Any problem in your life is nothing but incompletion, which is imaginary.

I will recite the mantra. I request everyone to recite the mantra along with me. Then I will start revealing the Akashic Records.

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||
|| ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ||

Om Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |
Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey ||
|| Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthih ||

I offer my respects to everyone who is responsible for this great truth, the rishis who revealed it, and the great Masters who wrote Bhashya, Varthika, Teeka, and their Sampradhaya Devathas. I bow down to all of them, invoke all their presence, offer our respects to all of them, and enter into the Sutra.

“Completion, from Completion even if you think Completion has moved out, the Completion remains Complete!”

Completion, even if you feel moved away from Completion, it remains Complete. And Completion merging into the Completion remains Complete.

All your incompletions are imaginary! Listen! All your incompletions are imaginary! If you tell your DNA, your body, the source of your body, ‘All your incompletions are imaginary!’, you will walk out of any disease, because, disease is nothing but you strongly believing you are away from this Whole, understand? For example, somebody comes to me with a stomach pain. All I do is tell that stomach, ‘Hey, till yesterday you were producing whatever is required to function smoothly from this Cosmos, either from food or water or air. Come on, now wake up! Again do the same job!’ That is all I do. And the body gets healed! Unfortunately, that person has moved too much away from his stomach; the stomach listens to me, but not to him! But if you have not moved away from your stomach, even YOU can tell your stomach.

Listen! The Whole remains as Whole. Completion remains as Completion. Even when you think you have incompletion, the incompletion does not exist.

On my Jayanthi Day I was explaining, whether you have a problem as simple as constipation, or as complicated as conflict with the Constitution of the country you are living in, it can be as simple as constipation problem or as complicated as conflict with the Constitution of the country you are living in, any level of the problem, this truth can be a great help, this sathya can relieve you from that problem and suffering, this sathya can liberate you. Understand, on this one line, meditate: “Even when you strongly believe you have incompletions, they are not factual”. See, I am not a crude, violent guy to tell when somebody comes to me with a problem, with a headache or suffering or pain or disease, ‘Hey, all your diseases are imaginary!’ I am not that crude a guy, understand? I am not talking out of insensitivity. And I am telling you, I am putting myself in your place, and what I will tell myself, I am telling you.

There is a very beautiful incident.

Once a great disciple of Ramana Maharshi, his name is Muruganar, he goes to Bhagawan, and he was sitting at the feet of Bhagawan, Ramana Maharshi.

A few devotees came from various parts of Tamil Nadu. The conversation was happening.

I will have to tell the exact situation; only then you will understand.

The conversation was happening about many small things like “construction is going on in the ashram”, and, “food should be served to everyone”.

Like this some conversation was going on. There was a question about some construction that was going on in the ashram, may be, I think, kitchen or extension of kitchen.

And then, Bhagawan was a micro manager, and he calls that disciple and asks, ‘Did you do the door frame and all that?’ That person was replying something.

And then Bhagawan makes a statement, ‘Go to Chettinad (a place in Tamil Nadu famous for its vintage traditional houses) and make the door frame exactly like that.’ Actually, there are references. And, then, Bhagawan makes a beautiful statement; in Tamil he makes: வாசல் மட்டும் இல்லைடா, வரவேற்கவும் செட்டினாட்டிலேந்து கத்துக்கிட்டு வா (‘Vaasal mattum illaida, varaverkavum Chettinattilendhu Katthukkittu va’). ‘Not only the door frame, even how to receive and how to take care of people, learn from Chettinad and come.’

Then suddenly the conversation turns to charity; means, giving away, giving. So, using this chance, the great disciple, Muruganar, he asks Bhagawan, ‘O Bhagawan, you wrote beautiful verses on Arunachaleshwara. Please give the meaning. Give us the Commentary on those verses.’

And that disciple records this whole incident.

It seems suddenly Bhagawan’s face has become very shy and his face started blushing, understand? A fifty-five-year-old great Advaithi, suddenly in the mood of blushing and shy!

And it seems he said, ‘It is too intimate. I cannot speak about it!’

Because, that whole song is “Akshara Mana Maalai” – “Bridal Garland of Letters”. Bhagawan put himself in Madhura Bhaava and wrote towards Arunachaleshwara; not even Arunachaleshwara, but Arunachala Hill! Because, Bhagawan relates to that hill as Mahadeva. Of course, he had high reverence and respect for that deity also, because, whenever that deity comes in the procession from the temple, he will go and stand, bow down, and stretch the hand and receive the vibhooti. He was very respectful to that deity also. It was not that he was disrespectful to that deity. But he himself worshipped that whole hill as deity. So, he could not comment, understand? Now the punchline! Listen!

Then Muruganar asks, ‘If you say commenting on it, explaining it is so difficult, because it is too intimate you cannot comment on it, why did you reveal those verses to us? Why did you write those verses?’

Bhagawan said, ‘When I wrote those verses and sang, whoever was around me, they were so dedicated, devoted disciples, I did not feel I am talking to somebody else; I felt I am talking to me! So I wrote to me! I revealed those truths to me!’

Understand, with that very same cognition, now whatever I am talking, I am talking to me, because, I feel all of you are part of me! All of you are part of me! “Ardhaangini”! You guys are not even Ardhaangini for me; “Poornaanga”! You guys are all part of me! So, as part of me, I am telling you this truth! I am not talking insensitively.

In Tamil there is a proverb: தலை வலியும் பல் வலியும் தனக்கு வந்தால் தான் தெரியும் (“Thalai valiyum, palvaliyum, thanakku vandhaalthaan theriyum”). “Whether it is a headache or tooth pain, only when it comes to you, you will know the suffering.”

Understand, I am not talking out of insensitivity. When I had a fracture in my hand what I told my own body and DNA….. Please understand, it was a multiple complicated fracture! My great adventure on my horse! HAHAHAHAHAHA! When there was a complicated multiple fracture….. But within twenty-four hours I was out in the public continuing my responsibilities! Within forty-eight hours I was delivering my satsanghs! No pain-killer, nothing! What I told to me to heal myself that quickly and come back to my normal life……. And I guarantee with all my integrity, with Mahadeva as witness, I tell you, not even one moment there was pain! No question of pain, any pain! No physical pain, physiological pain, psychological pain! The moment I fell from the horse, when I stood up, I didn’t even check the hand. I saw there, Shanishwara (Saturn), standing with folded hands. He said, ‘I have to execute the ordained frames of life.’ Because this physical body is in the physical plane, so it has to move through the physical rules and regulations. And that was the “Janma Shani” time for me. The“साढेसाती” (“Saadey Saathi”), “ஏழரை” (“ezharai”) (the seven-and-a-half year cycle of Saturn) was going on. So, he was standing there with folded hands and said, ‘I have to do my responsibility.’ And the moment I saw him I smiled, because the horse was a black horse, and I was smiling. God, such a highly secured, tightly protected person like me! See, at least five to ten sannyasis are all the time around me. I cannot even slip and fall even if I want! See, even if I want, if I slip also, I will fall only on my sannyasis! Any side they will be holding me! And such highly protected, tightly protected! And, so beautifully this Shanishwara came and did his job and went! HAHAHAHA! And he also said, ‘I can never touch your consciousness, give any pain. But the physical plane, whatever has to go through, has to go through.’ Understand, at that moment, what is the sathya, truth, that I myself used to heal me, recover myself, I am sharing that with you all. Listen! Don’t think this whatever I am going to share now is impractical or insensitive, and because you are having suffering I am giving this for you to work on it. No! When I had (a problem), what I used, I am sharing that with you.

Please understand, your DNA, your bio-energy, is always in the space of Completion. Whether you think you have a stomach pain, headache, it can be as simple as a small scratch on the skin, to as difficult as cancer, tell your DNA,

‘You are Complete and get back to your Completion! You are Complete and get back to your original state of Completion!’

Don’t go on imagining that there is some incompletion in you, understand? Because, one moment you are convinced there is a disease in you, that cannot become a fact or the ultimate truth. Listen! Yes, at that time I had fracture. There was a fracture, completely broken. It was not a hairline fracture; completely broken! Both bones fully broken! Actually, the other part of the hand was separately hanging, because both the bones broke and came out of the hand through the skin. Completely broken! But, that was not the original state of me and that is never going to be the original state of me. The power of suffering is, it will convince you that you are going to suffer forever! That is the worst power of suffering.

Please understand, if you are convinced that the suffering is going to be with you forever, you are in hell! That wrong conviction needs to be weeded out….needs to be weeded out. The wrong conviction that suffering is going to be there with you forever, brings the disease again and again back to you….back to you. If you convince your DNA, your bio-memory, that you are Complete, then Completion will be brought back to you, health will be brought back to you. You may be an enlightened being or an incarnation. It is not that Shani did not do his job. And he was so sincere! I was so happy! Actually, I am going to have a Shani deity installed on that spot! I am waiting for that work to be done. I saw him standing with a smile and politeness, with all the joy and happiness that he did his job. And a normal person, any normal person can never have such a big fracture, falling from a four-feet-high horse! And, we even checked my bone density and all that. There was no problem! When He (Shani) wanted, He simply did it! I asked him, ‘Why, hand?’ I asked Shani why did He choose the right hand? He said, ‘Swamiji, only that hand has acquired a lot of punya (merits) by healing so many people. So, it will get healed quickly because of that punya. All the punya of healing so many people, all that goodness and merit is there in that hand, for that hand. And, moreover, that hand has to be quickly repaired for the sake of so many people to get healed. So, it will happen quickly. That is why I choose the right hand!’

Understand, the exact attitude and truth which healed me, I am sharing with you all. Any problem in your life is nothing but incompletion which is imaginary. I-M-A-G-I-N-A-R-Y! I am not in any delusion. And I am not deluding you. Our Upanishadic rishis who revealed this truth are not in delusion. They are neither in delusion nor in the mood of cheating you, understand? See, a great gold merchant, out of his love for Shiva he declares, ‘I will make hundred kilograms gold ornaments for Mahadeva!’ And he himself is a master of that science. Will he cheat two grams gold from that hundred kilograms gold jewellery? One, he knows the science, the quality checking. Second, he is graceful; means, he is full of gratitude. Neither he will cheat nor he will allow anybody else to cheat, because he knows the science. Same way, I am telling you, the Upanishadic rishis, neither they can be in delusion nor they can put you in delusion, because they have nothing to gain by putting you in delusion. This gold merchant has nothing to gain by stealing two grams gold from that hundred kilograms gold which he wanted to give to Mahadeva. The Upanishadic rishis have put their whole life to humanity! Sacrificed! They are neither in delusion nor can put others in delusion.

Understand, my job is the most difficult job. I have to completely teach you the opposite way of thinking what society has taught you. For example, you go to somebody and tell you have a headache. And that person rolls on you and says, ‘You have a headache? Aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo! What happened to you? This should not have come to you!’ And cries! And wipes his face on your own saree! Does all the dirt! And you think, ‘Oh, how loving this person is! How caring this person is!’ But, when you come to me, I have to tell you, ‘Please tell your inner-most being it is not the true state of you.’ Then you may think, ‘Oh, if YOU get this headache, then you will understand! All your philosophy!’ You feel I am insensitive.

Please understand, I am not insensitive! I am sharing with you exactly what I did to me. When I had a fracture, this is what exactly I did to me and got healed. Morning seven o’clock I think I had the fracture. Seven or seven-thirty. Evening, by three-thirty or four-thirty, they have done the surgery. Throughout, neither was there any pain, nor any pain-killer or any other medical care or support. I was just sitting. And not even one moment I was unconscious! I am telling you, just tell yourself!

When you tell your DNA, ‘You are Complete!’, you walk out of diseases!

When you tell your relationship issues, ‘You are Complete!’, you walk out of relationship problems and have healed Complete relationships.

When you tell your desires, ‘You are Complete!’, much more than anything you desired life showers on you!

When you tell your fears, ‘You are Complete!, no harm can be done to you how many ever people may try to harm you!

I am not talking out of arrogance or ego, please understand. I tell you, when you are Complete inside, no one can frighten you, no one can harm you! Cosmos functions on intelligence. It functions on Completion. I am telling you! I am telling you!

I will continue to expand on how Completion can be used as a power, a powerful life solution, a powerful solution for life, and methodology to fulfil life. Understand, Completion is not just replacing your Anacin, Metacin, Paracetamol. It replaces Anacin, Metacin, Paracetamol also; but it does much more than that. Completion is God!

पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते |
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ||

Poornamadhah Poornamidham Poornaath Poornam Udhachyathey |
Poornasya Poornamaadhaaya Poornamevaavasishyathey ||

This Completion can be practiced; you can live it, you can use it, you can assimilate it in your life. You can digest it. You can use the Completion and solve the problems of your life, whether it is a disease as simple as headache or as complicated as cancer, or the interpersonal relationships, as simple as a simple verbal fight or as complicated as divorce. Same way, the problem of utter poverty, to not having enough time for shopping. Rich people have another one poverty: they don’t have enough time for shopping! Poor people don’t have enough money for shopping. Whether it is a poverty of that to this, I tell you, Completion is a practical, user-friendly solution. Rishis, the Vedic rishis, are not impractical people. I tell you, every time I utter the word “Vedic rishis” and remember them, I am in love with them again! What amazing beings to explain life so beautifully! Their dedication, utter, utter dedication, dedication to the truths, dedication to life, making the solution as practical as possible!

Please understand, when people have a knowledge about the common man’s problems, they only plan how to commercialize it. I am telling you, everyone who has the knowledge, use that grey area for their vested interests. Upanishadic rishis are the most authentic people, knowing the whole Cosmic Law, but never used any grey area for their vested interests! A lawyer uses the grey area of Law to prove his necessity. A doctor uses the grey area of Medicine to prove he is needed. In each field, people who have knowledge about that area, try to prove, ascertain their vested interests using the grey area. The Media, you don’t even have to tell! In every field, when they have the knowledge, they use the grey area for their vested interests. Upanishadic rishis, having the knowledge about the whole Cosmic Law, never used any grey area for their vested interests, but revealed the truth as it is with such utter dedication to the truth! Again and again, I remember those great rishis and rededicate myself at their feet. And, again and again, I commit I will reveal the truths as they expressed without any adulteration of any of my vested interests or any of my interference or interpretation. This is my commitment to the Vedic rishis.

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