Fear of public speaking is nothing but fear of talking to yourself

Questionnaire: ‘Dear Swamiji, as you say, facing fear is the only way to go beyond any fear. Kindly correlate practicing the four tatvas and living without fear of any sort from now on; for example, fear of public speaking, going up to the fear of death.’

Swamiji: You think public speaking is such a small fear? You are wrong! Fear of public speaking is nothing but fear of losing your image, which is much worse than fear death. At least, after death you know, I don’t need to face this fellow. Nobody is going to back come and ask you, ‘Why did you die in such a bad way? You could have died a little more gracefully!’ No, nobody is going to ask you. But everybody is going to ask you, ‘Why did you blabber your mouth so much? Why did you open your mouth and lose the little respect you had?’ Everybody is going to ask you! So Fear of public speaking is much more than fear of death. Getting it? Statistics are right when they say fear of public speaking is the largest fear than fear of death! Fear of death comes only as second in the survey reports.

Understand, listen, listen, when you face certain fear….. I’ll give you one example.

For example fear of losing all your wealth.

When you face that fear you don’t need to start believing you will lose one day, but you will face it. Listen. Usually what you do know in the name of facing the fear?

‘Alright, now I lost it! What can be done? Let me face.’ Then what happens? O

ne part of you confirms you are going to lose the all the wealth and then it will say, ‘No, no! How can you live? How can you live? What is this? Why are you thinking all this?’

Listen, how many of you understand what I am saying?

So now you are caught between whether you are going to accept you are going to lose the wealth one day, or just to hide, hide, hide and suppress,

‘No, I am not going to lose! I am not going to lose! I am not going to lose!’ If you say you are not going to lose, your heart is not going to believe.

If you say, ‘Yes I am going to lose now what to do?’ Again, ‘See, you are powerless now what to do? What is the way to save yourself?’ Your mind somehow keeps seeing the rut.

Listen you don’t need to believe you are going to lose the wealth, and you don’t need to have the fear what will you do if you lose the wealth? Understand?

I am giving you one more example. Let me expand first, when you have the fear of losing the wealth, go to the root when it when the fear started and complete with that root. Neither deny the fear nor say yes to the fear. Understand, when you have the fear ‘If I lose all my wealth what will happen?’ Don’t deny, ‘No I am never going to lose my wealth’ Don’t tell that within you and don’t say, ‘Yes! I am going to lose the wealth what can I do?’ Don’t say that. Neither say yes, nor say no to that fear go to the root of that fear and complete with it. How many of you are getting it? So how many of you are struggling saying yes or no to that fear? Whether you say yes or no you are caught.

Listen, I’ll give you one more example. Example, you went and did some crime now you are afraid you may be imprisoned. If you say you are not going to be imprisoned your heart is not going to believe. ‘If it happens, what to do?’ If you say alright If you are imprisoned it’s okay you say I’ll face it. Now again ‘ Then again, ‘No, no you see, you are so powerless your life is gone, what will happen to this, what will happen to that, what will happen to wife, what will happen to child, what will happen to your life? You are in depression. How many of you struggle? If you say “Yes” or “No”, both lead to struggle. Saying yes or no both leads to powerlessness raise your hand. That is why I am telling you fear is the most cunning guy whether you say “Yes” or “No” you are in mess. Don’t say “Yes” or “No” go to the root and complete. ‘From where you start? Come on tell me that.’ Ask the fear ‘From where you start come on tell me that. Who are you? Who is your father?’ In India we have the habit in villages especially for anything they’ll first thing ask, ‘Who is your father? You are from which family?’ I tell you the whole India, all of you need to know, with such a less police power such a small law and order infrastructure India is the lowest crime rate in the whole world do you know that? Lowest crime rate reported unreported, both. Lowest crime rate. Why you know not because of police and law and order infrastructure, it is just this one idea, ‘Who is your family?’ ‘Hey they will blame my family they will blame my father.’ ‘From which family you are?’ This is the first question they will ask even if you go to school late, the school teachers will ask, ‘Yaar paiyyanda nee?’ (Whose son are you?) Arrey! Who is my father how is it going to affect my coming late to school a day? For everything family will be held as responsible so just that one pattern only keeps the whole India crime free or lowest crime.

Understand whenever you need to face the fear, when I say “face the fear” I don’t mean accept the fear no find the root of the fear and face it, complete with it. Even when I lead you into the death process I am not making you accept what will happen to death . ‘What will happen after death, let me accept.’ No I am only guiding you to the root of death fear and completing it. No see the whole study the whole death meditation what answer do you get? Do you get any answer for what will happen after death? No I am not interested in giving you the answer to what will happen after death I am only interested in from where this fear started, leading you there and completing it.

So the fear of public speaking, don’t say you will be a failure in public speaking and you will lose your face. Don’t say you will never be failure you will be successful just go to the root when that fear of public speaking started. When that started. This one thing I can never understand in my life is, what do they mean by fear of public speaking? Once I asked one fellow, ‘You should receive enlightenment. When are you going to receive?’ He said, ‘Tell me Swamiji, which shop it is available I will go and receive .’ Like he can’t understand what is enlightenment, same way I can’t understand the meaning of the word, “fear of public speaking”, because my first public lecture was delivered at the age of ten. When I was ten, I spoke on Patanjali Yoga Sutras. I am now thirty-five last twenty-five years I am continuing, continuing, continuing to be in the public and only last ten years we have started video recording the satsangs but otherwise my public life is twenty-five years. Fear of public speaking is nothing but fear of talking to yourself. First bring Integrity with what the word you utter to you then you will understand the fear of public speaking will disappear. It will disappear.

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