Can we get greedy in our spiritual path also ?

The questions is, “Can we get greedy in our spiritual path also. How can we identify if that is happening? How do we know if we are greedy regarding our spiritual desires or they are our genuine quest? Please clarify”. 

Please understand, your greed, if it inspires you to do tapas, means work for it, then it is a genuine quest. If it is there just as a greed, it is not inspiring you to do tapas, for example, if you—I am giving you one example, if you want to be free from hunger and thirst, like how my sanyasis are now having, if you want to do that, feeling that can be considered as greed. Now, if that greed inspires you to do all the tapas necessary or the spiritual practices necessary then you are on the right track. This is sincere quest. But if your greed is not inspiring you to go through the tapas required then it is just empty greed like one more greed for 100 Rolls-Royce, private jet, that kind of thing only. Nothing else.

And I also wanted you to know one more thing. When your quest is genuine you just attract a living Master around you. You just feel so strongly connected, He becomes your first priority in the life. You can see, around me I can see very clearly—many people come inside the organisation for many reason. Only if their quest is genuine I become first priority for them and they stand up. They transform, they become authentic and honest. Today I am going to move all those people who are in that hunger-free samyama to the next level. Actually they have successfully completed more than 8 days. As I said, from 10th to 17th night, full 8 days this guys did not eat any food. Many of them, there are 1 or 2 whose body started having more heat; I myself gave them instruction to have one meal. Like that there are 1 or 2 who have had 1 meal. Full 1 week, only one meal. Don’t think whole day they are drinking litres and litres of milk and juice and all other thing. No! Even otherwise, a little bit of, maybe 100 ml juice morning and 100 ml juice in the night, little water in between. That’s all.  Without missing anything in their routine, including yoga and weight-lifting. They have finished the tapas. Now I am taking them to the next level. From today, it was actually the first samyama, I expected will work for 4 days.  As I said they even proved my idea about them is wrong. They were successful upto 8 days.  So now, today I am putting  them into the next level of  the samyama which will be moving them to atleast next 40 days.

When you have genuine quest, you automatically feel connected and move in the right track. You may think,what is the need of being without food? It is not going to save us anything. No. it is not about being hunger-free. It is all about the ability to raise yourselves from the external needs.  The next step will be ‘raising them beyond sleep’.  And the third step will be ‘raising them beyond the physical needs like a pleasures. You will see, within 1 year I will have atleast 100 sadhus-my brahmacharis and brahmacharinis– having the same bio-memory and the purity standard of the body.  See, just like how my body, the very male harmone level itself has dropped to 6-year old child. Means, the very male harmone production has stopped. Only for the basic supplies like to keep the body; only that much is getting produced. Not more than that. How the very physiology has changed in me, exactly you will see the same way their very physiology will change. If they are sanyasinis, complete- that periods- menstrual  cycle will stop. The production of the egg itself will stop.  If they are sanyasis, the very harmone level, harmone production will stop.  Suddenly, in Sanskrit we have a word called ‘Ojas’ means ‘the whole energy turns up, not down,turns up; becomes the Kundalini energy (Urdhvaretas). This is actually part of the process, that ultimate process. Please understand, many people were greedy of this state, but whoever has inspiration to do tapas also, I have put them into this process. Its a ability to do tapas decides whether you have genuine quest or just pseudo ideas. It is a capacity to do tapas. That is where everything boils down. In the inner world, tapas. In the outer world, being a high achiever. That’s all is the essence of my teaching. Essence of my teaching is that much only. This is what I call ‘upgrading human beings to God’. You upgraded yourself from monkey to human being. Now it is time, ‘Oh humanity! Upgrade yourself from human being to divine being. Otherwise life is waste’. 

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