People also ask me about the concept of “soul mates”: ‘Do they exist?’ ‘What does it mean practically?’

I want to tell you, “soul mates” exist only after you discover your soul, not before that! Unless you discover your soul, soul mates don’t exist. Unless you experience Completion, soul mates don’t exist for you. If you experience Completion, you will attract the right person to whom you will cause Completion, who will cause more and more Completion in you, you both will cause each others’ reality. When I use the word “Causing Oneness to each other”, means, causing each others’ reality, you don’t feel your reality is separate from that person, that person’s reality is separate from you. Both of you feeling your present reality and future reality is one and the same is what I call “experiencing Oneness”. When you know the other person’s reality is also the same as yours, you will have tremendous compassion, sympathy, true friendliness. That is what I call as “love”, “fulfilling relationships”. Soul mate is a person with whom you reverberate and both of you feel the present reality and the future reality is one and the same; they are soul mates. If you discover the soul, you will have soul mate.

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