Most Important Person (MIP)

When I had the enlightenment experience, first instruction Kuppammal gave me is this only. Around two-and-a-half days I was in that vast 360 degree experience. It will feel like as if the whole sky is centred on my Ananda Gandha. If I have to put a cartoon, huge, the whole sky and I have to bring two line and connect it to my Ananda Gandha. It will look like a huge balloon which is tied to my Ananda Gandha, and that balloon is the whole Cosmos! She (Kuppammal) used to cook and feed me and she also used to give lot of uncooked herbs to prepare my body and keep my body stable.

The first instruction she gave after two-and-a-half days: ‘Remember, Brahmaivaaham’! Please understand, she says, ‘Remember, this body is the vehicle of Brahman, Cosmos.’ She did not tell me ‘Aham Brahmasmi’. She said, ‘Brahmaivaaham’! Means, this body is a vehicle of that Brahman. You are carrying the most important person in the world. Not VIP, Very Important Person; MIP, Most Important Person. Let’s create a new word…..HAHAHAHAHA: ‘Most Important Person’! Brahmaivaaham! Luxury of the Kundalini! Again and again I want to repeat that word, ‘Luxury of Kundalini’. ‘Veda Shaastra Guru Tatthu Swayam Ananda Lakshanam’! ‘As per the Vedas, Shaastras and teachings of the Guru, my Self is the pure bliss’! When you come to this experience that is what I call ‘Luxury of Kundalini’.

How you carry your shoulders and neck every day when you walk out of your room to live your life, what you carry in your eyes to share with the world…. Understand, whatever you carry in your eyes, nose, face, mouth, it gets shared with the world without even you pressing the ‘share’ button! Without you clicking the ‘share’ button, it gets shared! That is why Vivekananda says, ‘If you are carrying stupid depression, don’t come out of the room. Better you lock yourself in the room!’ Be a ‘poadugaali’; that’s enough! In Tamil, there are two words – ‘oadugaali’ and ‘poadugaali’. When they are depressed if they run away, they are ‘oadugaalis’. When they are depressed if they run inside the room, they are ‘poadugaalis’. HAHAHAHA! Being a ‘poadugaali’ is much better than being a ‘oadugaali’. HAHAHAHA! These are all Tamil village slang words. Understand what you carry……. Whether it is a webinar or Inner Awakening Level-1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 it all boils down to: Awaken your Kundalini!

Every day, when you fall asleep, let you drop yourself into that Kundalini snake. That is what Vishnu shows when he lies down on the AadiSesha. He just drops himself in that Brahma Kundalini, the Cosmic Kundalini energy. When you drop yourself in the Cosmic Kundalini, all the auspiciousness of the world just presses your feet and does seva as Lakshmi! Embodiment of all the best things of the world is Lakshmi. She just presses your feet and does seva! Drop yourself in the Cosmic Kundalini every day, every night. Drop yourself in the Cosmic Kundalini Snake. Some of the fellows are keeping their room so dirty, in their room real snake may run around! How you feel, how you feel about the life, how you feel about you, how you exchange you, how you engage with you and life, how you share you with life, as I said, what you carry in your eyes, in your mouth, in your nose, in your face, gets shared without even you clicking the ‘share’ button. If you come out like this (with a depressed face), you don’t need to put a separate ‘share’ button to share with all. Immediately it gets shared!

Remember, every moment you are taking a ‘selfie’ and sharing with all! In your life, every moment what you are carrying, you are taking a ‘selfie’ and sharing with all! May be, you can do this as a spiritual practice: Once in ten minutes continuously take ‘selfie’ and share with all. Then you know that is what is happening in the Cosmos! Then you will remember to carry….! See, ‘Smaranaath Mukthi’! Remembrance, the right remembrance immediately helps you to decide to be in higher space. And constantly being in the higher space is mukthi (liberation)! Forgetting is death, remembrance is life! ‘Smaranaath Mukthi’! ‘Smaranaath Mukthi’! ‘Smaranaath Mukthi’! Nothing else! When you forget, you are dead! The moment you remember, you are alive, enlightened! May be you can do this practice for forty-eight hours: Every ten minutes, take a ‘selfie’ and share, and remember this is what is happening constantly! What you show in your face, what you carry in your face is constantly getting shared whether you are aware or not. So, let you be aware of what you are carrying in your eyes and nose and mouth and face. At least, because it is getting shared, you will start carrying the luxury of Kundalini, luxury of Kundalini. Just to remember, just to remember; nothing else! Just to remember, that is the practice. This word is the sutra: ‘Just to remember’. That is the practice. That is the ritual. That is the sadhana. That is living. That is enlightenment.

Remember, whatever you are carrying is constantly getting shared. May be, next forty-eight hours, all of you practice; it will be good. Every ten minutes, take a ‘selfie’ and share with all. Every ten minutes, take a ‘selfie’ and share with all. After four-five hours, you will understand, ‘Oh, God! This is what is happening in my life throughout and I was not even aware!’ And remember to share that ‘selfie’ in my page also. Because you know I am going to see it, then you know what you should be carrying. Seeing your ‘selfie’, I can know very clearly are you carrying MIP (Most Important Person) or VIP (Very Important Person). VIP is you. Everyone thinks they are VIP, VIPs. If you carry MIP – the Most Important Person – in you, I can see it! Understand, if you are carrying your ego, you think you are carrying a VIP inside you. If you are carrying the luxury of Kundalini, you are carrying the Most Important Person (MIP) inside you.

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