Dharma declaring its authority by itself is Upanishads

The Upanishadic rishis are declaring, Upanishads are declaring….. I should not even use the word “Upanishadic rishis are declaring”. No! “Upanishads are declaring”! Dharma declares its authority by itself is Upanishads. Without the help of any author, or the authority of any author! Author not only brings authenticity, he brings authority also. Here, Dharma does not need authenticity or authority from anyone else. The person who lends authenticity, naturally lends authority also. When he lends authenticity, he has authority. Upanishads don’t need anybody to authenticate it. So, nobody has authority over it. That is why “Apourushya” – “no author”! It is declaring its own grandeur and beauty by its own existence.

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