Be established in Powerfulness by meditating on “Ekam”, Oneness!

I tell you, this verse, each word of this verse is setting the context for your mind to enter into the Source.  Each word in this verse leads you to meditation.  Sit and cognize!  Intranalyze!

अनेजदेकं मनसो जवीयो नैनधेवा आप्नुवन्पुर्वमर्षत् |

तद्धावतोऽन्यानत्येत तिष्ठत् तस्मिन्नपो मातरिश्वा दधाति ||

Anejadhekam Manaso Javeeyo Nainadhdheva Aapnuvanpurvamarshath |

ThadhDhaavathonyanathyetha Thishttath Thasminnapo Maatharishva dhadhDhaathi || 

My pronunciation is as I heard from my gurus.  My gurus were born and brought up as Tamilians.  So, you will see a thick Tamil accent in this Sanskrit pronunciation.  But, as a respect to them, I am not changing the “Paatta Bheda”; I am just retaining it as it is.

Understand, “Anejadh” (अनेजद्): “Unmoving”.  Sit.  When you sit and contemplate on “Unmoving”, you are setting the context for your mind to reach its Source and purify itself, complete itself.  Cognizing each word in this verse, meditating on each word in this sutra, will lead you towards the Source and lead you towards Completion, lead you towards fulfilment.

Anejadhekam (अनेजदेकं).  Listen!  Yesterday I asked you to meditate on the word “Anejadh” (अनेजद्).  Now, today, we will work just on this one word – “Ekam” (एकम्).  “Ekam” (एकम्) cannot be translated as “One”.  It can only be translated as “Oneness”.  Please understand, if something is “Unmoving”, and it is only “One”, then it should be the largest!  Then nothing else can happen!  It will be a huge one stone!  So, the word “One” for “Ekam” (एकम्) is not the right translation.  “Oneness” is the right translation.  Because, in “One”, internal evolving, expression, is not possible; but, in “Oneness”, internal expansion, evolution, everything is possible.  Understand, “One” is dead; “Oneness” is alive!  The very word “One” means “dead”!  “Oneness” means “LIVING”!

The Soft Power, Soft Power, using the Soft Power and moving towards the Source, Completion.  So, each of these words set a context for you to experience Consciousness.  This “Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”, if you sit and contemplate on “Oneness”…..  

First thing you need to know, when you turn inside the Source to achieve meditation or Completion through this Upanishad verse using Soft Power, means, setting the right context and turning towards your Source…..  Please understand, your mind can be turned towards Consciousness through two ways: Hard Power and Soft Power.  “Hard Power” means, with the rules, laws, regulations, you can be pushed; but that will always be suppression and depression.  You will hate it.  One of the biggest successes of Sanatana Hindu Dharma is, it is VOLUNTARY!  Nothing is forced!  VOLUNTARY!  Come….come!  Don’t come….don’t come!  Come….come!  Don’t come….don’t come!  It is voluntary, understand?  That retains its beauty.  This voluntariness retains its beauty and its glory.  Without using the Hard Power of rules, regulations, just using the Soft Power, turning your mind towards the Source, Completion, Consciousness, is the job of this verse.

Each word in this verse, when you meditate on it more and more, when you think about it more and more, when you internalize it more and more, your mind will move towards Completion.  Don’t entertain tiredness and boredom, because earlier tiredness and boredom happened, because through the Hard Power you have been forced to go into Consciousness.  Now, it is Soft Power.  So, you don’t need to entertain tiredness and boredom.

“Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”!  “Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”!  Go on meditating on it.  Today’s subject for the Vaakyaartha Sadhas is the word “Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”, not “One”.  God is “Oneness”, not “One”.  The moment you utter the word “One”, it has become complete political structure; only one person can be authority!  The “second” always threatens the “One”, “first”!  So, insecurity between these two!  It goes on and on and on.  No!  “Oneness”!  It is because of the “Oneness”, Sanatana Hindu Dharma can live with any number of gods and goddesses!  “Ekam” (एकम्), meditate on “Oneness”.

The deepest level of Existence is “Oneness”.  So, there is something really, really, is same between you and even your worst enemy or the best person towards whom you have love or greed or possessiveness or lust, whatever you want.  Please understand, the beings, persons towards whom you have love, respect, lust, reverence, possessiveness, keep all those list.  Sometimes it will all be separate, separate, on different, different persons.  Sometimes, something will be mixed up.  And, the other side, the person about whom you have fear, a little fear, more fear, terrible fear, horrible fear, the moment you remember, you are terrorised.

I used to wonder.  My mother, the moment she hears her mother-in-law’s name, she will be terrorized!  She will fall sick!  No, I have seen!  Please understand, it is not that only when she was living with her, but even after she left the house and came to the ashram, and settled here, took sannyas!  And, the funny thing is, even after her mother-in-law died, the moment she remembers the name or hears the name, she forgets mother-in-law is dead, first she will get terrorized.  After that, she will remember mother-in-law is dead, and settle down.  First she will get terrorized.  After half-an-hour she will remind herself, ‘Oh, I think she is dead.  So no problem.’  And she will settle down.

So, all the beings about whom you have fear, terrific fear, horror, horrible fear, whatever, see, with all these beings you have some kind of oneness.  Try to dig out what is that.  Because, as a pure truth, Consciousness is “Oneness”, and everyone has Consciousness, whether Indra who is enjoying the peak of heaven, or the demon who is in the depth of Paathaala, or the Kinnara, Kimpuruda, Gandharva, Gandhara, Yaksha, Rakshasa.  All Jeevas are called Jeevas, because they have “Jeeva”.  All beings are called as beings, because they have a “being”, understand? 

There is some oneness between you and the beings you have greed, and the beings with whom you have fear.  Whether it is Shani who is trying to attack you, catch you, “Saadey Saathi”, or the Guru who is trying to protect you.  Guru is the only graha (planet) in Navagrahas (the nine planets), never gives any bad results.  Wherever he is, he will always be protecting!  He will always be protecting!  Neither directly nor indirectly he will be harming.  Shukra, by giving the pleasures and wealth, he can create indirect harm.  He will shower you so much, you will lose your sense, and fall prey to Rahu! 

Meditate on “Oneness”.

There IS oneness between you and the beings you are afraid of, you and the beings you have greed, or you and the whole.  When you try to smell that “Oneness”….. 

Understand, you cannot catch it; you can only smell it.  It is so subtle!  It is so subtle!  You cannot catch it.  You cannot say, ‘I have caught hold of Ganga!  I have caught hold of Ganga!  Come on!  Come and take it!  Come and take it!’  No!  The moment hands are closed, Ganga is not there anymore in your hand!  As long as the hands are open, only then Ganga is flowing in your hand.

This “Oneness” is so subtle, so subtle, listen, you can only smell it.  You cannot grasp it.  You cannot grab it.  You can neither grab, not even grasp.  You can only smell it.  But, the moment you smell the “Oneness”, the greed and fear, both buildings will just be bulldozed!  Not brick by brick getting removed.  No!

Just today morning, in the Nithyananda Times, how one of our IA (Inner Awakening participants) said – ‘Oh, he did not remove brick by brick.  He bulldozed it!’  I am bulldozer, because I sit on bull!  I don’t believe in removing brick by brick.  When?  How long?  No!  No!  No!  Somehow, in the West, the word “bull” has become a wrong word.  Here it is so sacred!  It is a very sacred word!

When you smell oneness between you and the persons about whom you are always afraid, the moment oneness is smelt, suddenly the whole fear is bulldozed!  If I have to use a better word: “BOMBARDED”!  Same way, the moment you smell oneness between you and the people with whom you entertain, cherish greed, love, lust, possessiveness, all that, suddenly all of that will be blasted, bombarded!  I am not saying you will become a dry, insensitive being.  No!  From sensitivity you will move to sensibility.  Your sensitivity will be very sensible!  A sensible sensitivity!  Out of the powerfulness of “Oneness”, whether you show love or anger, it will become power for the other person who is receiving.  Out of powerlessness, whether you show love or anger, whatever, it will lead the other person to powerlessness.

If you want to be established in powerfulness, the best technique is – meditate on “Ekam” (एकम्), “Oneness”!    There IS “Oneness”! 

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