Collective Karma

There is something called “Collective Karma” – with whom you associate yourself! Please listen, the whole of London is suffering, the whole of UK is suffering with so much of ghosts! Every thirteenth house is haunted! If you want to know the root thought-pattern of a country, read the yellow journals and watch the dirty shows of that country; you will know the root thought-pattern of that country! If you want to know the root-pattern with which Tamil Nadu is suffering, read that yellow journal, Nakkeeran, and see Sun TV; you will know what is the root-pattern with which the whole State is suffering! Same way, the root-pattern with which America is suffering if you want to know, see the Jerry Springer Show; you will know the root-pattern with which the whole country is suffering!

The whole of London, if you see their yellow journals, the worst rated shows, it will always be about being haunted and ghosts. These black-magicians and ghost-drivers have a big success in UK. I tell you, how many ever people you will import, UK will have to suffer this at least for the next five-hundred years because of the number of Brahmins they killed in India, the Vedic Pundits they killed in India! Understand, if you kill a Brahmin who is really, really chanting Veda mantras and living the great principles, he becomes a Brahmarakshas, I can tell you! No….really! This is the only country I got Visa so many times, but I never put my foot in that country! Just one week before my travel, all these brahmarakshas will appear in front of me and bow down and pray, ‘Please don’t put your foot there, Swamiji. Where will we go? If you come, all of us have to vacate! How can you drive us from here also?’ So many brahmarakshas! I tell you, never ever kill a person who practices the Vedic principles. “Brahmarakshas” means, ghost….ghosts of those people who were killed! The whole country is suffering!

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