What makes it so difficult to move on from previous relationships? My past is affecting my ability to love. How can I clear the past and rewrite the relationship the way I want?

Listen! Listen! You need to know, anything which brings you powerlessness, difficulty, you never had that systematically! Please understand, if you had wealth and lost it, you had relationship and lost it, if you had health and lost it, you have not systematically built it; it has happened to you as accident. Anything you consciously build, anything you consciously build, stays with you and makes you more and more powerful. If you feel your earlier relationships are failure, you need to know you did not build that consciously; it happened as an accident. May be just because you were a young girl or young man, relationships would have happened, not because you wanted to enter into it consciously with a purpose, with a clear goal in life.

So, understand, the word “relationship” should not be used if it has happened as an accident. So, whenever some relationship breaks, fails, remember to name that as an “accidental” relationship, so that it is easy for you to get out of it, complete with it, you can clear the past, and at least next time you can be very sure about what you should be doing and should not be doing. The earlier relationships, why it worked and why it failed, the right lessons are learnt, the right context is set for you to rewrite the relationship, the new relationship, the way you wanted, the way you want to live. So, understand, you can clear the past and rewrite the relationship the way you want, the way you want it to be by understanding the right reasons why it worked and why it failed. So, whatever is the reason why it failed, you need to complete with it, get rid of those patterns to make the relationship work in a right way.

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