, it is blind leading the blind.

In Tamil there is a beautiful verse by a great saint Tirumoolar:

‘KurudumKurudumKurudaatamAadi KuzhiyilVizhundhadhaamey’

‘A blind and the blind played the blind game and fell into the ditch.’

So, please understand, the way you think is very important. Either it can make you powerful or powerless. A simple thinking you have about your drinking water can make your immune system powerful or powerless. The simple thinking you have about your food can make you strong or weak. Through our Nirahara Samyama, I broke many myths taught to you by your so-called MNCs and MNC-promoted medical system. I have proved without eating, the Vitamin D goes up, your hemoglobin level goes up, your body is free from the diseases, which is completely breaking all the myths you have been taught from the beginning, as I said, by the so-called MNCs.

The worst thing can happen to human-being is forgetting the right way of feeling.  What kind of a feeling if you cherish or entertain will lead you to the peak possibility of your life?  But unfortunately, see even our food, clothes getting destroyed; I am not worried so much about it.  I feel, but the way we feel joy, sadness, even that is getting destroyed, corrupted.  Our way of enjoying pleasures, our dances, our singing.  Why should I jump when I am feeling joyful as he wants me to jump? Let me jump as I like to, as I wanted.  But, unfortunately, even your crying, your laughing, your joy, your sadness, everything is dictated by MNCs in the modern world.  When you are feeling joyful what you are supposed to do, you have been told, promoted constantly through the advertisements and publicity and media and everything.  The moment you feel joyful you feel immediately you should open a  champagne. The moment you feel you are sad, you feel immediately you should open a bottle; whether you feel sad or joyful it is income for him. The way you feel is corrupted. If you are feeling joyful, jump and dance, celebrate the life.  If you are feeling sad, scream and complete with it.  Be in peace.  Let your feeling flow in a very natural way.  But unfortunately, even in your feeling, you are no more natural. 

2 thoughts on “What you think as valuable is far away from Nature

  1. Great insight on Basics of ‘what we are what we get’ – Kati – koti pranam! Nithyanandam


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