Living Advaitha – V

…continued fromLiving Advaitha IV

 It is Authenticity  makes you  man.  Neither the birth nor the growth of your body, or the growth of your wealth makes you a man.  It is Authenticity which makes you a man.

Please listen, all sufferings, all sufferings – when I say “all”, I mean capital letters “A-L-L” – all sufferings is because you forget your identity again and again and again.  All the good things are showered on you when you become authentic.  Again and again aligning yourself to Authenticity is “Tapas”.

From yesterday, so many participants of Living Advaitha process, participants of Living Advaitha process have started posting in the Facebook about their inner-image, outer-image, others-image and life-image.

“Inner-image” is the idea you carry about yourself inside you.  “Outer-image” is the way you project yourself. “Others-image” is how others perceive you, for which you are responsible.  “Life-image” is how you perceive others and life.

So many participants who are participating in the Living Advaitha process, the teamily process through Facebook have posted.  I wanted you to understand this one thing:  When you are putting your inner-image and outer-image don’t try to describe in just one word.  Some of the people have just put “Shivoham”, “Shivoham”, “Shivoham”, “Shivoham” for all the four. Understand, what do you know about Shiva?  Describe the inner-image, inner-image you wanted to have.  Even if you defined it overall under the title “Shivoham”, describe what you understand as “Shivoham”, because now whatever you describe as your inner-image, anything other than that if it is sitting inside you, it has to be completed and dropped.  So the article title can be “Shivoham”but the article has to be written detailed way.

When you write inner image – Shivoham describe the detailed qualities, what you think as Shiva?  Please listen.  You will not know Shiva as on now, but at least pen down what you think as Shiva; let us complete all the incompletions other than your perception of Shiva.  For example, if you perceive Shiva all-powerful, all-knowing, always compassionate, so now you have to complete with your ignorance, powerlessness, all-powerlessness, all-ignorance and all-violence.  You have to complete and drop them.  Then don’t think you will get only the three qualities of Shiva.  Once you finish completing few incompletions, all the qualities of Mahadeva which you imagined and not imagined will break open as if the floodgates were open inside your system.

When you describe your inner-image should be like Shiva, what you think as Shiva, describe that.  Somebody wrote their inner-image should be like eternally enlightened. Yes, great!  What you describe as eternally enlightened, write your definition.  Why you know?  If you describe some two-three qualities which you think as enlightenment quality, or Shiva’s quality and complete with all the incompletions and drop, really the floodgate of Shiva’s energy will open in your system. You may describe Shiva as all-knower, all-powerful, omnipresent.  Shiva himself may be having thousand qualities.  You may be describing only three qualities.  But that three qualities, whatever incompletions you have about that three qualities, if you complete and drop them, don’t think only that three qualities will open up in you; it will open the floodgates where all the qualities of Mahadeva will start expressing through you!  Because, listen to this logic:  There is a huge dam.  There are now dams which are one kilometre in length.  In the modern-day, even twenty kilometres length dams we are building.  Even if it is one kilometre length dam to release the whole flood water you don’t need to break the whole one kilometre dam.  Just poke one hole into the dam.  One hole is enough.  The whole flood will destroy the dam and come out.  Same way, if you poke one hole into your thick ignorance, the “apasmara” in your thick forgetfulness.

Understand, there is a beautiful Upanishad in our Vedic Tradition where the Guru was asked by a disciple, the disciple asked the Guru, ‘Why don’t you initiate everyone into the great truth of Advaitha – “You are the Ultimate”?’

Guru says, ‘People won’t understand.’

The disciple says, ‘No, no, no, no, no….You are not that graceful you discriminate.’

The Guru says, ‘Alright, sit next to me.’  He makes him sit.

He calls the, all the demons, the asuras and gives them the Advaithic Upanishad – “You are the Ultimate”.  Immediately they went back to the Asura Loka and declared, ‘We are everything. Eat, drink, be merry and destroy everybody else!’

He calls the human-beings.  He says, ‘You are the Ultimate!’  He gives them the Advaithic Upanishad.  They jump into the Planet Earth and say,   ‘We are the Ultimate! Come on enjoy! Have pleasure!  Pleasure is life!  Pleasing the body is the goal!’

He calls the matured beings and says, ‘You are the Ultimate!’  They sit in Samadhi and get enlightened!

Understand, sometime the same truth, if you don’t live it with Authenticity can be dangerous.  If you live with Authenticity, one truth is enough to completely make you enlightened.  The truth about death, either it can make you more and more dharmic and enlightened, or it can make you more and more greedy and lusty.  You can say, ‘Anyhow I am going to die.  Why unnecessarily waste the life?  Let me meditate and get enlightened!’  You can also say, ‘Anyhow I am going to die.  Why waste life?  Come on lets drink womanize, be in pleasure!’  Same truth with Authenticity works in a different way; without Authenticity works in a different way.

Without Authenticity, “You are the Ultimate” can make you a demon.  Without Authenticity, the spiritual strength or the spiritual teaching which is given can make you a demon.  Only with Authenticity, it makes you enlightened, understand.

The basic quality for life is Authenticity.  The first and foremost quality for the life to start in you is Authenticity.  So,

  • Describe what is your inner-image; elaborate, detailed way.
  • And, describe what is your outer-image in elaborate, detailed way – how you want to project you.
  • Describe others-image – how people should perceive you.
  • Describe the life-image – how you want to experience life and others.

Describe all these four elaborately, because as elaborately as you describe, it will be easy for you to find the incompletions.  Because, from today you are going to enter into the next step.  Till today morning I have given you the time to finish the Completion with the whole teamily. Listen, today’s homework I am describing.  From today, next few days, you will…..actually, today itself you should complete in a very detailed way your inner-image, outer-image, others-image, life-image.  And circulate with your teamily and your each person in your teamily should suggest what all the incompletions you have to complete to achieve this identity, this authentic identity.

Listen, I am giving you an example.  For example, if you describe, ‘All-knowing is my inner-image’, so now the incompletions you’re having is your ignorance, why you entertain ignorance.  Ignorance is always made to look as cute in the name of innocence, which is not right.  But society to keep you under its control celebrates your ignorant side.  Please understand, whenever I walk into the Gurukul, the first thing I’ll remind them is, your ignorance is not celebrated here.  One kid, all the time she will be confused whether to be here or go back to the house.  And she will always think I’ll tolerate her ignorance.  I will say, ‘No!  Now tell, do you want to be here or go back?  You can go back immediately now I will call your parents and send you back!’  She will say, ‘No, no, no…I don’t want to go back.’

See as a child itself you should not entertain this dilemma which is the root of ignorance.  In our Gurukul, dilemma should never be allowed or celebrated.  Even if you make the decision you are going back….great, decide!  Because, decision moves the wheel of life.  Indecisiveness keeps you stuck.  Feeling stuck is adharma!  Moving is dharma!  Anywhere in life when you feel stuck, it is adharma.  Whether you are a kid or grown up, ignorance should not be celebrated.

So you will have to find all the root of the ignorance in you and complete with them.  If you declare yourself as all-compassionate, always for all compassionate, then you will have to be finding out all the incompletions like anger, violence, and complete with them.  So the teamily – each one in the teamily will help the other persons to find their incompletions based on their declaration.

So, today from today onwards, within next few days, you should send your declaration about your inner-image, outer-image, others-image and life-image to your whole teamily.  And please understand in your teamily if you have twenty-one people, other than you it will be twenty means, you will have to study the declarations of each one, spend time on it, put your intelligence on it and help the person to discover all the incompletions they have to achieve this identity, to reach this identity.

Understand first time ever on the Planet Earth, such a massive mass-level awakening process is happening, understand.  Advaitha was always a solo game.  First time becoming a Rock Band!  It was always a solo game – a flute in the remote forest, or a veena in the innermost sanctuary of the temple, or a mild string instrument in some corner.  Understand first time it is becoming chorus lifestyle!  I am disproving the theory of ‘mass awakening is not possible.’  I happened, I am happening for mass awakening!  Understand, I am making the process as simple as it can be, and as powerful as it should be, as truthful as it is.  As simple as it can be and as powerful as it should be, as truthful as it is.

So, from today, the next few days, the homework is: You will send a detailed authentic description about your inner-image, outer-image, others-image, and life-image.  I’ll describe these technical terms once more.

  • Inner-image is the idea you carry about you.
  • Outer-image is the idea you project about you to others.
  • Life-image is the way you perceive others and life.
  • Others-image is how others perceive you, for which you are responsible.

Send your message, send your authenticity definitions to my Facebook and circulate it to your teamily, whoever you chose as your teamily and ask them to guide you to complete with all the incompletions and align yourself to Authenticity.  Align yourself to Authenticity!

Please listen from today, next few days, this should be the homework.  You should also help every person in your teamily to find out their inauthenticity’s and incompletions.  You should also get the help of your teamily members to find your inauthenticity’s and incompletions.

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