What is Rahu?

When you are doing your actions, you know you are inauthentic and hypocritical.  Knowing that, you skip, you jump the gun.  That is exactly Rahu!  Because, he knows he should not be standing in the line of gods and receiving the nectar; he should only be standing in the line of demons.  But he jumps the line and stands, quickly grabs the nectar and swallows it.  Swifter than Vishnu, understand!  The person who is serving there is “Mohini” – Maha Vishnu himself!  Swifter than Maha Vishnu!  Grabs!  Your “buddhi” (intellect) which protects your life is Maha Vishnu.  So, this hypocrisy can take over you sometimes, giving all justifications swiftly, and make you jump the gun, or jump the line.  That is Rahu!

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