Please understand, you being not sure about you does not come by ignorance; it comes by arrogant choice. That is the main thing you need to know. There are some powerlessness which come to you by ignorance. For example, not knowing how Rahu is moving in your life. When Rahu and Shani are together, and Guru is not supporting it, you should not start any initiatives. So, if you start without knowing this, powerlessness comes to you by ignorance; that is forgivable….that is forgivable. The solution is, you have to get somebody who knows that science, try to get their advice, guidance. Even if you don’t get, it is forgivable powerlessness. But, there are some things, some powerlessness out of choice, arrogance, not out of ignorance; but you choose to be powerless. That is internally having the knowledge and not living it, applying it. Please listen! If there are some external reasons, cosmological reasons, at least you can accept ignorance. But much of the internal powerlessness is arrogant choice. Not being sure about yourself is arrogant choice.

The choice you take, the dilemma you suffer, the depression you build, the dilemma you suffer, the depression you build is like a wax house, wax bungalow. Don’t ever think the Pandavas are going to die in it! It is the fellow who built it who is going to die in it, not the Pandavas. Not being sure about you is sin, crime, “Atma Hathya” (suicide), destroying yourself.

I tell you, in every step in your life, whether you are starting a new business, or career, or a house, or a family, or spiritual practice, or Sannyas, or a spiritual journey, whatever, whatever you start in your life, do “Poorva Paksha” with all your Integrity and Authenticity. After you do the “Poorva Paksha”, means spiritual analysis and study, then just decide to be sure about yourself. Even if you change something in-between, it should be based on the power of being sure about yourself, not based on powerlessness and not being sure about yourself. I don’t want to say that intelligent, successful people don’t change their decisions. They even change the course of their life.

Swami Rama, who was a Shankaraacharya, he dropped the Peetha, he renounced the Shankara Peetha, but he has done so much good to Hinduism! Even if he had continued to remain as Shankaracharya, he would not have done so much good. As an independent sadhu, mystic, yogi, not only he himself, he made thousands enlightened which he may not have accomplished being Shankaracharya, being in the Peetha. See myself…..completely the other way! I started as an individual sadhu, and am now sitting in very traditional thrones, traditional seats.

It is not that intelligent people don’t change the course of their actions, but they decide out of their powerfulness, not out of powerlessness.

I am hundred percent sure that when Swami Rama renounced Shankara Peetha, he was never powerless.

Funny thing…..J. Krishnamurthy renounced his own Foundation! He said, ‘My own Foundation is not allowing me to do my work.’ And he has to start from scratch! If you read his life you will see a very funny thing: even now there are some schools and Retreat centres in the name of Jiddu Krishnamurthy Foundation; if you go, they will say, ‘No, we don’t belong to Krishnamurthy. We are on our own!’ Because that was founded by Olcott and Blavatsky, the mentors of Jiddu Krishnamurthy, and that team. It is not that successful people don’t change the course of their actions, but it should be always out of powerfulness…..out of powerfulness.

Understand, being sure about yourself is the antidote for SDHD (Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial). Only when you complete with SDHD you start being sure about yourself, being sure about you. 

Understand, every success, every success is achieved when you are so sure about yourself.

Every success is achieved when you are so sure about yourself, understand? So, being sure about you, being sure about you is the root of Kalpataru. When you complete with your SDHD – Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial – in every step you take you will be sure about yourself. Even Krishna moved from Brindavan to Mathura, Mathura to Dwaraka, but he was never powerless.

I can say, one of the biggest powers God has blessed me with, he has showered upon me is, BEING SURE ABOUT MYSELF! At the age of five, my uncles wanted to teach me swimming and wanted to throw me in the well. I said, ‘No! Shaastra says a sannyasi should not swim. I will not learn swimming!’ Somewhere I had heard this; I don’t know, first of all, from where I heard. Then I found out that only you should not cross the Narmada River and cross the ocean and all that! These are some of the traditions. At the age of five, I was so sure about what I wanted to be in my life!

Being sure about you is the boon you receive in your life from the Divine. I have always seen in my experience with so many thousands of ashramites, sannyasis, devotees, disciples, Kotharis, Thanedars, Mahants, I have seen, whoever is so sure about themselves, they achieve in every field, whether it is health, or relationships, or wealth, or success, or spiritual growth… anything! Being sure about yourself, they achieve and go back.

The SDHD – Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial – you need to complete that. Start completing with it again and again and again. Start completing with it again and again and again.

I have seen, anybody who gives me the confidence, how I can be sure about myself, same way if I feel I can be sure about that person, he becomes my extension. That is why you see, some of the expert people have never become my extensions. Some of the fools, dumb, who have no qualifications have become my extensions; because, to become my extensions, you don’t need any other qualifications, just I should be so sure about you, your trainability, because all qualifications I can give! Tons of PhDs, what it can make to your system, if you have done tons of PhDs, what kind of decisions you will make, I can give it in one line and send you! Only if you are so sure about yourself, you will give me that confidence that I can be sure about yourself.

See, when you are so sure about you, that kind of people, infrastructure, everything gathers around you. In this whole abuse, scandals, rumours about me, my success is, I have proved I am so sure about myself. Now, I tell you, you will see the kind of people and the infrastructure and the things necessary to fulfil my mission I attract will be such high quality, high frequency, high intensity, hi-fi! Because I established clearly that how I am so sure about myself, now that kind of people who are so sure about themselves will start gathering around me. The fellows who ran away are nothing but who are not sure about themselves. They came with a Visitor’s Visa and they tried to get a green Card. With Visitor’s Visa you cannot get a Green Card; you need something more. Kaalabhairava drove all those fellows out who came with Visitor’s Visa to get Green Card, and asked for citizenship.

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