The first statement of Eeshavaasya Upanishad is not only the Truth but also a Technique!

Listen! This first statement, I can tell you, it is just a shock! It is so inclusive and so conclusive! That is why I am telling you, it can be applied immediately as a technique, and it will be realized as a truth any moment by you, understand? All these great truths, sometimes they are truth, but cannot be applied as techniques. Sometimes they are techniques, but cannot be taken as truth. When there is a gap…….

Yesterday I explained some of the statements, like Ramana Maharshi is saying, ‘Nothing will happen without His grace. Only what He wants will happen.’ See, this is a powerful technique if you practice it honestly with integrity; but, I have seen many people exploiting it. Many of these so-called religions people, they will do all the mistake and say, ‘Only by God’s will everything happens. Everything happens, finally, by His will.’

One fellow came to me. He said, ‘I am stuck in poverty. Please bless me. Somehow help me to get out of this poverty.’

I asked him, ‘What is the reason why this poverty happened?’

‘Oh, I have fourteen kids.’

I asked him, ‘You could have been a little intelligent.’

He says, ‘What can I do? God gave!’

No, I just looked at him. I did not ask him any further questions! Now how I am looking at you guys, same way I looked at him. He understood!

I didn’t ask him verbally, ‘Did God come and do everything?’ But he understood!

See, this word can be a powerful technique if you use it honestly. But, it is not truth. How the word exactly uttered by Ramana Maharshi is misused! That is why I am saying there are some things which our masters said, sacred secrets; they are techniques, not truths. So, this word of Ramana Maharshi, ‘Everything happens only by God’s will’ is an amazing technique. If you just use that in your cognition, you will just settle down into the depth of your being. So much of inner healing will happen! You may suddenly wake up to the truth. The truth will be, you will know every clearly where your will is interfering and distorting God’s will, how you can let God’s will prevail without you willing to will against God’s will. You will be awakened to the truth if you practice that technique sincerely. But that statement itself is not truth. You can see how this guy with fourteen kids, manipulating the same statement! Understand!

Same way, the statement, We are beyond suffering, pain. No suffering can happen to us. No pain can touch us.’, it is a truth; but it cannot be a technique immediately for you to practice. I tried. The moment I heard this truth, ‘We are beyond suffering, pain, I just ran and took the knife and cut my thigh and saw whether we have pain or not. It is a truth, but not technique.

And, listen, when there is a gap between truth and technique, you need the guidance of a living Master and practice. See, when I heard, ‘We are beyond suffering and pain’, actually the truth meant, the Soul, Consciousness, what we are originally, not what I think as me. The truth is, what we are originally is beyond suffering and pain. But I tried it on what I think as me – body. The truth related to Soul, Consciousness, I tried to test it on my body thinking this is me.

Listen! So, there are many statements, truths, but not technique. There are many truths which cannot be applied as technique. There are many techniques which cannot be taken as truths. Here, I am telling you, this statement, with all my integrity and authenticity I am telling you, this statement –

Eeshaavaasyamidham Sarvam Yathkincha Jagathyaam Jagath (ईशावास्यमिदं सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत्) 

is a truth and technique. It is a truth and technique! You can start practising now! You can live this as a truth now!

You don’t need any Master. You don’t need any practice. You don’t need any preparation. See, when the truth is separate and technique is separate, people are confused, it takes time, they lose faith. It is like, truth is Jnana Yoga, Advaitha Jnana Anubhoothi. “Everything is One”. That Oneness is the truth. So, for you to achieve that, the technique is either Karma Yoga – work selflessly, or Raja Yoga – do all these spiritual practices, or Bhakthi Yoga – celebrate the feeling-connection with the Divine. So, different paths. When the truth and technique is separated, the space for confusion grows, and the space for grey area becomes more. When there is more grey area, more possibility for exploitation, more possibility for pseudo gurus.

People ask me, ‘Why there are so many pseudo gurus in Hinduism?’

I tell them, ‘Hinduism is the only tradition which is foolproof. No pseudo guru can exploit it.’

In that case (for that matter), no guru can exploit it. Anybody repeats the Upanishads, in the beginning even if he was pseudo, he will learn it and he will become a right guru! The system is such, anybody who walks into it even with a wrong purpose, comes out with the clarity and understanding and living these truths!

Listen! Basically, these great truths are not declared by people who have vested interests, exploitation interests. That is why they have not even declared their name! Authors don’t have authority because they are not lending authenticity to these words. See, when an author lends authenticity to some words, he gets authority also over those words. Here, Dharma declares its existence, Dharma expresses its authority, Dharma expands its very core, Dharma is declaring its own life by its own authority. Cosmos is telling you how to live with it, understand? Cosmos is telling you how to live with it, how to radiate it, how to enjoy it, how to experience it.

When there is no gap between truth and technique, you don’t need any guide, guru, middleman; you just need a guru to tell, ‘No need for any guru!’, that’s all! There is no grey area. Nobody can exploit. Even guru cannot change anything. He just has to repeat. One of the most foolproof, powerful systems the spiritual tradition ever evolved on Planet Earth, which can never be manipulated by anybody, any pseudo guru, because it has not left any grey area, is Vedic Tradition! Here there is no grey area, nothing to manipulate. Only when the grey area comes, the possibility for manipulation.

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