I just can’t control my celebrative mood when I read even one verse of Upanishad. What a beauty. Beauty in words! Grace in organizing the sounds! Never there was so much of beauty expressed in words or the grace organized in sounds!

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |
Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey ||

Just by repeating this one line, I can give up my body. Nothing else is required. Nothing else is required. This one verse was made available to me in my human body is enough; this human body has achieved what it needs to achieve. This one sacred sentiment, this one sacred truth is revealed to me is enough; this human body is useful, it is used more than it can be used. Now it has reached its fulfillment. Anything further, if it is alive, it is a bonus. The cognition, when that gets centered on consciousness, life is love, laughter, joy, and life itself.

Let us now understand how to make our cognition centered on this sacred truth:

‘The Whole comes from Whole and be established in the Whole and gets back to Whole. And even during this whole process, it remains as Whole.’

How can we align our cognition to it? As I said, mathematically you can never understand this verse. Mathematically you cannot say, ‘Two comes out of two, and stays as two, and goes back to two; even after that it remains as two’. No. That is why the concept of ‘Zero’, no brain was able to conceive other than the Rishis’ brain.

I am revealing the next Akashic Records. Please listen. Listen. I am revealing the Akashic Records.

When the concept of Zero itself was revealed, the consciousness of the rishi was: the Whole was the value of the Zero, not ‘nothingness’. Please listen. ‘Infinity’ was the definition of Zero by the Upanishadic rishis. But the logic mind which received these understandings was not able to comprehend. So, they made that as ‘nothingness’, ‘Shoonya’. Means, ‘Sa Anya’ – ‘There is nothing other than this exists’ is Shoonya’. ‘Sa Anya’ – ‘Nothing other than this exists’. Means, anything you call as ‘Anya’, inclusive of that is ‘Shoonya’. Listen. ‘Sa Anya’ – ‘Anything which you call as ‘Other’, including all that is ‘Shoonya’. Zero of Indian rishis is not Zero of western mathematicians. Zero of the Indian rishis is not the Zero of western mathematicians. Unfortunately, the Zero which got delivered here, travelled there, and came back with a new interpretation, became part of our thinking system. 

This one understanding – Zero is not ‘nothingness’; it is ‘infinity’. Zero is not ‘nothingness’; it is ‘infinity’ – this one statement, if this one cognition is digested into your system, if this one truth becomes your cognition, your whole life will take a new turn; you will not believe any more the stupid theories of ‘you are going to have death or destruction’. These stupid theories of ‘one life’ concepts – all that will disappear. How can you have one life? How can life have one life? You can have one body at a time; that is accepted. How can life have only one life? Then are you just body? Then after the life leaves, the body should be functioning. Then if suddenly body is not functioning, then something is leaving. What leaves, how that can have only one body? If that is only one body, then it should not be leaving it. Tons and tons of stupid cognitions you are carrying will melt down, tons and tons of stupid beliefs you are carrying will melt down with this one sacred truth: ZERO IS NOT ‘NOTHINGNESS’; ZERO IS ‘INFINITY’.

‘Shoonya’ as it was discovered, ‘Shoonya’ as it was spelled out by the rishis did not mean ‘nothingness’; it meant ‘infinity’. ‘Sa Anya’, means, anything you call it as ‘Anya’, all that together is ‘Shoonya’. ‘Na Anya’ – ‘Nothing other than’ is different. ‘Sa Anya’ – ‘Anything you think or understand or feel as ‘Anya’ is ALL put together’. Means, the possibility for the ‘other’ to exist does not exist in ‘Shoonya’, because, anything you say ‘other’, we say already we have included; that is why it is ‘Shoonya’.

I am not disagreeing; primarily there is a problem in human beings. But, I am not agreeing to any of these psychiatric, psychological, fussy diagnostic methods and the cures. I wanted all my Gurukul kids who are already there, and who are going to come, thousands and thousands, to take up the field of Psychology, Psychiatry, and tell the truth to the world by dedicating their life to that field and expose that field to the world. I feel, sometime it will be really nice if I have a PhD in the field of Psychology, because, my words will be taken more seriously. And I WILL get it. I WILL GET IT.

I am not against the doctors, psychiatric doctors and psychological doctors, practitioners. No, I am not against. All I am telling you is, even YOU are deluded. The lie is sold to YOU. EVEN to YOU, it is being sold.

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