Merge your Logic and Emotion to blossom

ॐ ईशावास्यमिदं सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।

Om Eeshaavaasyamidham Sarvam Yathkincha Jagathyaam Jagath |


“By the Consciousness enveloped must this all be, whatever moving there is in the moving world.”

Listen! Yesterday I was explaining two concepts. Later on I tried to ask my sannyasis, ‘How many of you understood?’ Anyhow… I am explaining it again. It means, you understand how many understood! 

Two words I introduced: “Inclusiveness” and “Conclusiveness”.

Listen! Whenever you operate based on logic, you arrive to conclusions, and move from conclusions to more conclusions. Like Maths: Conclusions! And Science: Conclusions! Your logic, thinking! One of the important components of your life moves in the line of conclusions. It doesn’t care about anything else. It doesn’t care about anything else. One of the biggest problems you face in this way of moving with conclusions….. There are many advantages when you are moving with conclusions. If you want to reach Delhi, if you have a conclusive calculation – how many hours it will take, which road you will have to drive, how many kilometres from where you are….. You need conclusive details; only then you can reach Delhi. So, there are many advantages if you move in the language of logic; it is very conclusive. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. Even you will feel bored because life itself is not always conclusive, and life itself is not always logically analyzable and quantifiable or reproducible.

All systems, all systems, which try to analyze, quantify, replicate, reproduce, have their own disadvantages and restrictions. Including Astrology, please understand, which is trying to logically calculate, mathematically analyze and trying to come to conclusions about life. It can only be a rough direction; it can never be a conclusion. That way, if you see, the boss will be Kanni Rasi (Virgo), and his driver will be Kanni Rasi (Virgo), and his sweeper will be Kanni Rasi (Virgo). All three will be Kanni Rasi (Virgo). How come the boss is a boss, driver is a driver, and sweeper is a sweeper (even though all are Virgos)? It can only be rough directions.

As per my horoscope, I will never be known even to my next-door person! No, really! I will never be known even to my next-door person! Not in the later years; it says very clearly, even in the whole life! It is only a kind of a direction. We will have to give our own understanding to it. Yes, still I am never known even to the people who live around me! Hahahaha!

So, these conclusions can never be the conclusions as you understand. These conclusions should be looked with the eye of inclusion of circumstantial evidences. See, if you see the circumstantial evidence, this conclusion that “I will never be known by anybody” cannot be the conclusion as you understand.

Please understand, the thinking, approaching, planning with the conclusive approach, conclusive way of thinking, many times makes you stop seeing the whole. Conclusion is one of the methodologies which has some advantage and disadvantage, but not complete.

Same way, the inclusiveness, the inclusiveness; these people will never be practical. ‘Oh, everything is one and the same. Life is love.’ If you see in depth, even they don’t believe what they are talking. May be in some emotional high they will utter some words. See, this inclusive group is more poets, the people who preach love. I am not against love, listen. But, just like this conclusive way of thinking and living has its own disadvantage, the inclusive way of thinking and living also has its own limitations and disadvantage. See, the language of inclusiveness, it is always vague. ‘I want to reach Delhi. Please give the way. Tell me how.’ These inclusive people will ask, ‘Why do you want to reach Delhi? This itself is Delhi. Why don’t you celebrate here itself whatever way you want to celebrate? This is Delhi. That is Delhi! Delhi is Delhi! Delhi is everywhere! Everywhere is Delhi!’ These inclusive people talk more like drunkards. They don’t make life practical. But, they have one advantage: They will never be boring or tiring! They will never be boring or tiring! They know the juice of life is in inclusion.

Somewhere this inclusive, emotional trend, and the time, should meet the conclusive thinking style, and merge together. Only then the being….. See, the Logic – head – is always trying to be conclusive, conclusive, conclusive. The Emotion – heart – is always trying to be inclusive, inclusive, inclusive. But, both have their own limitations, advantages and disadvantages.

It is only the being, where both meet and blossom, only there ultimately the reality is perceived, lived as reality.

I have a story:

A drunk man is stopped by the police around midnight 12 o’clock and is asked where he is going at this time of the night.

The man replies, ‘I am going to attend a lecture on alcohol abuse and ill-effects of alcohol on my health.’

The officer: ‘Wow! Really? That sounds interesting! Who is giving that lecture at this time of the night?’

The man replies, ‘My WIFE!’

Understand? The joke seems to be very inclusive and conclusive!

Look into your life. Most of the time you are stable because of your conclusiveness. You grow because you take the risks and challenges of inclusiveness. But, somehow we will have to meet both and complete both, bring both to Completion. See, a man who wants to be conclusive in his life will be very stable, will get married, have a house, get a job in a Fortune 500 company, have a car, and he will know how to drive from house to office. Very stable life! Conclusive! But NO GROWTH! All growth, expansion happens when you operate, when you switch to the mode of inclusive. Only there you get the energy, intensity, clarity, depth, to take risks. Somewhere these two should have Completion in your being. That happens only when you know how the law of life functions, understand? 

All the Cosmic Law emerges, Dharma itself emerges out of an inner-space where inclusiveness and conclusiveness become Complete, the Emotion and Logic become Complete.

To run a family, you need inclusiveness. To run an office, you need to be conclusive. To run your life, you need to be inclusively conclusive! Ultimately, when you merge your Logic and Emotion, inclusiveness and conclusiveness, it should become inclusively conclusive, or conclusively inclusive. Not inconclusive!

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