Yugarishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji of Gayatri Pariwar

I tell you, if you are so sure about you, even Cosmic power, the whole Cosmos showers on you!

I was reading, last few days, the autobiography of the founder of Gayatri Pariwar, Sharmaji. God, what a being! I never spoke about him. Today I wanted to give my respects and I wanted to honour him for his amazing contribution to the Vedic Tradition. If I have to choose just the top ten people who contributed to modern-day Hinduism, I will choose Sharmaji much more than Vivekananda, understand? A step more than Vivekananda! His amazing contribution! Vivekananda has done one thing: didn’t live for enough time. I don’t want to say it is not in his hands. It was in his hands! I don’t know why he left. Sharmaji has one point extra: he lived eighty years! And, abbaah!

What a dedication! What a commitment! What an amazing commitment to Vedic Tradition! He was so sure about himself, the whole Cosmos showered on him! You can’t imagine in eighty years’ span somebody can achieve so much! You should know, he has made three-thousand Shakthi Peetaahs! He has built three-thousand Shakthi Peetaahs! I just cannot imagine that he built three-thousand  Shakthi Peetaahs! Abbaah!!!

He has written three-thousand books! The massive Yajnas, Homas, spiritual programs he organized still his Pariwar continues! I bow down to Sharmaji and his Pariwar with all my respects for their contribution to the Vedic Tradition.

From his own autobiography, this is the message I got: Being so sure about myself. He was so sure about himself, in a very organized way.

I don’t want to underestimate Vivekananda; but this one point Sharmaji has done a step more: living in the body for a little more time. What an amazing contribution! I think he made Kumbha Melas happen single-handedly, like ten lakh people gathering! He made Magh Melas happen single-handedly! See, the power he expressed, I will not even think twice to declare he is one of the “roopas” of Mahadeva! See, Mahadeva is always remembered, worshipped as “Aroopa roopa” (formless form); but wherever he expresses his power, those beings should be considered as “roopa” of Mahadeva! Very safely, with all my Integrity and Authenticity, I will say, Sharmaji, the Kulapitha of Gayatri Pariwar is the form of Mahadeva for the amount of sincerity, Authenticity, Responsibility he expressed and blessed the world with!

I am really feeling bad that I did not get to read his biography much earlier. I have heard about them and all their activities; but I had the fortune to get his biography a few days before only. And I really wanted to sincerely tell all our devotees, ashramites, at least go to Wikipedia and google and read at least his short biography. If you have time, it will be great to read the full autobiography; it is only a few hundred pages; he himself has written. If you can’t read the whole book, at least go to Wikipedia and read the essence. You should draw inspiration from all the great contributors. He is one of the great contributors to modern-day Sanatana Hindu sanstha, Sanatana Hindu Dharma. You cannot read the history of the modern-day Hindu Dharma, modern-day Sanatana Hindu Dharma, neglecting his name. Great personalities like him should have become national figures. I drew my inspiration to conduct these Sapta Homas, 1008 Kundas, from their organization only. But now only, fortunately, I got to read his biography. It was so beautiful! I really remembered that one shloka from Bhagavatham:

“Tava Kathaamritham Taptha-Jeevanam, Kavibhir Iditam Kalmashapaham, Shravana-Mangalam Srimad Atatam, Bhuvi Grinanti Ye Bhuri-da Janah” 

“It is such a joy to read your Leelas”!

I also recommend all our libraries all over the world, Nithyananda Libraries should have Sharmaji’s all books, and all publications of Gayatri Pariwaar. All the libraries, Nithyananda Libraries, please take note of it. You should have all the books contributed by Acharya Sharmaji, the Kulapitha of Gayatri Pariwar. All our Nithyananda Libraries should have all the great contributors to Hinduism, Sanatana Hindu Dharma, intellectually, intellectually in the path of Jnana whoever has contributed, you should have their photographs in our libraries. And I wanted to have Yugarishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji of Gayatri Pariwar, his photo should be kept, and all his books should be kept in our libraries. They are all the great expressions of Saraswathi, and all our libraries represent Saraswathi, Maatha Saraswathi. All these people are embodiment of Matha Saraswathi – Aurobindo, Vivekananda, Pandit Shriram Sharmaji; I can go on giving names, list; all of them are embodiment of Saraswathi. Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi, Swami Shivananda! What a huge number we have produced! Maha Yogis, Maha Tapasvis, Mahatmas!

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