Cognition to become Shiva

The FIRST LOGIC you have to establish in yourself is: ‘My guru is the ultimate spiritual expression I know.  As far as I know, my guru.  There might have been bigger or smaller (gurus), I don’t know.  But, whatever I know….  There might have been the greatest whisky, brandy, coffee, tea….might have been, might be….but what comes in my cup only I can drink.  The best I can, I get it to my cup.  The best I can is my guru…I know is my guru.  That is the best spiritual expression I know.  He told me clearly I am Mahadeva.  Then, this is the path I need to start walking.’  That is the first logic you need to establish in you.

SECOND: ‘He did not tell me if I become like this I am Mahadeva, if I behave like that I am Mahadeva, if I reduce my tummy I am Mahadeva or clean my face I am Mahadeva or shave my hair I am Mahadeva or leave my hair long I am Mahadeva.  No!  He said, ‘You ARE Mahadeva as you are’.  Then the whole problem boils down to somewhere me not accepting it.  There is no other factual, logical point that why I am not Mahadeva.’

Please understand, there is a vast difference between the stone temple built like this with a pillar, and this decoration structure.  This is a decoration structure.  Both may look like same, but there is a vast difference.  Same way, all the reason why you think you are not Mahadeva are like this, the decoration pieces reason.  Not, even though it looks like factual, but not factual reasons.  Listen!  Listen!  This may look like pillar, but this cannot do the job of the pillar.  It can be a decoration as pillar. 

Same way, the reasons you have why you are not Mahadeva are not factual.  They are not cognizable. They are not real in Cosmic Law of Life.  Because, your guru did not tell you if you become this, this, this, you are Mahadeva.  No!  I might have told if you experience Shivoham, this, this, may express through you.  But I never tell; if I told I am withdrawing.  Even if you understood, or heard, I am withdrawing those statements.  No pre-condition for Shivoham.  Shivoham is the unconditional truth.  Shivoham is the unconditional apology Maya gives you, delusion gives you.  It says, ‘You are That!  Sorry for deluding you for all these days.  Please forgive me.  Unconditionally I am apologizing and leaving you.’  

Understand, the SECOND LOGIC you need to establish inside you is: ‘There is no pre-condition, pre-qualification for me to experience, live, radiate Shivoham.’ And, I am also reminding you that Day One you will not be able to perfectly experience Shivoham; you don’t have to bother about it.  Whatever YOU know as Shivoham!  You may not be able to immediately sit under the Kalpavriksha and give initiation, enlightenment to people.  But you will be able to easily give one small soap, comb, cloth, rudraksha you have around you.  When somebody comes and asks, be like Mahadeva.  Will Mahadeva say ‘No!’?  No!  Whatever YOU know as Mahadeva! 

I can give you some simple basic expressions of Mahadeva: SAT-CHIT-ANANDA.  He is ‘Sat’ – Truth.  He is ‘Chit’ – Conscious, alive.  He is ‘Ananda’ – Bliss, bliss of constantly being himself; bliss of constantly being himself. So, understand, start with that: ‘I am in bliss of just being myself.  I am in bliss of being Mahadeva.’  And whatever logic says, ‘I am not Mahadeva, I am not the Ultimate’, is not factual; because, ‘If it is factual, my guru would have told me!  My guru did not tell ‘with all these conditions you are Shivoham’.  No!’ There is no fine-prints involved in Shivoham initiation.  Shivoham is Shivoham is Shivoham.  There is no star (*) mark, and below, in fine-print: ‘Conditions Apply’.  No!  You ARE Mahadeva!  You ARE Mahadeva!  You ARE Mahadeva!

Listen, Listen intensely!  So, all the logic and reason you are having to say, ‘No, no, no.  I don’t think I am Mahadeva’, that has something to do with you, and not it has something to do with reality.  Listen!  If you have any reason that you are not Mahadeva, Shivoham is not the reality for you, that logic, that reasons have nothing to do with reality.  It has something to do with you.  You need to work only on that. 

Understand, the moment you know these pillars are not stone, original pillars, simply you know how to remove it.  You will have the energy, intelligence, everything, just to pull it out.  But, as long as you are thinking it is a stone pillar, you won’t even come near to remove it!  So, anything which says you are not Shiva, those logic has nothing to do with reality; it has something to do with you.  This is the second logic you need to establish within you. 


Listen!  The NEXT LOGIC (THIRD LOGIC) you need to establish within you: ‘Anything which is not factual, I can complete it.  After all, it is my freedom.  I created the delusion around me.  All this I kept it as a decoration, these pillars and all this.  This is not a stone structure.  If I want to alter it, I can move or remove.’  That remembrance itself will drastically reduce the powers of incompletion, the power incompletion has over you, understand?

The NEXT LOGIC you need to establish: ‘Let me start celebrating all the qualities I can radiate as Mahadeva.’ 

Being blissful always just because you exist is ‘Shivabodha’, being intoxicated of being Shiva.  Actually, you don’t even need to struggle.  Just visualize it is there; it is there oozing like blood oozing in the body.  The energy of Shivabodha!  And Shiva is not some dead qualities; he is a living being!  Request him, ‘O, Mahadeva, I request you, I am a initiated disciple.  I am authorized to invoke you and request you.’ Initiation gives you the authority; so you don’t even have to have the doubt, ‘Am I qualified to invoke him?  Am I qualified to call him?  Am I qualified to receive him?’  No!  Initiation gives you authority.

‘I am initiated disciple.  I invoke you.  Please come inside.  Be you.  Let me be you.  Let you be me.  Let you just be.’

And he is such vibrant, living, intelligent being!  When you invoke him, he clears tons of incompletions which you were thinking too big.  Invoke him again and again.  Invite him again and again.  When you invoke him, you don’t need to be cleaning up everything bit by bit, inch by inch – ‘Oh, this corner of the house I have to clean and burn the dust.’  When HE comes, the whole thing is burnt, nothing is left!  He remains as he!  Establish this few logic. 

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