Neither you need to be saved, nor you need to be Saviour! Wake up!

Once, I was sitting and having a discussion with one of the Acharya Mahamandaleshwars’, He said beautifully…..

I was asking him, ‘Why are we doing all the great rituals at the feet of the Dhwajasthambha – the Flag Pole – in the Akhada?’

He said, ‘Swamiji, that is the best way of presenting. The Flag Pole is the best representation of Dharma without intimidating us in course of time.’

If you put a statue of Chathur Veda, Veda Maatha, anything, in course of time the next generation will use even that to intimidate themselves. It will become one more god! The moment you utter the word “God”, the intimidation starts. “Consciousness”, the word itself expresses so much of intimacy! The very word feels so intimate and gives you intimacy. If you translate that same word “Eesha” into “Lord”, it is intimidating. If you translate that word into “Consciousness”, it is so intimate!

As long as you have a will, Free Will, you will always be intimidated by something which has Free Will. Listen! So, you need to be told that the Lord’s will is not like your will which intimidates, which feels threatened by anything which exists. It is neither interested in intimidating you, nor bothers to protect you, understand? I am making this statement: If you are expecting protection, you will only end up in hopelessness! Listen! Nobody can protect you, nobody can save you, because, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE SAVED! Wake up to your reality! You neither need to be saved, nor you need to be Saviour! At the most, any saviour needs to utter only this one statement: ‘Neither you need to be saved, nor you need a Saviour!’ Wake up!

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