Can we do organ donation after death ?

Organ donations, no way affect your further journey, your process in the next birth or enlightenment, it no way affects. Only if you are an enlightened while living, your body need to be retained, maintained so that the energy it radiates so many thousands people use. If you are enlightened being while you are in the body, after you leave the body better to keep it as without touching, without damaging as much as possible. Keep it as it is and make a Samadhi.  It will radiate the energy for thousands of years to come and help. Other than enlightened beings body can be immediately given it away in any way you want.

See, when clinically they declare dead, you are dead. It takes one and half hours more for you to actually die. That one and half hours an enlightened being can pull them back. In that one and half-hour time, after clinically declared dead, one and half-hours’ time I can pull them back, if they also want to come back. If that person says he doesn’t want to then I cannot do anything. I can but usually we don’t. Anyhow, once somebody is declared dead at least one and half hours you should not disturb the body. Clinically declared dead, at least one and half hours, because there is always a possibility for that person itself can decide and come back. So, any organ removal after one and half hours only right as per the spiritual law. But as per the medical law I think they have to remove immediately and they are removing. I will support any organ removal and donation after one & half hours.

One thought on “Can we do organ donation after death ?

  1. Dear Nithyananda,

    I regret to inform you that you might have been misinformed about the nature of transplantation medicine. The only usable organs for this type of medicine come from live bodies. A “hopeless” type of coma was therefore rebranded as “brain death” in 1968 in order to legalize the extraction and transplantation of human organs. In fact it is better called brain arrest or brain failure. A “brain dead” person is still breathing and has a beating heart that can be kept from naturally stopping by means of machines. A “brain dead” woman in the US has given birth to a live child after having been kept alive for the extent of the rest of the pregnancy.
    Is this the death you imagine having been died?

    Moreover severe disruptions can happen in the life of the transplantee who is undergoing character changes and picking up memories from the cell memory stored in the donated organ. The body intelligence has to be forcefully shut down for the rest of this person’s life for it would rather die than live with this alien organ. Immun suppression in the EU for instance costs min 1000€ a month, making any transplantee an effective cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry.

    The existence of transplantion medicine finally has driven the world in the worst of all crimes agains humanity: the commodification and international trade of human flesh.

    I ask you to please reconsider you position on this matter and make sure that this is not what you endorse. A true corpse with heart arrest for 1,5 h would be absolutely useless for transplantation medicine. It has to come from a body that is still living, not only even “just dead”.

    Sat Nam and much respect to you anyways.
    Just Wondering


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